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6 Signs OF 12 Words Text That Will Transform Your Relationship

12 Words Text That Will Transform Your Relationship

Sometimes we include products that we believe are of value to our readers. There has been much talk about a 12 words magic text that can make your man fall in love with you. We may receive a small commission if you purchase through the links on this page. Read our affiliate disclosure.

12 Words Text That Will Transform Your Relationship There has been much talk about a 12 word text that promises to make your man fall in love with you.

This text has been extremely useful to me, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to share my experiences with you.

James Bauer, a relationship expert, has developed a unique concept called “the hero instinct” that will transform your relationship. It also includes a 12-word text you can send to your man.

This article will show you how I used the text in 12 words.

Let’s first look at the hero instinct for those who aren’t familiar with it.

What is the hero instinct and why do we have it?

Most people have probably heard of the hero’s instinct by now. Don’t let the language fool you if you haven’t.

This does not mean you have to give up your personal power, or dress up in superhero caps (although you could, if you wish).

It’s about making your man happy and elevating your relationship.

It was in His Secret Obsession, a best-selling author James Bauer’s book.

He explains the concept and benefits of the hero instinct. Treating your man as an everyday hero will create a primal drive in him that will make him obsessive about you.

You can see why I was so intrigued.

James Bauer explains that men need three things in order to be happy and committed within a relationship.

They want to feel valued, appreciated and respected

They want to be respected

They want to feel loved.

It’s not much to ask when you look at it this way.

These are the innate drives that we often overlook. We get distracted by trying to be everything or being too eager to please.

The truth is that:

These biological triggers can be activated in men and can change the course of your relationship.

How can you make it happen?

Bauer says there are several ways to do it, but the easiest is to use the 12-word text he wrote to draw men in.

Where did the 12-word text come?

You may be wondering why all the excitement over the magic 12-word text that will transform your relationship has been so prevalent online.

Let me tell you, all the fuss is for a good reason.

Imagine cracking the code to understand men.

The whole “men are from Mars, women from Venus” malarky is well-known. This is a long-standing debate that men and women are just different in their love.

The 12-word text changes all that. This text is the heart of men’s relationships and makes everything else fall into place.

Where did the 12-word text mysteriously come from?

Bauer introduces us in his book to his friend Rachel.

Rachel is every woman you know – looking for love, meeting great men but never getting any further than a few months before they become cold.

She had actually met a great man. They fell in love. They were blissfully happy for a few months before he began to withdraw. She was left to wonder what she had done wrong.

Most of us have been there. It’s not unusual for men to appear disinterested and suddenly withdraw.

Here’s where things get interesting.

Bauer is a totally different approach to Rachel’s situation.

One that works.

He instructed her to send a short text message with only 12 words.

These 12 words made a profound impact. These words triggered something within her man that caused him to instantly take notice.

Below is a free video that explains exactly what the text of 12 words actually means.

This 12-word text could transform your relationship for the better.

You’re probably thinking, “This is too good to true!”

How can 12 words make such an impact?

It was my thought.

However, I was curious to learn more because I found the book more logical.

Let me explain:

James Bauer’s 12-word text reflects the same strategy as the hero instinct — it appeals directly at men’s biological drive.

It targets an inborn part of him, a desire just like hunger, thirst and even sex.

Before we move on, let me tell you why this could make a huge difference in your life.

It can, because it was a game changer for me.

Here’s some background: My partner and I have a great relationship. Things were not always easy.

He is very independent. When we first met, he wasn’t looking to be in a relationship. He is very independent and doesn’t like romance.

Simply put, he was both hot and cold in the beginning. After a wonderful date, he would become distant and quiet for a while before returning to the same cycle.

It drove me crazy.

Nothing I did helped. I tried to be cool (come on ladies! We’ve all done that), and tried the whole “treat them’ mean, keep’ em’ keen” thing. It didn’t work. I even received the approval of his friends. But it wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until Bauer’s advice, which I followed and appealed to my hero instinct, that everything finally clicked.


Now, I can’t get rid.

It’s funny, I love it. But, the truth is, things have changed quickly since then.

It’s all because Bauer understands how men work.

Although I don’t like to share something new, I did stumble upon it. Below, I will explain how I used the hero instinct triggers in order to get my man to commit.

Your man’s hero instinct will be activated

His Secret Obsession contains all the secrets of James Bauer, but there are some ways that you can trigger your hero instinct right away.

1.12 words Ask him for his assistance

Okay, let me be honest, you don’t really need his help. However, letting him do the work for you is one way to activate his hero instinct.

Trust me, it will not be easy for you to let go of some of the control but if you want him to be completely committed to you, he must feel valued.

How can you bring this into your relationship?

To get started, I asked for help with small tasks. You can also ask for his advice to keep you in the loop.

“Hey babe! My meeting at work didn’t go as planned today. Are you available to chat?” Your advice is needed.

“The strange noises in my car are starting to alarm me, would you mind looking?”

“I tried everything to fix the leaky faucet, maybe you could try it?”

He doesn’t do everything for me, and I don’t ask him for help every day.

However, I will let him solve my problems now and again.

It has brought us closer together.

He feels valuable, needed, and desired. It’s clear that he is proud to lend a hand and gives us a sense of purpose and purpose.

2. 12 Words Allow him to live in freedom, and help him achieve his dreams

A second tactic that was very effective and made sense was to encourage and support him in doing the things that he enjoys.

This is a recent example of how it has helped me and my relationship.

My boyfriend is a professional poker player and has been playing live poker every Friday night.

It was not the best thing I could have hoped for, but I did enjoy it.

It is a big problem because he has to stay up late, which is not usually a problem. However, he does spend most of Saturday asleep (instead spending time with his family).

Following James Bauer’s guidance, I put my reservations aside and encouraged him to keep going if it was something he really enjoyed.

These are the results

He is so grateful that it seems unreal.

He wakes up every Saturday with a smile on the face and thanks me for making him feel so relaxed about it all.

It is clear that he values my support and encouragement of his goals. This is especially evident when he tells his poker friends how fortunate he feels to have such a supportive partner.

To my surprise, he is now more enthusiastic about making time for us on Sundays or later in the day.

What do you love about your partner?

What can you do to help him pursue his passions?

You’ll be his number one supporter and he will appreciate you more than you can even imagine.

3. Get specific advice for your situation

This article will show you how to activate the hero instinct in your guy via tex. However, it is a good idea to talk to a relationship coach to discuss your situation.

A professional relationship coach can offer advice that is specific to your life and experiences.

Relationship Hero is a website where highly qualified relationship coaches can help people navigate difficult and complicated love relationships. They are a popular resource for women with relationship issues.

What do I need to know?

When I was going through a difficult time in my own marriage, I reached out at Relationship Hero. I was lost in my thoughts so much that they provided me with a unique insight into my relationship dynamics and how to get it back on the right track.

My coach was kind, understanding, and really helpful.

You can reach a certified relationship coach in just minutes and receive tailored advice.

Click here to get started

4. 12 Words Show him how happy you are

This should be the foundation of all relationships.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to express your happiness and how your boyfriend makes me feel.

How can you let him know what you think?

Get in touch!

It’s that simple.

Tell your partner how it feels when you do something sweet for him, even if it is just a quick “Do you realize how happy I make you?”

I can assure you that once your man realizes how happy he is, he will work harder to keep it going.

The truth is that:

Aren’t we all envious?

It is gratifying to know that the hard work we put into a relationship has paid off.

We can make our partner happy in a way that no one else can.

If you can make him feel that way, he will feel secure and content in your relationship. But you have to start talking about how great he is to you.

5. Take the time to appreciate the little things

Appreciating your man is another way to activate the hero instinct.

You can make him feel important, valued, and an integral part your life. He will reciprocate.

Even if it’s just everyday things. After dinner yesterday, I told my boyfriend how grateful I was for him cooking dinner so that I could do a little more work.

It wasn’t hard, and I didn’t give a passionate speech about all he does for my sake, but it was enough that it had an effect on him.

This works in both directions, right?

I find that I am more motivated to help others when I’m acknowledged and appreciated than when I’m not.

If you haven’t yet shown your appreciation to him, do it now. You don’t have to wait for the big moments, even a cup of tea can be enough to show your appreciation.

6. Encourage his confidence before his friends

Subtle socializing can help boost his confidence.

It’s likely to get very awkward if you begin listing all the reasons he is great in front his friends.

How can you increase his confidence while making it seem natural?

Opportunities that are casually offered in conversation tend to be what I look for.

Here’s an example.

A group of friends recently told us how much they love the Thai takeout right next to their home.

A little bell inside me went, ding ding ding! Jackpot.

My boyfriend makes a wonderful pad thai so I added it to the recipe.

My only comment was “If takeout is your favorite, try his pad Thai – it will blow your mind!” (To which my boyfriend blushed proudly).

Notice how I didn’t just bring up his talents randomly. I waited until it felt natural to ensure he wouldn’t find it too embarrassing or overdone.

This is especially helpful if your partner has low self-esteem. Being proud of your partner will make a huge difference.

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