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29 Nutritious Snacks: That Can Help You Lose Weight !!


29 Nutritious Snacks: Snacking is the practice of eating meals throughout the day in addition to your major meals. Smaller food servings are frequently supplied between meals as snacks.

Despite conflicting results from studies on the topic, some data suggests that snacking more often between meals may help you control your hunger and regulate your blood sugar levels.

29 Nutritious Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight !

29 Nutritious Snacks

Additionally, since most people don’t consume enough produce, snacking might help you improve your consumption of nutrient-rich meals like fruits and vegetables (3Trusted Source).

Choose snacks that are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help you feel fuller for longer and make better choices at your next meal.

By controlling hunger and keeping you full between meals, snacks can help you achieve your weight management goals if you prepare them in advance and concentrate on nutrient-rich foods.

Even though no one snack will cause weight loss, these snacks might support weight loss when incorporated into a general healthy eating routine.

Here are 29 wholesome snacks that are suitable for weight loss.

1. Mixed Nuts

29 Nutritious Snacks

With the appropriate ratio of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, nuts make an excellent snack.

In addition to being delicious, they have a lot of health advantages and are satisfying. Studies have also shown that consuming nuts in moderation, despite their greater calorie and fat content, may aid in weight loss.

You can pick from a wide variety of nuts, such as cashews, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, and pistachios.

They’re a terrific option for on-the-go snacking because they don’t need to be refrigerated. Remember to keep your servings to no more than 1 ounce or 1/4 cup.

2. Red Bell Pepper With Guacamole

29 Nutritious Snacks

You get a lot of nutrients from the combination of red bell peppers and guacamole, which helps you feel satisfied for hours.

All bell peppers are healthy, however red peppers have a higher concentration of antioxidants than other colors. Guacamole, on the other hand, is a great source of fiber, vitamins A, B, and C, as well as minerals like phosphorus and potassium.

The best of both foods are combined in this snack by combining 1 large red bell pepper with 3 ounces (85 grams) of guacamole while keeping the calorie count under 200.

3. Greek Yogurt And Mixed Berries

29 Nutritious Snacks

Berries and plain Greek yogurt combine to provide a tasty and wholesome snack.

Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, while Greek yogurt is high in protein.

To acquire a variety of nutrients and a blend of their sweet and acidic flavors, add a variety of berries to your yogurt.

4. Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

29 Nutritious Snacks

In terms of nutrients and flavor, apples and peanut butter go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Apples are a fruit that is high in fiber, on the one hand. Conversely, peanuts offer fiber, plant-based protein, and healthy fats, which are essentially all the satisfying ingredients you should look for in a snack.

You may enjoy a crisp and creamy snack by combining apples with peanut butter. For an additional taste boost, consider adding a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Keep in mind that numerous store-bought brands of peanut butter include extra sugars and oils. Choose a product that just has salt and peanuts on the ingredient list.

5. Cottage Cheese And Fruit

29 Nutritious Snacks

The traditional low-carb snack of celery sticks and cream cheese can help you feel satisfied.

You can enjoy a fiber-rich snack made with this combination of cheese and celery, which has a creamy feel. To create a different crunchy and creamy combination, try pairing celery sticks with peanut or almond butter.

About 1 ounce (30 grams) of cream cheese and 5 tiny celery sticks give about 100 calories.

6. Celery Sticks With Cream Cheese

29 Nutritious Snacks

You can feel content after eating the common low-carb snack of celery sticks and cream cheese.

This creamy-tasting cheese and celery mixture can be used to make a fiber-rich snack.

Try mixing celery sticks with peanut or almond butter to make a new crunchy and creamy combo.

Five tiny celery sticks and around 1 ounce (30 grams) of cream cheese have about 100 calories each.

7. Kale Chips

29 Nutritious Snacks

Due to its high fiber content and antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, kale is highly healthful.

A good source of minerals including calcium and phosphorus can be found in it. Compared to many other leafy greens, it has a lower concentration of oxalic acid, an antinutrient that hinders calcium absorption.

Making chips using kale and olive oil results in more flavorful, crispy chips that are also more wholesome and filling.

About 150 calories are contained in this simple recipe for kale chips.

Kale chips


20 grams of small kale leaves per cup
Olive oil, 1 tablespoon (15 mL).
1.5 grams or 1/4 tablespoons of salt


In a bowl, combine each item. Sliced kale should be baked for 10 to 15 minutes at 350°F (175°C), until crispy and just beginning to turn brown. They can burn easily, so keep a watchful eye on them.

8. Dark Chocolate And Almonds

29 Nutritious Snacks

Almonds and dark chocolate make an excellent combination. A potent flavor and health pairing is the rich chocolate flavor and the crunchy almonds.

A rich amount of healthful fats can be found in almonds and dark chocolate.

Together, they make a delicious, portable, and heart-healthy snack.

Consider a square of dark chocolate with a few tablespoons of dark chocolate chips or a handful of nuts.

9. Cucumber Slices With Hummus

29 Nutritious Snacks

The crisp texture and fresh flavor of cucumber complement the hummus’ rich, creamy flavor perfectly.

Tahini, olive oil, garlic, and chickpeas are the usual ingredients in hummus. So it offers a combination of fiber, heart-healthy lipids, and plant-based protein.

Under 100 calories can be found in 1 cup (104 grams) of cucumber slices dipped in 2 tablespoons (34 grams) of hummus.

For a heartier snack, you can also serve them with whole grain crackers or pretzel sticks.

10. A Piece Of Fruit

29 Nutritious Snacks

Healthy snacks don’t have to be difficult to prepare. Even just one piece of fruit can be very filling.

Fruits that are portable and simple to consume include oranges, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, and grapefruit.

Fruit is an excellent little snack because it has fiber and minerals. Combine your fruit with almonds or yogurt to increase the fulfilling factor.

11. Cherry Tomatoes With Mozzarella

29 Nutritious Snacks

Tomatoes with mozzarella cheese are a delicious and healthy way to increase your intake of vegetables.

For a snack that is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, combine tomatoes with mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and a dab of extra virgin olive oil.

This scrumptious and healthy snack can also be used as a side salad during your subsequent meal.

12. Chia Pudding

29 Nutritious Snacks

The tiny nutritional powerhouses known as chia seeds are packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and plant-based protein.

Chia seeds don’t have much flavor, but when soaked in liquid, they develop a jelly-like consistency that makes them a fantastic addition to puddings.

Try this easy recipe for a nutritious treat you can have at home or on the go:

Chia Seed Pudding


  • Chia seeds, 1 tablespoon (15 grams)
  • 80 ml, or 1/3 cup, of your preferred dairy or nondairy milk
  • 8 grams or half a tablespoon of peanut butter or cocoa powder
  • 75 grams or half a cup of mixed fruit
  • 1-2 teaspoons of sweetener, such as honey or maple syrup, if desired


In a tiny bowl or jar, combine the chia seeds with the liquid of your choosing. For at least 30 minutes, cover the jar and place it in the fridge.

Add sugar, cocoa powder, or peanut butter, and top with berries.

13. Hard-Boiled Eggs

29 Nutritious Snacks

One of the healthiest and most effective foods for weight loss is an egg. Because they are high in protein, they are very filling.

Despite having a negative reputation for years due to their high cholesterol content, current research indicates that moderate egg consumption, or 3–4 eggs per week, may reduce arterial stiffness, a risk factor for heart disease.

Furthermore, hard-boiled eggs are a practical way to take a high-protein snack with you wherever you go. To obtain essential elements like choline and vitamin D, keep the yolk.

14. Baby Carrots With Blue Cheese Dressing

29 Nutritious Snacks

When you’re in the mood for something savory, a snack of baby carrots with blue cheese dressing is ideal.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to eat carrots with a creamy salad dressing or dip since fat boosts your absorption of carrots’ fat-soluble vitamins, like carotenoids.Fat also makes you feel satiated for longer.

Despite not being particularly nutrient-dense on its own, blue cheese dressing may encourage you to eat more carrots (or other veggies).

A simple snack of 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of baby carrots and 2 tablespoons (30 grams) of blue cheese dressing has roughly 180 calories.

15. Cheese With Crackers Or Fruit

29 Nutritious Snacks

Cheese is a wonderful, high-protein dish that can be eaten on its own as a snack because it is so filling. But you may increase the fiber content of your snack by serving it with whole grain crackers or some fruit.

Choose the type of cheese you prefer, or try feta, ricotta, or mozzarella. Calcium and protein are both present in cheese, although the levels of each nutrient differ significantly depending on the type you select.

Spread some cheese on your preferred whole grain crackers, or choose string cheese and fruit for a simple on-the-go option.

16. Beef Jerky Or Beef Sticks

29 Nutritious Snacks

High protein, on-the-go snacks like beef jerky or beef sticks are fantastic. However, some have more added sugar and sodium depending on the flavoring and brand.

Choose jerky that has the fewest additional ingredients possible. Although all jerky has the potential to be high in sodium, flavored jerky tends to be more so.

Consult the nutrition facts panel to pick a product with a reasonable amount of salt.

Less than 300 mg of sodium, or 13% of the Daily Value (DV) for the mineral, should be present in your jerky.

7 grams of protein are typically found in each ounce of beef jerkies and sticks (28 grams)

17. Protein Smoothie

29 Nutritious Snacks

When you want a substantial snack before your next meal, a protein smoothie might be a satisfying option.

They provide a simple and practical means of increasing your protein intake. For a nutrient-dense snack, you may add practically any other ingredient to the mixture, from fruits and vegetables to healthy fats like avocado, nut butter, or chia seeds.

While there are many different protein powders available, you can experiment with Greek yogurt or silken tofu to increase the protein content of your smoothie.

The best protein powders

Learn more about which protein powder is right for you and shop our top picks in different categories.

18. Whole Wheat Toast With Canned Fish
29 Nutritious Snacks

When you think of snacks, canned fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is a great option because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in salmon and sardines, lower your risk of heart disease, inflammation, and other health issues.

You may get a highly nourishing snack that will keep you full until your next meal by adding canned salmon to a slice of whole wheat toast.

Try a few whole grain crackers with tuna or salmon for a smaller option.

19. Edamame

29 Nutritious Snacks

Anyone eating a vegan or vegetarian diet will like the steamed unripened soybean dish known as edamame.

It is a food that is high in fiber and is regarded as a complete source of plant-based protein.

Around 18 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbohydrates, 8 of which are fiber, may be found in one cup (155 grams) of edamame.

20. Oatmeal

29 Nutritious Snacks

A wonderfully adaptable snack, oatmeal can be eaten hot or cold, at home or on the go. Simply prepare a portion of oats that is a little bit smaller than you would for a meal.

In comparison to other cereals, oats are a more protein-rich whole grain that offers a good quantity of fiber.

Additionally, you can make oatmeal sweet by topping it with fruit, cinnamon, cocoa, and chocolate chips or savory by including eggs, avocado, and vegetables like mushrooms or tomatoes.

21. Pear Slices With Ricotta Cheese

29 Nutritious Snacks

Ricotta cheese and pear slices combine to create a filling snack that has a sweet flavor and creamy texture as well as fiber and protein.

22. Homemade Trail Mix

29 Nutritious Snacks

For fiber, protein, and healthy fats, combine dried fruit and nuts to make a trail mix. Pick fruits without additional sugar and experiment with flavors.

Try pairing dried mango, dried apples, and dry cherries with cashews, almonds, and peanuts.

Although homemade trail mix is ideal for portable snacking, keep in mind that dried fruit and nuts are high in calories.

23. Turkey Roll-Ups

29 Nutritious Snacks

Turkey roll-ups are scrumptious and healthy.

High-quality protein, which is present in turkey and associated with favorable benefits on weight management, makes you feel satiated.

For more crunch and nutrition, try rolling up a slice of turkey, a slice of cheese, and some vegetables.

24. Olives With Feta Cheese

29 Nutritious Snacks

One of the nutrient-dense components of the Mediterranean diet is olives.

They contain significant amounts of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and are a potent source of antioxidants.

For a Greek-inspired snack full of protein and good fats, combine olives and feta cheese. To round out your snack with some complex carbohydrates, put them over whole wheat bread or eat them on their own.

25. Spicy Avocado

29 Nutritious Snacks

Due to their high fat and fiber content, avocados rank among the most nourishing and filling foods.

For a flavorful, substantial snack with fewer than 120 calories, salt and a dash of cayenne pepper should be sprinkled over half of a medium avocado.

26. Popcorn

29 Nutritious Snacks

Consider air-popped popcorn instead of the butter- and salt-covered variety from the movie theater.

A hearty 3-cup serving of popcorn has fewer than 100 calories and provides satisfying fiber.

Olive oil, Parmesan cheese, or nutritional yeast are a few flavoring options.

27. Roasted Chickpeas

29 Nutritious Snacks

Chickpeas can be made into a crunchy and scrumptious snack by roasting them. Chickpeas are a good source of plant-based protein and fiber.
You can buy or create your own roasted chickpeas in the grocery store’s snack aisle.

28. Cantaloupe Slices Wrapped In Prosciutto

29 Nutritious Snacks

Cantaloupe is a tasty fruit that is rich in fiber and vitamins A and C.

The pairing of prosciutto (dry-cured ham) with melon results in a well-balanced sweet and salty snack.

For a snack with less than 180 calories, try wrapping 4 medium cantaloupe wedges (276 grams) in a thin slice of prosciutto apiece.

29. Last Night’s Leftovers

29 Nutritious Snacks

Having leftovers from a filling lunch or dinner as a snack is a fantastic way to make use of them.

You can quickly and easily enjoy a full, well-balanced snack by taking a smaller amount of a prior meal.

Just remember to put your leftovers in the fridge to prevent them from going bad right away.

The bottom line

When your next craving strikes, choose entire meals that enrich your day’s nutrition rather than more processed, less nutrient-dense items.

Having some healthy options available can promote weight management, keep you content, and add extra nutrients to your diet.

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