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Best Beautiful Poems That Melt Your Heart

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The words that you say will sum up all the knowledge of thousands. The power of Best Beautiful Poems That Melt Your Heart 

However, writing a concise poem is much easier to say than do. There’s no time to write lengthy explanations. The words should be short.

A short poem requires careful analysis and careful word choice. A short poem can be an option to choose a style if you want to communicate your message concisely.

Here are the top 25 short poems that quickly reach the core.

A Word To Husbands by Ogden Nash 

For you to keep your marriage flowing

In love with the cup

If you’re not right, accept it.

If you’re not right, stop.

beautiful poemsHumble and Grumble” by Eldred Herbert

Humble Grumble and Grumble were twins identical to each other,

And Humble was always so humble;

Grumble was nothing else but grumbled all day long,

He could even be called the ‘freak.

Humble was happy, and everybody was a friend.

Grumble was jealous;

Humble was content to serve the Lord,

But Grumble is an unmoral source.

Humble was never seen with an expression of frown.

And Grumble And Grumble a smile.

Humble made friends simply by being himself

However, Grumble won them with a trick.

So Grumble Follow Humble Your twin

And Humble, Do not grumble. I beg you,

Grumble is a great way to make you as Grumble’s twin,

Please Grumble. Be humble today.

“Messy Room” by Shel Silverstein

The person in the room where this happens should be shamed!

His underwear is hanging from the lamp.

The raincoat of his son is in the Chair that is stuffed with cushions,

The Chair is also becoming rather damp and dirty.

His notebook is wedged into the window.

His sweater was thrown on the floor.

His scarf and ski are below the TV.

The pants of the man have been put on the door without care.

The books are all stuffed in the closet

His jacket has been left inside the hallway.

A lizard called Ed is sleeping in his bed.

And his old smelly socks have been glued on the walls.

Whoever is in this room ought to be shamed!

Donald Or Robert and Willie or

Huh? What do you mean by “mine? Oh, dear,

I was able to recognize it because it looked familiar!

“I Didn’t Go To Church Today” by Ogden Nash

I did not go to church today,

I trust in the Lord to be able to comprehend.

The sea was swirling between white and blue.

The children are playing in the sand.

He’s aware; He’s aware of the length of my stay.

What a short time to enjoy this spell of warm weather

He is aware of what I have said and done

We’ll spend lots of time together

“Now We Are Six” by A. A. Milne

When I was One,

I had just begun.

When I was Two,

I was just starting to get my feet wet.

When I was Three

It wasn’t even me.

When I was Four,

I wasn’t much more.

When I was Five,

I was alive.

But now I am Six,

I’m as clever as bright,

I’m going to be six years old forever and forever.

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“The Rose Family” by Robert Frost

A rose can be described as a rose.

Always an emerald.

The theory is that it’s now

The apple is roses,

The pear, and so is

It’s the plum, I think.

The only one who knows is the dear.

What happens next will be the rose.

You, naturally, are a rose.

There was always an iris.

“When You Come” by Maya Angelou

If you are to come to me unannounced,

Beckoning me

To long-ago rooms,

Where memories are stored.

I was offered, as an infant, an attic

Gatherings on days that are too few.

Baubles of kisses stolen.

The sweets of love borrowed.

Secret words in a plethora of hidden phrases,


“Sonnet 29” by William Shakespeare

In disgrace to the eyes of men and fortune,

I’m all-by-me in my solitary state

And then trouble-deaf heaven with my bootless cries

I am looking at myself with a curse on my face

I wish you all the best to be more prosperous in the hope of becoming,

He is featured as a model, just as he is with his friends,

In search of this man’s art and also that man’s scope

The things I love the most content with;

But in these thoughts, I was almost hating,

It is a pity that I do not think of the subject, and then on my state of mind,

(Like like the Lark in the break of day ).

From the earth’s gloomy horizon) sings praises at the gate of heaven;

Remembering thy sweet love, this wealth can bring

Then I scoff at altering my state through kings.

“It’s All I Have To Bring Today” by Emily Dickinson

All I need to carry today

My heart is beside it

This is my heart along with all my fieldsThe fields and my heart-

All the meadows broad-And all the meadows wide-

Do not forget to count. Should I not remember

Several factors could be able to tell

This and my heart, as well as all of the Bees

Which of the Clover are the dwellings of the Clover?

“A Glimpse” by Walt Whitman

A glance through an interstice that was caught

Amidst a crowd of workers and motorists in the bar near the stove late on an evening in winter, I sat unnoticed in a corner.

Of a young person who is my love and whom I love, who is silently walking towards me and settling himself close so that he can hold me with his hand,

For a long time, amid the sounds of people leaving and entering while drinking, oaths, and smutty jest.

There we are, content with our lives together and speaking only, maybe not even a word.

“A Love Song for Lucinda” by Langston Hughes


Is it a plum that is ripe?

The tree is growing in purple.

Try it for yourself

and the enchantment of its spell

Never let you be.


Are bright stars

Glistening in the far Southern skies.

Look too hard

Its burning flame

Eyes are always painful.


Is it a mountain high?

Stark in a chilly sky.

If you

You should never

Don’t climb too high.

“I Love You” by Carl Sandberg

I love you as it is that you’re, and I also love you more for what you’ll be.

I admire you as much for your reality but your goals. Ich hoffe for you hopes that they will be successful and not just to satisfy your desires that may be dangerously small.

A happy bloom is one whose petals are set to drop. A gorgeous rose is little more than a flower where the ecstasies and pangs of desire strive for more significant and nuanced development. It is not always the case that you will be the same person you are today. You are on the way to something unique. I am traveling with you, and I am in love with you.

“Sonnet XLIII” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How can I show my love for you? Let me list the ways.

I love you to the fullest extent, and the height

My soul can reach even when I feel out of sight

To achieve the goal of Being and perfect grace.

I love you to the point of everyday day.

The most peaceful need, surrounded by candles and the sun.

I love you with all my heart, and as men fight for the right thing;

I love you wholly and sincerely, even as they turn away into praise.

I love you with the passion that is put to work.

My old sorrows and also the faith I had in my childhood.

I love you with a love that I was unable to be losing

With my saints who have gone missing. I love you with my breath.

Tears, smiles, and smiles from my whole life. If God wills,

I will love you even more, when I die.

“Defeated by Love” by Rumi

The sky was lit

by the beauty of the moon

So powerful

I fell to the ground.

Your love

It has given me confidence

I’m ready to let go of

This worldly life

and then surrender

to the splendor

of the Being you are

“Love Is A Place” by E.E. Cummings

The place where love is found in the heart.

and through this area of

Love is a powerful emotion

(with the brightness of peace)


Yes, there is a universe

and in the world of

yes live

(skilfully curled)

all the worlds

“Your Feet” by Pablo Neruda beautiful poems

If I can’t see your face

I glance at your feet.

Your feet are arched bone,

your hard little feet.

I’m sure they’re behind you,

and also that you are a healthy weight

The sun rises on them.

Your waistline as well as your breasts

The doubled purple

of your nipples

the sockets of your eyes.

that just flew away,

your wide fruit mouth,

your red tresses

My tiny tower.

But I do love your feet

just because they simply because they

on the earth, and

the wind, and on the water,

until they discovered me.

“Never Give All The Heart” by W.B Yeats beautiful poems

Don’t give your heart to all for the love of God.

It will not even be worth thinking of

Women who are passionate about it appears

Specific, and they will never

It fades as you kiss

Everything beautiful is

A brief and sweet, sweet pleasure.

Do not ever give your heart to anyone,

For all silky lips, I can say

They have lent their heart to the show.

And who can play it with enough skill?

If you were deaf, dumb, and loveless?

Whoever made this has that it is all cost-effective,

He gave his heart to the cause and even ended up losing.

“You Fit Into Me” by Margaret Atwood beautiful poems

I like you

as a hook to an eye

a fish hook

an open eye

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“Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost

Some believe that the world is going to end in fire.

Some say that in the form of ice.

From what I’ve had to taste of desire

I am with those who support fire.

However, if it was to die twice,

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a good idea of the resentment

To say that to cause destruction is ice

Also, it’s great

It’s enough.

“Risk” by Anais Nin beautiful poems

Then, the day came,

When the risk

to stay in place

in a bud

It was more painful

rather than the risk

It took

to bloom.

“Awakening In New York” by Maya Angelou beautiful poems

Curtains force their will

against the wind

children sleep,

sharing dreams with

seraphim. The City

It tries to wake itself upon

Straps for subways and

It is me, alarm awakened like I am

Rumors of war

lie stretching into dawn

not asked and unheeded.

“Housekeeping” by Natasha Tretheway beautiful poems

We grieve the broken things Chair legs

They slid off their seats, broken plates

the worn-out clothes. We create the magic

of glue, push nails, and fix the holes.

We keep what we can, melt small pieces

of soap, collect the pecans from the ground, and store the neck bones

to cook soup. Making rugs beat against the home,

We watch dust, lit as stars and spreading

across the backyard. We draw

the blinds to cool rooms in the late afternoon and drive the insects

out. Mom irons. He sings and sways in awe.

I highlight the pages of a catalog for mail-order,

Watch for cars passing by. Every day we watch

for your mail, a few for the mail, and some news from a distant location.

“Church” by Jacqueline Woodson beautiful poems

The Sunday sermonist offers everyone the chance to hear.

To turn their backs on to repent of their sins. To repent their sins. Edna inspires me to repent.

To church. She is wearing a bright cap

I am wearing my suit. Lace baby’s dress.

Aged girls my age. Some beautiful, Some not so

pretty. The old ladies and the men are looking at each other.

Miss Edna, at times, throws her hands.

The air is filled with joy. Saying Yes, Lord, and Preach!

I steal a pen from my back pocket

Bend low as if I’ve fallen and dropped something.

The choir marches in front of the preacher.

Clapping and humming, and practicing to sing.

Ich writes “HOPE” on my palm.

“September Tomatoes” by Karina Borowicz beautiful poems

The whiskey smell of rotting has set in

in the garden, and a flurry of fruit flies swarms

When I rub my fingers on a plant dying.

Yet, the claws of tiny yellow blooms.

Flail around in the air as they flutter upwards through the roots

and dump them in the compost.

It’s like a cruel act. There’s something that’s not quite right in me.

To let summer go too quickly. To Destroy

What I’ve carefully nurtured all this time.

These pale flowers could be able to have time to bear fruit.

She sang along with girls in her village

when they took the flax. Songs so old

and are therefore closely tied to the time of year that is the most sound

It appeared to change the weather.

“Good Bones” by Maggie Smith beautiful poems

Life is short, even though I try to keep this from my children.

Life isn’t that long, and I’ve cut my own

in myriad tasty, unintentionally ill-advised ways.

A thousand delightfully unintentionally ill-advised ways

I’ll hide from my children. The world is, at the very least.

Fifty percent are terrible, and this is a conservative estimate.

Estimation, but I do keep this from my children.

Every bird has an object that can be thrown at bird.

Every child is loved, lost, or bagged.

Sunk in the lake. Life isn’t long, and the world is a small place

that is, at a minimum, half awful and is suitable for every type of

stranger; there’s a person who could break you. However, I hide the information from my kids. I’m trying to keep it from my children.

To market them around all over the world. Any decent realtor,

leading through the real sh*thole, making chirps

about bones that are healthy about good bones: This spot could be stunning,

right? This place could be made attractive.

“The Peace Of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry beautiful poems

When despair over the world is growing in me,

and I awake in the morning with the quietest

In fear of what life and the lives of my children might be like

I lay down and sleep on the ground where I am. The wood drake is.

He rests in his splendor by the water while this great heron feeds.

I enter the peace of wild animals, people who do not burden their lives without thinking about

sadness. I am in the presence of water that is still.

And I can feel over me the day-blind stars.

They are waiting for their light. for the duration of time

I am seated by the mercy of God’s world, and I am entirely free.

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