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14 Signs that your boyfriend is a beta man (and why it’s great)

He is interested in what you want in a bed

It’s all about the beta male these days.

Hollywood blockbusters, bestseller novels, and hit TV series all have one thing in common: The leading man must be tall, strong, muscular, confident, outspoken, and have a great sense of humor.

When you can be the next Tony Stark and Thor, who wants to be the nice guy forgotten?

These are the alpha males. As in any hierarchy, there is a second dog behind the top dog. In this instance, it’s the beta males.

Beta males are those guys that are known for being friends. They are often referred to as being quirky, lovable and reliable. However, they are never the ones who steal the spotlight away from the alpha male.

If you are looking for a man to be your boyfriend, a beta male could be the right guy for you.

These are the traits of a beta man and why it is so great to date them.

He is interested in what you want in a bed1) He is interested in what you want in a bed

An alpha male is confident as a roaring dinosaur.

He will make you sleep on his bed, devour you, and have all the fun of his life with you. He thinks so.

The confidence of an alpha male in bed is often his biggest problem. He thinks he knows everything, so he doesn’t care to ask.

Every woman is unique, and each set of needs is different.

Beta males are slow and careful enough to ask you what pleases you and make you happy. That’s what makes them so great.

2) It’s not just about sex.

Although an alpha male may give you the best and most difficult night of your life depending on how rough it is, life is more than just sex.

How can you tell if he is a good friend?

Beta males, on the contrary, love all things: cuddling, watching movies, and spending time with you.

3) He has other interests

Alpha males will have spent their entire lives being complimented on their charm, good looks, and charisma. A beta male, however, spends their life building a foundation of creative hobbies and interests.

You might choose to write, cook, or create music. A beta male is always able to come up with something new, which keeps things exciting after the first date.

4) He is as reliable as a rock

Do you need someone to take care of your needs? Do you have something to pick up in the city? Or do you need someone to help you cry?

If he truly cares about you, the beta male will be there. The beta male is there because you are more than just a sex partner; you are someone he wants to spend time with.

5) He doesn’t take little things for granted

Many alpha males are well-known for their attention to detail. These guys are the “big picture” type of men because they don’t have time to worry about the small things.

Beta males can sense when you have gone that extra mile to make it perfect.

You know the little notes that you leave in his lunchbox, the reminders on his phone, and the small gifts you send to his desk? All of those are appreciated and, guess what? They’ll return them.

6) Communication will be always open

Beta males are more sensitive to their feelings. Because he has experienced the emotional turmoil only that can be found in times of emotional uncertainty, a beta male knows how important it is to clear things up.

Although an alpha male may not always be available to lend an ear to a female, a beta male will always be there to help.

7) He will never forget you birthday

This is why we are referring to a beta male who cares about the small things.

A beta male will surprise you and please you no matter what you say about your birthday or any other special occasion.

Why? They care. And they want you to understand why.

8) He doesn’t have to go out every weekend

Alpha males are often the most outgoing people you’ll find. They are also attention-hoggers, regardless of whether they admit it.

They are energized by being with people and love to get active every weekend.

When you are with an alpha male, parties and clubbing will be a regular part of your daily routine.

A beta male isn’t concerned about that. He is secure enough to feel at home and knows that he does not need the attention that an alpha male needs.

Beta males love the chance to be at home doing something peaceful and calm. Do you want to spend a peaceful night watching Netflix on your couch?

9) He assists others in other ways than himself

Alpha males can be difficult to spot, even if they are the most charitable.

They are just looking for love and will help others to feel that love.

But a beta male doesn’t care.

They help others because it is truly altruistic.

You know their heart is right when they do something for someone else, whether it’s volunteering at a shelter or helping an elderly lady cross the street.

They don’t have to share it on Instagram or Twitter, and they don’t have to farm a thousand likes for every rescue of a kitten from a tree. They simply love saving kittens and that is the best kind.

10) You can trust them and be vulnerable with them

You must be open to your true self if you want to have a happy relationship.

Beta males are emotionally open and willing to listen so that you feel safe sharing their vulnerabilities.

Beta males understand that no one is perfect and that our imperfections are what make us unique.

A beta male will love you as you are, regardless of your appearance.

11) They feel secure within themselves

Beta males know who they are and don’t waste time wishing they were somebody else.

Alpha males are always looking to outdo their closest competitors, but beta males play a different game and have a quiet confidence.

He is confident with himself and will not hide his insecurities. He recognizes that it’s not worth competing with other people, as each of us is unique.

Because he doesn’t try and outdo you, he’s the friend everyone wants to be friends with. He will be you as you are.

12) He respects your feelings

Beta males don’t believe they are better than others and treat everyone with respect.

A beta male will see the waiter as an equal and will not treat them like an alpha male. He would never do to them anything he wouldn’t want to do to himself. This is one of his golden rules.

He will treat you with respect and love because that is how he wants you to feel.

13) He doesn’t have to control

Beta males are not interested in power struggles. They will regard you as an equal and treat you accordingly.

They will not be controlled if you try to, and they’ll most likely run away.

They just want you to be who you are in a relationship. You don’t need to compete, manipulate or emit toxic energy.

They want a relationship positive to add to their life and yours.

It doesn’t matter if the relationship isn’t improving your life.

14) He will make a great father

He is a great role model for young boys.

He is a man of integrity and nobility who expects his children to be the same.

The beta male is the best choice if you are looking for a father that you can trust.

He is respectful of everyone and strives to make the conversation more enjoyable for all.

These are the traits most needed in a father who is trustworthy and respectful.

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