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These are 10 things that only the most honest and blunt person

Small talk feels unnecessary

It’s not easy to be straightforward. This attitude is often misinterpreted as offensive or negative by people. It’s blunt person understandable.

Others are used to being polite and not making a fuss. However, blunt people know that honesty is far more important than this.

Because not many people are able to be blunt, it is a rare trait.

They don’t realize that genuine care comes from a place of love.

Misunderstood is just one of many experiences honest people have.

These are just 10 ways you can understand why someone is blunt person and so open and honest.

1. People mistakenly believe being honest is the same as being mean.

Honest people don’t always get the best reviews.

They don’t hesitate to speak up when they want. It may seem like being rude to some, but a blunt person would view it as helpful, honest, or kind.

If someone asks someone honest questions about their opinion on a painting they have seen, they will often say that the colors aren’t the same and the painting doesn’t look like the reference material.

Other people wouldn’t dare say such a thing, let alone in front the artist!

They fear it will be too depressing and even soul-sapping, but an honest person would not agree.

They are able to give honest criticisms, no matter how harsh, from a place where they care. You will be the one telling them the truth.

Small talk feels unnecessary2. Small talk feels unnecessary

Talking small is a social lubricant that helps people to feel comfortable with others.

The topics are simple and about food or weather so others can easily follow along.

Although small talk is fine, it’s not a bad thing. Honest people find the activity to be too superficial.

A person who is honest would ask questions at a social event.

They will often ask questions like “Why aren’t you still single?” and “What’s the political stance of your party?” These questions are usually left until people have gotten to know each other better, not when they meet for the first time.

Honest people don’t need small talk, because they care more about getting along with others.

3. Filters are optional

People filter their thoughts when they talk to others. They don’t necessarily utter every thought that comes up.

An honest person will tell a friend if they see a friend in a less than attractive outfit.

Some might argue that the pants are too loose or that the shoes don’t match the shirt.

Most likely, friends wouldn’t even mention it to their friends and would only offer half-hearted support.

Honest people see this as being dishonest.

This lack of filter is what makes people avoid honest people.

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4. You don’t need to complicate things

Romantic relationships can feel frustrating and confusing when one of the partners isn’t clear about their feelings.

They avoid speaking out about their desire to end the relationship or are more cautious.

They don’t want it to seem big, which makes it even more complicated.

Honest people speak straight.

They will often be able to express their emotions faster than anyone else.

Others may be afraid to hurt the other person so they deliberately try to find a way of expressing themselves respectfully.

However, if someone wants to end their relationship with another person, it is best to be gentle and not to complicate the situation.

5. Advice shouldn’t be sugar coated

People are often too embarrassed to ask for advice.

You don’t need to make the other person feel worse. They are already feeling down enough that they may be seeking help.

They sometimes need to hear the truth.

A friend’s business may not be doing well. An honest person will not tell them to “Keep strong!” Although that might be part of their message, it is not the truth.

Instead, they might point out that their friend is a horrible manager to their employees and doesn’t know how to manage their finances.

If the person is seeking help, it’s a good idea to tell them the truth.

6. Being Around Sensitive People Is Tiring

People are expected to behave well at formal events.

Nobody wants to make a scene, so they just do their best and pretend they are having a great time.

It is tiring to put on a mask and be polite.

Honest people have to make a significant effort not to say anything offensive to others, especially those who aren’t used to speaking with someone like that.

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7. Over time, thick skin is developed

Some people aren’t born honest. Some people were just born to be polite and fit in with the rest of society.

They might have been made fun of or called too many names. It might have been initially painful, but it is now much easier.

Thick skin is a sign that others’ opinions are less important than your own. As with all abilities, thicker skin requires practice.

8. Confrontation is the best way to deal with someone

If someone is having a problem with another person, they will often prefer to avoid them than confront them.

This behavior only perpetuates an individual’s annoyance, and can lead to hatred.

This is why honest people tell others immediately if they have a problem.

They don’t want this kind of behavior to continue, so they do their best to stop it.

9. It is necessary to apologize often

Honest people are able to share what they think and then apologize for it just a few seconds later.

They may feel right but they will still apologize.

They value honesty, but they also value relationships, especially with those they are close to.

10. Jokes are a good way to cover up the truth

They say jokes are only half-meant.

Honest people are usually honest. They’ve learned to hide their truthful opinions in a joke, since it happens so often for honest people to offend someone.

When the other person isn’t responding positively to the comment, they use laughter as a quick escape. They are used to saying “It was just joke!” It wasn’t what I meant.”

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