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The Best Ways to Cleanse Crystals


There are many reasons to cleanse your crystals. This article will show you why cleansing your crystals is important, and how to charge and program your crystals.We’ll even show you how to charge your crystals without using soap or a phone cord. Hopefully you’ll find this article helpful.

Happy crystal cleansing! But before you do, let’s take a look at what to do first. First, charge your crystals.


Why is cleansing important?

If you have a collection of crystals, cleansing them regularly is a good idea. Saltwater or natural seawater has properties that can absorb unwanted energy.In order to cleanse your crystals, soak them overnight in saltwater or seawater. If you can’t get natural seawater, you can try bottled water instead.

Saltwater cleanses crystals better than water, but you should be careful – sea salt is not good for every crystal.The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of crystal and how often it is used. Energy or healing crystals should be cleansed regularly, while decorative crystals may not need cleansing as often.

In general, however, cleansing is recommended for all crystals and stones, regardless of their intended use.

You should consider cleansing your crystals every six months or once a year. For most people, cleaning crystals every year is enough.

Unless you use them regularly, however, crystal cleansing should be done every two months or so.

How to program your Cleanse Crystals

Before you start your next cleanse, you should know how to program your crystal to achieve your specific intentions.

There are many different ways to program crystals, and you should find one that works best for you. The most important part of programming your crystal is transferring your intentions to it.

Try to approach the crystal as if it were a living entity and use the language of your higher spiritual tendencies to direct it in the right direction. Avoid material desires when programming your crystal.

You can also use your cleanse to set intentions that will help you reach your goals. You can also set intentions that will help you achieve financial success.

You can also program crystals to help you slow down and discover joy. It is also helpful to clear negative energy and remove creative blocks.

You can also program your crystal to attract new love and money into your life. The process is easy and simple, so try it for yourself! You’ll be glad you did!

How to activate your Cleanse Crystals

To use your crystals for healing, you must first know how to activate them. Activation involves transferring positive energy to your crystal.

This will make it glow and restore the stone’s natural healing abilities. For this purpose, you should focus on your body’s energy and visualize the flow of energy through the stone.

If you have a negative energy, you must remove it and visualize the glowing stone. Then, you should visualize that negative energy leaving your crystal and disappearing into the surrounding environment.

You can also charge your crystals with salt. The natural salt should be rock salt or unrefined sea salt.

The salt’s frequency is cleansing and activating, so placing your crystal on a bed of it will help activate it. Once you have placed the crystal in the salt, let it soak for at least two to four hours.

The process can be repeated several times to make the crystal work for you. Using salt to charge your crystals is an excellent way to give them more energy and boost their healing power.

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