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14 signs that a male coworker is interested in you

He will spend his time with you alone.

Are you able to imagine a male coworker likes you ?

You don’t know if he’s flirting with you or just a nice guy.

It’s something we’ve all experienced.

It becomes much easier if you learn more about male psychology.

In this article, I will go over every sign that your coworker is having a crush on me.

There is a lot more to be covered so let’s get going.

He will spend his time with you alone.1. He will spend his time with you alone and the coworker likes you

You are likely to have many coworkers if you work in an office.

Even with all the hustle and bustle, it is possible that you are spending too much time with him.

Take, for example:

coworker likes you may find him trying to get to lunch with you at the same time, or he might make sure that you walk to your car after work.

You can use this sign-out to work. All you need to do is observe how often he gets to be beside you and compare it to how many times your coworkers get one-on-one time with you.

If it’s A LOT more than any other, you can be sure he has a romantic crush.

2. He inquires about things that are not related to work.

If he likes your personality, he will want to expand the relationship and connect with you beyond work-related topics.

He might ask you questions about your hobbies or places you enjoy hanging out with friends.

He doesn’t care what it is; he wants to make friends outside of work.

He wants to get to know your personality!

If he asks directly if you are seeing someone, this is a sign that he likes you. This is a clear sign that he likes to be with you.

He may not say it outright, but he will be subtler about it.

If you tell your boyfriend that you went to a weekend party, he will ask you if you went there with your boyfriend.

This will allow him to determine if you are really seeing someone.

If he does this it is a sign that he is interested.

If he asks you lots of personal questions it is a sign that he wants you to develop a rapport with him and to get to know you as an individual outside of work.

Is he interested in your conversation and engaging in the conversation?  coworker likes you Or is he just checking his smartphone between a few beers? If he is interested in you and all eyes are on you, he will be.

This is a sign that he likes to date you.

3. He gazes at you with his seductive eyes

You’re probably familiar with the type of eyes I am referring to.

coworker likes you These staring, puppy-dog eyes stick to you like glue.

He is attracted to your looks and loves you.

You also know that his way of looking at you is different from everyone else.

If this is the case, the signs are that he has a crush on you.

Here’s how to tell if you aren’t sure:

If he keeps eye contact with your face, he is most likely interested in you.

If his eyes turn to your mouth, it’s likely that he is interested in you.

If he is looking away quickly, it’s likely that he’s interested in you and shy. This is especially important. He is most likely shy if his head moves so fast that it becomes difficult to see. You’ll have more chances to make eye contact if you are patient.

However, if he doesn’t make eye contact and looks around the room, it could be a sign that he isn’t interested in you.

If the guy is not your type, you can break eye contact and continue looking around the room.

He will look at you if he tells you a joke or says something funny.

4. coworker likes you He would like to get in touch with you via social media

Let’s be real:

It is rare that you can connect with coworkers via social media.

This only happens if you have worked with someone for a long time.

If he’s making an effort to get your details on social media, there’s a good chance that he likes what you do.


Because he wants to improve your relationship outside of work. He is also trying to establish rapport in a new setting.

A man knows that there is no magic in the workplace. Magic happens outside of work!

It may not matter as much if it is a common practice for colleagues at work to use social media.

If he comments on your photos and likes them, you can tell he likes to snoop around.

If he only sends one-word responses to your social media messages, be careful. They aren’t making an effort to reach you, and they probably don’t care as much about you.

If they respond quickly and with thoughtful responses, it is a sign that they are willing to spend a lot of their time with you. It’s a good indicator of their affection for you.

5. He is never scruffy when he works

A male colleague who likes you will want to impress you at every opportunity.

This is what you know, right?

He will not show up at work looking scruffy.

This is especially true if he has started dressing better after getting to know you.

This is what men do. When they don’t have any females to impress them, they don’t care about how they look. But once they start to fall in love with someone, they will. They have a new haircut and a new wardrobe.

Expert tip:

coworker likes you Pay attention to his smell. You can bet your bottom dollar that he likes you if he wears nice-smelling cologne.

6. His body language picks up what you are putting down.

coworker likes you The most reliable indicator of whether someone is interested in you is body language.


We don’t usually notice what our bodies are doing. It all depends on our subconscious.

If his body is facing in your direction, the coworker likes you this is one of the most important body language signs you should be looking out for.

This is a sign that his attention is on you and that he cares about your thoughts.

However, if his body doesn’t face yours, it could be an indication that he doesn’t have feelings for you.

coworker likes you Is he smiling at you and making gestures at you? This could be the real deal.

If a man is interested in you and you’re standing next to him, he will lean into you and want to be close to you. He will also make eye contact with you on a regular basis to let you know that he is interested.

It is possible for him to just say it outright, but this is unlikely. Keep learning how to decode body language and these other tricks to determine if a man likes you.

You can also look out for signs of nervousness in his body language. We all know we get anxious around the object of our affection.

You might notice him fidgeting or talking fast. This could be a sign that he’s nervous to impress you.

This can be determined by observing how he behaves around coworkers. You can tell if he is calm and relaxed around others but is hyperactive, fidgety, and speaking fast around you.

You should also be aware of what he’s doing with his lips. When he looks at you, he may lick or part his lips.

Although he won’t be able to see it, subconsciously, it is a sign that he wants to be sexually exciting.

7. He cannot help but compliment you

Although this is not subtle, if he compliments you then you will know that he loves you.

I don’t mean the boring, generic compliments such as “You look great!”

These are thoughtful compliments. You can tell if he likes your walking style or your awkward smile.

He is looking for what makes you unique, and, more importantly, what is likely turning you on.

You know that it is real. You now need to decide if you like him.

If you are able, observe how he speaks about you to other people. If he compliments you when he speaks about you to other people, that is another indicator that he is taking what you have down.

8. Inside jokes are a great way to get along

Are you the best of friends at work? Do you laugh together over something that isn’t obvious to other coworkers?

This is a clear indication that there is a Jim and Pam situation.

coworker likes you Both of you have chemistry and he is always trying to make your laugh.

It makes office life more enjoyable, and he even seeks out you to tell you jokes.

It’s not a secret that a guy who likes a girl will try to make her laugh.

If he makes you laugh, tells jokes and enjoys shooting the shit together then he likely likes you.

9. He flirts, flirts, and flirts even more

Faking it can make office life a lot more fun.

There is plenty of innocent flirting among coworkers. But if he really likes you, it is likely that he will go a step further.

This is especially true if he doesn’t care about flirting and interacting with female coworkers. Instead, he focuses on flirting with you.

You are probably asking yourself:

What is flirting?

You could play with him and share his playful jokes or roleplays.

He may try to seduce you into an emotional response.

It could also be as simple as a smile from across the room.

You can be certain that he truly likes you if you know that he will try flirting with your every day at work.

10. You hear from your coworkers that he likes to work with you

The coworkers they work with aren’t always as bright as they seem.

Everybody watches what happens in the office and can spot signs of sexual tension among coworkers.

If your coworkers mention to you that he likes and respects you, you can bet they are right.

Perhaps they have heard him speak about you. You never know!

You may be noticed by them if you spend time together, or they might comment on your relationship.

11. The sexual tension between you two is uncontrollable

You may feel redder than usual, make eye contact with your male coworker, or have your knees become weaker when he walks by. This is probably due to the unresolved sexual tension between you.

If he fixes your hair, and you fix him, pay close attention to whether he touches your arm or leans in your direction.

Does your heart rate tick up? Do your hands get sweatier?

Dr. Kirk says that this is the stimulation of adrenaline or norepinephrine.

“This could lead to a physical sensation that you are hungry and a desire to pay attention to that person coworker likes you.

Your pupils will dilate when you are attracted to someone. This is because your sympathetic branch in the nervous system stimulates.

Sexual tension signs are as clear-cut as they get and have been around for as long as humanity itself. You can tell if someone is interested in you by their body language.

12. His voice is becoming deeper

This one is interesting and easy to overlook.

People tend to change their voice tone when there is sexual attraction. The tone of a woman’s voice becomes gentler and more feminine, while that of a man’s becomes deeper and richer.

If you notice your male coworker speaking more clearly around you than he does when he speaks to other people, it could be because he loves you.

13. Is he acting strangely?

A guy who is interested in you will start acting differently around you if he’s into you.

You might find him stumbling over words or trying to impress you.

It could be that he has a new way of seeing you.

This type of strangeness is usually expressed in nervous energy. They might sweat more or take deeper breaths.

You can also see it in the form of banter or jokes. They may be interested in you if they are constantly telling you jokes or teasing you.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. Just keep your cool and he will eventually get used to it. He will relax once he realizes you are interested in him.

14. Are his actions mirrored by yours?

It is a sign that someone admires and respects you when he mimics your actions. It can also happen subconsciously.

Here are some things to watch out for:

Is his energy level similar to yours? This could be as simple as speaking at the same pace as you or leaning back in the chair when you are leaning forward.

– Does he use the same language as you? These can be shortened words, or slang.

– Does he mimic your mannerisms, such as touching your hair or using your hands to speak?

If you can answer yes to any of these, a coworker likes you he will like you.

How to know if your coworker likes and respects you

How can you tell if your coworker is interested in you? Ask him.

Let him know that you like him. This isn’t high school and there are no games.

Let him know that you are cool. He’ll either tell you the same thing or he won’t be interested.

If this is not your style (and it isn’t for everyone), pay attention to his behavior around you. How he talks to you and how you treat him. Also, if he takes the time to spend more with you.

These are all strong indicators that he’s interested in you.

If you don’t feel attracted to him, let him know. You don’t have to undermine his enthusiasm for you. “Just not that in you” applies both ways.

If you have to break his heart, be kind and open about it.

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