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Are I truly in love with him? These are the 30 most important signs

There is a big difference between liking someone truly

Do I really like him?

It is a beautiful thing to love. You feel many powerful emotions.

However, falling in love can be a difficult journey. Even if you have just met someone, it can be difficult.

If you are lucky enough, you might catch the attention of someone and instantly feel attracted. You will know that they are your best friend in such situations.

But that is not always the case. Sometimes you’re torn over your feelings.

Are you truly in love with him? Are you lonely or do you really like him? Are you just a friend to him?

There are many reasons you feel the way that you do.

There are signs that will help you recognize what is really going on.

These are 30 signs that will help you identify how you feel about your boyfriend.

First, a word of advice

It’s important to get to know your self before you start dating.

This will save you a lot of pain and confusion down the road. This will allow you to better understand your feelings and be able to communicate them.

How can you possibly know what you want, if you don’t know? Why are you questioning this? Do your feelings not feel strong enough? Why?

These questions will help you determine if your feelings are genuine.

Do I like him? Or just the thought of him. These are 31 ways you can find out.

There is a big difference between liking someone truly1. There is a big difference between liking someone truly and finding him attractive.

Here is where things get tricky.

Many people struggle to decide if someone is truly their type or just a pretty face. This is usually due to looks.

You might find a guy charming if you are able to overlook his faults.

It is when you feel that you can relate to him, despite his appearance, that it really matters.

2. Consider why you are asking about your feelings.

Spend some time with people you trust if you aren’t sure of your feelings and yourself.

Begin by asking yourself why these feelings are being questioned in the first instance and where they may be coming from.

Do you recall a negative experience?

Do you believe that everything will work out just the way it has always worked?

Do you tell the wrong story about yourself?

Do you worry about how it will look if it turns out well?

3. You are making a huge effort.

When you do everything you can to help someone, you really show that you are into them.

Are you willing to do things for him that you wouldn’t do for others? Do you shift your work schedule to make more time for him? Maybe you even told your family about him. You might even have already introduced him.

This is a sign that you are a fan of this guy.

Be careful to not exert too much effort.

According to “Archives of Sexual Behavior”, science journal, men do not choose women for “logical” reasons.

Clayton Max, a dating and relationship coach, says that it’s not about achieving the perfect girl. A woman cannot “convince” men to love her.

Men choose women they love instead. These women are full of passion and drive men to chase them.

Here are some simple ways to become this woman.

Watch Clayton Max’s short video here to learn how to get a man to fall in love with you. It’s much easier than you might think.

The primal drive deep in the male brain triggers feelings of passion. Although it may sound crazy, you can use a variety of words to create feelings of passion.

Clayton’s video is a great way to learn what each phrase means.

4. It is important to write it down.

Write down your thoughts. Write down all the reasons why you feel like him.

What is so special about him?

What makes your heart skip one beat?

What are you thinking about when you think of him?

It’s important to write it down so that you can make sense. You don’t have to hold on to all of those emotions.

5. You should find it natural to be around him.

It’s normal to feel excited the first time you meet him. This is the attraction.

However, once it wears off, how does it feel natural again?

Are you at ease with him? If you feel forced to be with him, it could be a sign that you don’t like him. Is it more meaningful than the extreme physical attraction?

The right person should be able to establish a connection with you in a calm way.

It’s all about being with someone who you can be yourself with.

6. What do you know about him?

When you think about why you like him you should also consider how much you know about him.

What do you know about his life? What do you know about his work? What do you know about his friends?

What do people say about him in the community? Is he well-known? Does he have a reputation?

7. His hero instinct is activated.

Your welfare is his first priority. Is he there to keep you safe as you cross busy roads? Do you feel safe when you are in danger?

If yes, these protective instincts are sure signs that he is interested in you.

You don’t have to do this for him. You can show your appreciation by allowing him to take the reins and help you.

Men want respect. Men want to take on the role of an equal.

This is deeply rooted within male biology.

What I am referring to is actually a psychological term. It’s known as the hero instinct. It’s being used to explain why and with whom men fall in love.

Our comprehensive guide to hero instinct can be found here.

A woman who really loves a man will bring her instincts to the forefront if she is truly in love with him. She will make him feel like a hero.

Is he genuinely interested in you and your company? Is he a friend, a ‘best friend’ or a ‘partner in crime?

How you treat him now can make a huge difference in whether or not you end up falling in love with him.

This video explains the hero’s instinct in detail. James Bauer, a relationship psychologist, is a great introduction to the concept.

8. Are you truly in love with him? Are you lonely or do you really like him?

Many people settle into relationships that don’t work for them, afraid of loneliness.

Be careful not to fall for the same trap.

Is it possible to only think about him when you are alone. Is he there to fill you even when you are surrounded by others? If the former, you are most likely smitten.

Make sure that you’re not just bored. Sometimes, when we feel bored or unmotivated, we can create emotions that aren’t there.

Enjoy what you do and surround yourself by friends.

You might not have much going on because you aren’t able to get him out.

You will still be thinking about him after all that.

9. It doesn’t matter how often you think about him.

If you only think of him occasionally, it is most likely just a crush.

If he is always on your mind and you can’t stop thinking of him, that’s another matter.

Do you often think about him when you get up in the morning? Are you always comparing your dates with him? Does he measure up to you? Are you glued to your phone, waiting for the answer?

You will like him if he is the one you think of when you are upset or need to make you feel better.

10. If you cannot imagine your life without him, it’s real.

He has already taken over your life in the short time that you have known him.

Is he so influential in your life that you cannot imagine your life without him? Is he a joy to you? Are you happier when he is around?

However, if he thinks you can do without him or if he thinks you would be better off by yourself, then you might not be the right one.

Consider the impact it would make on your life if he suddenly passes away.

11. You’re probably a goner if you feel this way for a while.

Give it some time.

The difference between a crush or an infatuation is how long it takes. While a crush can end in disillusionment, Infatuation can lead to love.

If you have a crush on him for a while, you are most likely to have genuine feelings for him.

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12. How long have your doubts lasted?

However, if your thoughts have been running wild about him, it is possible that you don’t feel as in love with him as you thought.

You’re at a halt and can’t make a decision.

Perhaps a part you believe that the longer it takes to make a decision, the more you are free to do nothing. This is just a mental game you play with yourself.

13. Listen to your friends.

Your friends are more attentive than you might think.

They are also the ones who know you best. They’ll notice if your behaviour has been unusual in recent months. They will also be able to tell when you are in a relationship with a man and when you are just having a crush.

Do they think you have incredible chemistry together? Ask them to tell you what they think. You should take their opinion into consideration, but you shouldn’t let it influence your feelings.

You are still the best person to decide if you like this guy.

14. You must not be thinking about your ex.

It could be that you are just getting over a breakup.

Are you thinking of your ex?

It can be very difficult to forgive someone you once loved. This should be enough to make you cautious. Sometimes, we believe we have moved on but we really haven’t.

If you find yourself thinking more about your ex than you do about him, it is best to leave.

If you are struggling to let go of someone you love and want to live a happy life, Hack Spirit has a book called The Art of Breaking: A Practical Guide for Letting Go of Someone You Love.

You’ll be able to free yourself from the emotional chains of a painful breakup and you will most likely grow stronger, happier, and healthier than ever before by implementing these practical tips and insights.

It’s available here.

15. Ask him for his assistance.

Men are attracted to solving problems for women.

Do you need to fix something, or your computer is having problems, or do you just need advice? This is a sign you care about your friend.

Because a man needs to feel important. When you really need help, he wants to be your first call.

It may seem innocuous to ask your man for his help, but it can actually trigger something deeper within him. This is essential to a loving relationship.

James Bauer, a relationship expert, calls it the “hero instinct”. This concept was briefly discussed in my previous post.

James claims that male desires are not complex, but misunderstood. This is particularly true for men’s approach to relationships.

This instinct can be triggered by you. How can you help him feel purpose and meaning?

You just have to be authentic and tell your man what you want, and then let him do the rest.

James Bauer, in his latest video, outlines some things you can do. To make James Bauer feel more important to you, he explains phrases, texts, as well as little requests you can use now.

This natural male instinct will give you greater satisfaction and help you take your relationship to the next level.

You can watch his video here.

16. He is a vision for your future.

Do I really like himThis is huge. It doesn’t always happen.

You may meet men that you don’t want to be with.

You can see yourself developing a deeper relationship and friendship with this person if you can. If you want to make future plans with him, it is a sign that you aren’t just attracted.

It’s adorable that you are imagining your children with him (in an innocent way).

You can tell when someone is truly in your heart for you when you are ready to go to the next level.

17. It makes you jealous to think of him with someone else.

If you feel jealousy when you think about him with other people then you may like him. Actually, a lot.

If you feel territorial towards someone, it is a sign that you are not infatuated.

You’ll feel more than a little sad when he suddenly tells you that he has found someone else.

Even though it may sound absurd, you see him as “yours”. You just want to be his only special person.

18. You are interested in getting to get to know him.

Do I really like him Are you interested in learning more about him? Do you want to know more about his life, passions, and goals?

There might be a reason you feel you haven’t been speaking for a while, but you still feel you know him well.

Perhaps you are attracted to his attractive looks.

You want to get to know every detail about someone you like. You also want to get to know them better.

If you truly want to allow him into your life, it counts.

19. You are really putting yourself out for him.

You have been hurt before.

This is a dangerous situation that you don’t want to repeat. You are more likely to break your heart.

You’ve actually tried to be indifferent. However, this feels wrong to you.

Do I really like him Instead, you’re not afraid to be vulnerable to him. It suddenly dawns on you that your past does not necessarily determine your future. He is worth the risk. You are ready to take the leap regardless of what happens.

It’s easy to fall in love. It’s choosing love for another person who is different.

20. Are you being pressured to like him?

Do I really like him Do you believe your friends are telling you to love him? Do they have ideas about this guy that you don’t like? What are your thoughts? Is it your mom recommending you like this guy? Are you being told by someone that you should like this guy?

We are very susceptible to suggestions and we often take others’ ideas as our own.

It is important to see these things from our perspective and ask ourselves what we really want.

21. Are you ready to let go of the past

Do you still like the idea of this guy?

Do you want to just replace someone you don’t know?

Think about whether you like this guy.

It is important to stop and think about whether you are trying to find an old flame.

22. How many interactions have you had with him

Do I really like him Is this guy even worth your time?

Spend some time with this guy to find out if you like him.

You shouldn’t make decisions without the right information. Talk to him. Talk to him.

23. Search for signs

Are you able to spend time pondering his body language and hints that he likes yours?

If you like him, you may find yourself looking back at all of your interactions, looking for clues that he is into you.

Sometimes, this is a subtle touch or look, but sometimes it’s a more significant thing.

While you may be pondering these details, you are actually looking for confirmation that your feelings and thoughts are mutual.

These small signs won’t matter if you don’t like him.

24. Are you really in love with him?

There is a distinction between being comfortable around him or choosing the ‘comfortable choice’. The first is a sign that you are comfortable being yourself and authentically with him.

Second, you want to choose a safe and comfortable option. You don’t want take chances or fear being hurt. It’s easy to settle for someone who doesn’t excite or challenge you.

You may prefer the more comfortable route if you don’t want to go that way.

Perhaps he is the type of partner that you envision, but he won’t force or force you to leave your comfort zone.

Do I really like him We are creatures of habit and we naturally want someone who will fit in with our world? You need to question whether he is really what you are looking for or if he is just an easy choice.

Knowing the difference between these two types is important. You’ll be able to determine if you are only interested in him for safety and convenience, or if he’s truly someone you like for who he really is.

25. Are you still looking for partners?

Are you still using dating apps on your smartphone? Are you still willing to meet new men through friends? This could indicate that you are not interested in him.

Do I really like him If you feel that you are open to other options, it is a good idea for you to consider whether you enjoy spending your time with him or just the attention he provides?

It’s normal to not want all your eggs in one basket, but if you really like him, your focus should be on him and not on other guys.

You never know what might happen, but you can’t give him or your relationship a chance unless you’re willing to take the risk and be vulnerable.

26. You want to leave a positive impression on your friends

Do I really like him While your friends and family are important, it doesn’t matter how much you care about him. You’ll still be interested in his friends and circle of friends.

Do I really like him It is important to meet the people he loves and spends time with? This can sometimes be a crucial step in a relationship. People in close friendships or families often listen to their loved ones and take action.

Their opinion can have a significant impact on your behaviour. You are open to the possibility that his friends might not be your cup of tea. However, you still want to be polite, and friendly and to get to know them.

This is a sign that you are serious about building something with him. Do I really like him  His friends and family will not be high up on your priority list if you are only interested in him or just want to get attention?

It can be stressful to make a good first impression. If you are worried about his friends or family’s opinion of you, it is probably because you truly like him.

27. You have had deep conversations

It’s great to have first dates or late-night text messages. These are great fun, but did you really dig deeper to discover who he is?

Are you able to discuss sensitive topics, memories, or get his thoughts on major life decisions such as marriage and children?

Before you decide if you like him or not, it is important to understand if you can get along with him on more than just flirting.

It is clear that you care about him and are interested in his real, raw, and vulnerable sides.

You get to know him better and you also open yourself up to sharing your thoughts and experiences.

28. You don’t want to play games

People play games out of fun, insecurity, or because it’s all they know how to do.

It is common for people to play games with their partners in dating. This can be as simple as not responding to texts for a few days or leading someone on when they aren’t interested in you.

If you aren’t willing to spend time with him, it is a sure sign that you truly like him.

29. You have considered making the first move.

It is a common cliche that men should always be the first to move.  Humans are always changing, so what was acceptable 50 years ago may not be applicable today?

Consider the example of female-led partnerships, which have increased in recent years as women are more empowered.

Men can find confidence in a confident woman who is willing to take the initiative. Men love to be complimented just as much as women, so it’s important to make the first move in showing your interest in him.

It’s an indication that you are really interested in him if you feel the need to ask a man out or move on with someone you already know.

 It’s up to you whether you do it or not, but the fact you feel that way is an indication that you are interested in having him as part of your life.

30. Red flags are ignored

Here’s how it works:

Although you may have met someone you like, there are some things you don’t like about his personality.

It is a fact that no one can be perfect, and that no one will have all the qualities you desire in a partner.

Is it possible to live with their flaws?

The oder have you just brushed them under your rug and decided ignorance is bliss?

You may not want to admit they have certain qualities you don’t like. This could make it easier for you to be interested in him than you are in accepting him as he is.

What now if you like him?

These 30 signs can help you to understand if you truly like him.

If so, you should make sure you have a long-lasting and passionate relationship with him.

But, I believe there is one key ingredient that will make a relationship successful:

Deep understanding of their thoughts and feelings.

Let’s face facts: Men have different views of the world than you do and will expect different things from a partner.

This can make it difficult to have a passionate, long-lasting relationship.

Although it can seem impossible to get your man to talk to you about his thoughts, there is a way to help him understand.

This is what men want

James Bauer is a world-renowned relationship expert.

In his latest video, he brilliantly explains what drives men. It is called the hero instinct. This concept was discussed above.

Men want to be your hero. He may not be an action hero like Thor but he wants to do more for women and be recognized for his efforts.

One of the most well-kept secrets in relationship psychology is the hero instinct. It is the key to a man’s love and devotion for his life.

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