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Does he love me? 10 signs to find out his true feelings

He considers you a priority

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Every romantic relationship has a point where you ask yourself, “Does this guy love me?”

You’ve certainly spent lots of time together. You are familiar with his favorite movies. You know enough of his life stories to be able to identify who he really is.

You’re sure he’d do things for you, but not for others.

What does this all mean? Are you starting to feel cared for by him? Does this mean he will start to care for you?

Is it possible that he is already in love with your? Maybe he is already in love with you.

We would love to give you an honest answer. It’s not easy, as it is with all things romantic and love.

Johanna Peetz and Lara Kammrath conducted research that shows how complex it can be to have a loving relationship at this stage. While romantic feelings can lead to loving behaviors and actions, this is not always the case.

You can ask him. You can ask him, but that’s unlikely to be possible, given your presence.

Perhaps you are too afraid. It’s impossible to predict what type of answer you will get. There is always the possibility of being rejected. Asking such a large question could cause the entire thing to be canceled before it even begins.

This will leave you confused.

No matter your motives, you still have reservations about his deep feelings for you.

Don’t worry. This isn’t unusual. All people are different. It is impossible to read another person’s mind.

There are signs that you can identify to determine the depth of his love. Below are some examples. These 21 actions might be what he is doing for you.

These 10 signs say yes to “Does he love me for real?”

He considers you a priority1. He considers you a priority

Nicholas Sparks summarizes it perfectly:

“You will meet people in your life that can say the right words at the right time. It’s their actions that you should be judging them by in the end. It is their actions that matter, not their words.

Although you might not always be able to understand his verbal communication, you can still rely on his actions, especially when they are about his priorities.

Here’s the truth. There are many things he can do besides work, such as family, friends, career, and personal goals. Yet, you will find that he still puts you first.

It’s becoming increasingly important that you are more important than he and what he wants. You are part of his decision-making process and your opinions are important. You are counted.

You prioritize time with someone you love. He will make time for you if he truly loves you.

2. He Listens To You

He listens to what you have to say and he also remembers your words.

He will hold on to every word you say and respect what you have to share. He does it so naturally. He can’t help but notice every word you say.

A man who loves you will pay attention to your every word. He is attentive to your needs and does not interrupt you.

This is when he can recall even the smallest details and you realize he loves you more than you think.

3. He isn’t afraid to share everything

This is a sign that he cares about you. Men don’t love to share their feelings.

They put so much into it that you can’t help but feel proud of what they have accomplished.

He isn’t afraid to answer any of your questions. He won’t hide anything from you. He is open to you getting to know him.

He will introduce you to his family even if you are the oddest one. He won’t be afraid to share the most bizarre things about himself.

He will not hold back on his love for you if he truly loves you. He wants you to be part of his world. Even if it means that you will learn everything about him, even the bad.

4. He wants to be a part of your life

He wants to share all he knows with you but he also wants to be part of your daily life.

He wants to be immersed in it.

He wants to get to know your family and friends. He will go out of his way to make them like him. He makes it a point to spend time with people that matter to him. He isn’t afraid to be a permanent fixture of your life.

He wants to be involved in things that you are passionate about. He would love to do yoga with you, or to take a cooking class together even though it’s not something that he normally does.

It is one thing for him to take an interest in you. If he begins to participate in your life because it is his “belonging”, that’s a sign he really loves you.

5. He has big plans for you

Because your plans for you as a couple get bigger and better, you know that he is committed to you.

He is open to spending a long weekend away from home. He’d be happy to take a longer vacation with you. What about the wedding you are invited to in a few months? He’ll be your date, of course.

These plans are not something he is afraid of. It’s not necessary to be vague. He goes the extra mile to ensure you understand he is in it for the long-term.

6. He knows all about the bad things, but still chooses to be with you anyway

When you are with him, you won’t be afraid to show your true self.

He will see you at your worst but he stays.

Your annoying ticks are already being noticed by him. Perhaps you leave the toothpaste tube open. Perhaps you even snore. There are many things about you that may make him unlovable. You’re not perfect. He doesn’t care. He actually sees it and values it.

Even though we feel so disappointed with those we love, it is impossible to give up on them. He thinks that way probably.

If he thinks that you are beautiful and special, despite all the negative aspects about you, then you are definitely in love.

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7. He “Says” That He Loves You in All the Ways He Can

Although he might not have spoken to you, he clearly loves you. You see it in everything he does. It is evident in his way of looking at you. It is evident in the way he holds and holds you. It is evident in his simplest gestures, which touch your heart in the most profound ways.

All of us have our “Language of Love”.

There are many ways that we define and perceive love. We also have different ways to express it. Although the language of love may not be the same as yours, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

But there is one universal truth that we all share. It applies to all situations, romantic and not.

We don’t need to convince anyone to love and accept us. You can’t force anyone to love you. It is not something you should force.

True, authentic, honest-to goodness love is so natural you won’t even have to question it.

8. He goes on and on about how special you are

Although men don’t always give compliments to girls, if he has made you feel special by encouraging your business, promotion, or even a class, then he is likely to be a man who cares about you. If he is interested in you, then you have a good chance that he is as into you as you are.

9. He Cancels His Plans To Be With you

Intimate men will lose interest in the things going on in their lives.

It’s actually quite cute. You’ll be annoyed by his friends, but you can spend as much time with him as you like. He’s likely to be open to hanging out with you if he does.

10. He sees through the newness of the relationship

If he is starting to relax in the relationship and noticing things that are annoying about you, it is an interesting way to determine if he is truly in love.

Maybe he has noticed that dishes are never washed in the sink.

Although it’s small (also, please put your dishes in the sink), he will love you if he can see it.

The beauty of love blinds us to the little things that bother us. Only then can we see who we really are.

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