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10 Powerful and Unique Characteristics of an Empath Traits

Empath Traits

People who are compassionate have a remarkable ability to attract others to Empath Traits them

They can read your thoughts and read the room. They can sense your emotions and pick up on body signals.

Do not try to conceal who you are to empathic people. They will be able see right through you.

Empaths possess unique personality traits that other people don’t have.

It can be difficult to be an Empath Traits . However, they have some beneficial characteristics.

Let’s take a look to see what we can do next time we meet this type of person.

1 They are Pretty Sensitive

Empathic people can be good or bad.They are sensitive not only to their emotions, but also to sounds, lights and places. They absorb everything around them like sponges.

According to licensed psychotherapist Lisa Hutchison (LMHC), , empaths absorb all the feelings, thoughts, and sensations around them. Bustle You may feel down if you talk to someone who is depressed.

This also means an empath can show empathy and be a helper to others because they feel what they are going through.

Aletheia Luna says it best:

“The Empath is said to be so empathic that they feel the emotions of others and can intuitively sense many of their yearnings and sensitivities.

They Wear Their Heart on their Sleeve2 They Wear Their Heart on their Sleeve

Although empaths can do a lot, keeping their emotions and feelings private is not something they excel at. That’s not a problem. An empath will always let you know where you stand and what you’re getting.

According Judith Orloff, Psychology Today M.D., Empaths perceive the world through intuition. They should develop their intuition and listen closely to their gut feelings about other people.

They know it’s true. When they trust their instincts, they can express their emotions freely and openly without worrying about what other people think.

They work hard, love hard, have a lot of fun, and then they fall apart from exhaustion. They are open about their feelings, so it’s clear what they feel.

3 Empath Traits  Crowded Rooms are Not for Them

Empaths are able to absorb so much energy that people give them, making it difficult for them to work in a crowd or at parties. They might find it difficult to work in large organizations with hundreds of employees.

According to Lisa Hutchison LMHC, licensed psychotherapist, Empaths can be easily stimulated by noise, as their focus is often on the outside rather than the inside.

People who are compassionate feel the need to listen to and engage with others in order to help them. However, this can also drain them of their energy. It is very fascinating to see someone who cares so deeply about others being drained by their acts and listening.

4) Empath Traits find happiness within

Empaths who feel sad or down about something will spend a lot of time trying to find the root of their feelings.

According Judith Orloff, Psychology Today M.D., “They tend be introverted and like one-on-one contact or small group discussions.” Even if they are more introverted, empaths may prefer to spend less time in crowds or at parties.

They don’t blame anyone for what they feel; they own their emotions. They are able to understand their own feelings and know they can work on them. Then they will be back on the horse in no time. They are happier when they spend time in their heads and heal their hearts.

Empath Traits 5) Empath Traits Feelings aren’t Going Away

You probably know someone who empathizes. They aren’t going to check their feelings soon. They embrace their thoughts, emotions and feelings as part of who they are.

Davida Rappaport is a psychic and spiritual counsellor. She tells Bustle that if you are sensitive to emotions and can cry easily when people hurt your feelings, then you are an emotional person. You may also be an empath.”

Empaths are aware that they can get exhausted by being around too many people and different types of people. However, they also recognize that others can find their traits exhausting. They can be difficult to manage. They won’t change. They are happy with the way things are.

Great Advice

Ask an empathic person for advice if you have the opportunity. Take the advice. They are great listeners, and they can internalize conversations so they can put themselves in your shoes and give you advice on what they would do.

You may discover that you are in sync with certain people from time to time,” Davida Rappaport tells Bustle. She is a psychic and spiritual counsellor. If you say things like “We are on the exact same page”, or “I was thinking (or feeling), the same thing,” you are most likely connected to the other person.

They can visualize themselves doing these things physically and can even evoke the emotions that go with them.

You will not only get great listening skills from an empath but also you may leave with some very creative solutions to your problems.

7) They Get Distracted Very Quickly

The most interesting thing about empaths, despite their ability to stay focused in all aspects of life, is their tendency to become easily distracted. They see the bright, shiny parts of life and the dark corners.

Davida Rappaport is a psychic and spiritual counsellor. She tells Bustle, “You might find that you’re unable to concentrate if there are too many thoughts and feelings around.” Many people would be unable to handle such a shrewish personality trait. 

They love it because it’s part of their unique character traits. There is nothing to be missed and everything that’s left behind.

8) They require alone time

It’s a fact that can’t be ignored. Empaths need to be alone in order to recharge their senses and replenish their energy. Even a brief amount of alone time can help to prevent emotional overload.

Because empaths absorb energy and information from others, this is why they can become exhausted easily. They feel what others are feeling.

Even in intimate relationships, empaths need to be alone. Judith Orloff is an expert on empaths. She says empaths can absorb the energy of their partner and become anxious, overloaded, or exhausted if they don’t have enough time to “decompress.”

This is why empaths often avoid relationships because they fear getting engulfed.

Judith advises empaths who are starting a romantic relationship that they assert their personal space.

An empath will struggle to feel complete emotional freedom if they don’t have their own time.

9 Empaths could be energy vampires

Empaths are sensitive, emphatic and caring, making them easy targets for narcissists.

The problem is:

Empaths often find themselves drawn to one another. It seems that opposites attract. This is a bad match because empaths are more open to understanding than narcissists.

Narcissists seek recognition for their superiority and exploit empaths’ sensitive nature to satisfy their constant desire for attention and admiration.

A narcissist who lacks empathy for others can leave empaths feeling emotionally draining and can also cause them to lose their self-esteem.

Aletheia Luna, an empath expert suggests empaths spend more time with emotionally intelligent people than energy vampires.

It is easy to determine if someone is compatible. Is it easy to be kind and sensitive? Are they sensitive to your needs? Are they emotionally stunted or respectful of your sensitivities? We attract people who are narcissistic and lack empathy.

10 Boundaries can be difficult for an empath

An empath’s kind-hearted nature means they want to please other people. Empaths dislike disappointing others because they are highly involved with the emotions of other people.

An empath can find it hard to say “no” when a colleague asks for assistance or a friend wishes to arrange a catch-up. They are very agreeable by nature.

A manipulative or narcissist can benefit from an empath’s good-natured spirit.

An empath must learn to say “no” It’s not rude to respect your privacy and personal space.

Business Insider reported that empaths could save a lot of heartaches if they learned that “no” is a complete sentence and that there’s no need to have a huge discussion about why you are saying no.

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