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You can ask your boyfriend 188 funny questions

funny questions


funny questionsHere are 209 funny questions I have prepared for you to ask your boyfriend. You have a lot of information to consider. The table below will help you quickly find the right section.Contents

Ask your boyfriend these cute questions

  1. What three words would you use to describe me?
  2. Do you have anything negative about me?
  3. Do you find it makes you smile when you send me a text message?
  4. What do you think of me every day?
  5. What is it that reminds you most of me?
  6. Which movie would you like to see together?
  7. Are you adamant that someone is too infatuated with you?
  8. Was it your first impression of me.
  9. What would you do to make me feel better if I was really down?
  10. Are you ready to share your future with me?
  11. Would you hold me if I was afraid?
  12. Would you ever let me go on a picnic under the stars with you?
  13. Which is your favourite name for a pet?
  14. Is there anything about you that is unique?
  15. Do you feel butterflies when you read my notes?
  16. Would you still love me if I were completely different?
  17. Are you a fan of my cuteness?
  18. Are you a model who works out looking cute?
  19. What would you be if I were a dessert?
  20. What would you say about my smell?
  21. What was your reaction to our first fight?
  22. Which future do you see for the two of you?
  23. Would you like to hold me?
  24. Do you feel warm when you hug someone?
  25. Are you happy with the way I walk?
  26. Could you write a song with me?
  27. Do you remember ever having a dream about me in your life?
  28. Would you be willing to risk your life in order to save mine?
  29. Are you sure I am pretty?
  30. Would you be willing to take my hand and dance with me, even if there were no one else?
  31. Ask your boyfriend fun questions
  32. What is the most hilarious thing someone has drunkenly admitted to you?
  33. Do you ever forget why you entered a particular room?
  34. How often does your brain go on autopilot?
  35. Which names were destroyed because you knew someone with the same name as you?
  36. What is the best stress reliever you can do for less than $20?
  37. What is the grossest thing you have ever drunk?
  38. Which is your favourite time-waster?
  39. Which is the craziest place you’ve ever danced to?
  40. Is there a silly thing you take a lot of pride in?
  41. What jobs would animals be best qualified for if they were as intelligent and smart as us?
  42. Are fish able to have necks?
  43. Which celebrity crush is your weirdest?
  44. What vegetable would you choose to be if you could be a vegetable?
  45. What is the strangest conversation you have ever heard?
  46. How would your dream home look?
  47. What would you do if asked by a man for your number?
  48. Which type of ice cream is your favorite?
  49. What would you name a boat if you owned it?
  50. Is there a story behind the last Instagram photo you took?
  51. Which was your worst date?
  52. What would you choose as your superpower?
  53. What are some crazy things you would do if you were to become wealthy?
  54. What was the last thing that you Googled?
  55. What is the strangest wrong number you have received by text or phone?
  56. What would you choose for your epic first name if you could?
  57. What is the next step in footwear?
  58. What would you do first, if you had the ability to fly?
  59. Which is the coolest flag?
  60. What would your secret lair look like if it was Batman or Superman?
  61. What is the most amazing thing you would eat?
  62. Ask your boyfriend personal questions
  63. What is the worst dream that you have ever had?
  64. What are you prone to getting too emotional about?
  65. Which event has made you the most mature person?
  66. What is the one thing you have never shared with anyone?
  67. What is something that you believe most people don’t believe?
  68. Is there something you are afraid of in your life?
  69. What is your greatest regret?
  70. Which family member is your favourite?
  71. How can you earn someone’s respect?
  72. Which is your most memorable memory growing up?
  73. What’s your favourite thing to do with your spare time?
  74. Which of your friends would you most like to spend time together?
  75. Which was your favourite toy?
  76. What is it that makes your life worthwhile?
  77. Which animal is your favourite and why?
  78. What would you take with you if you were forced to leave your home?
  79. Which tv series could you binge-watch every day?
  80. Which truth is the most difficult?
  81. What peculiarities does your body possess?
  82. Which music do you enjoy that you wish you could listen to more of?
  83. How soft are your hands?
  84. What do you consider a snob?
  85. What makes you happy?
  86. Imagine living up to your full potential.
  87. Are you curious?
  88. How can you defeat procrastination?
  89. What is your jam?
  90. How easy can you change your opinion?
  91. What makes you feel alive and connected?
  92. Which traits are you most proud of?
  93. What would you change about your life?
  94. What would you change in your life that you couldn’t?
  95. Which is your favourite beverage?
  96. What would you eat if you were forced to eat the exact same food every day for a month?
  97. If money and work weren’t a factor, where would you live?
  98. Are you more comfortable listening to your brain or your heart when making decisions?
  99. What would you do without money or work?
  100. What is the one person you would like to be?
  101. Who was someone you looked up to as a child?
  102. What is the greatest piece of advice that you have ever received?
  103. Which is your pet peeve?
  104. What would your life look like if it were a film?
  105. What’s one thing you would like to do?
  106. Do you think you would ever leave your job to travel around the world?
  107. What three words would you use to describe yourself?
  108. What situations are you most like yourself in?
  109. Which word best describes you?
  110. What is your obsession?
  111. How often do people get into arguments online?
  112. What are you looking for in life?
  113. Are you adventurous?
  114. Romantic questions for your boyfriend
  115. Are you certain there is one person that you are meant to be with’?
  116. Is there a single thing you love more about us than our differences?
  117. Is there a single thing you love about us?
  118. Love is something that scares your?
  119. What is one thing you would like to do together, that we haven’t done before?
  120. Which is your favorite spot to be with me?
  121. Which song gets you thinking about me?
  122. Did it feel like love at first sight?
  123. What would you like to call me by a new name/pet name?
  124. What trait did you find attractive about me?
  125. What was your first kiss like?
  126. Do you prefer a hug or a kiss?
  127. What would you miss most about our relationship if it ended?
  128. Is there one thing that you think is missing in your relationship?
  129. Are you concerned that I have been too vulnerable in our relationship?
  130. Is there a secret you’ve always wanted to share with me but never got around to it?
  131. Are you sure I’m the right person for you? (If so, what about me makes me the “right” person?
  132. What would you say your most appealing quality is?
  133. Which romantic film is your favourite?
  134. Which is your relationship’s greatest asset?
  135. Which is your favourite way to get affection?
  136. Are you looking for a large or small wedding?
  137. Which is your favourite way to show love?
  138. Which is the sexiest dream you have ever had about us.
  139. Are you sure you will ever settle down and have children?
  140. Where would you like to go if you funny questions could travel anywhere right now?
  141. What do you think has changed between us since our first date?
  142. We are exactly the same as when we first began dating.
  143. Which of us do you think is a good combination? What can we do to balance each other?
  144. What does it mean to love?
  145. funny questions What does it mean to me?
  146. Ask your boyfriend flirty and dirty questions
  147. What do your eyes see when you close them and kiss me?
  148. Would you be willing to hold my hand in public?
  149. Which is your favourite spot to get massaged?
  150. funny questions Do you want to kiss my neck?
  151. How many times have you wanted to kiss me before we actually had our first kiss?
  152. Which part of your body do you love the most?
  153. Guess which part of my body I love the most.
  154. What was your most romantic kiss?
  155. funny questions Do you like cuddling?
  156. Would you like to kiss me in public?
  157. Would you consider skinny dipping with us?
  158. What would you say about the way I kiss you?
  159. Would you prefer to hug for 5 seconds or just one second?
  160. Do you like it when my hands touch your face?
  161. Would you ever like to take a dip with me?
  162. funny questions Which is your favourite feature in a sexual relationship?
  163. How do you feel when I look into your eyes?
  164. How did you feel when you first kissed?
  165. Which is your favourite spot to kiss?
  166. Would you like to kiss my wrist?
  167. Ask your boyfriend random questions that are fun
  168. Are you a hotdog or a hamburger fan?
  169. Do you prefer ice cream or milkshakes?
  170. What title would you give your autobiography?
  171. funny questions Only one item can be worn for the rest your life. Which one do you prefer?
  172. What would you eat for breakfast every morning if money wasn’t an issue?
  173. Who would you choose to have dinner with if you had the chance?
  174. Is there a bad habit you just can’t let go of?
  175. Which would you prefer, McDonald’s or a healthy, delicious meal?
  176. Which celebrity crush is your weirdest?
  177. What would you do in zero gravity?
  178. Which is the most hilarious social media mistake you have ever witnessed?
  179. Would you tell someone something if they had something on their faces?
  180. Which was your worst purchase?
  181. The best purchase
  182. Are you sure I’d look more sexy if I wore glasses?
  183. Which cartoon character is your favourite?
  184. What would you throw against a brick wall?
  185. Five dollars just appeared on the ground. What should you do?
  186. Which would you prefer to live in?
  187. Would you share a cookie if there were only one?
  188. What would you choose if you could give me dessert?

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