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6 Ways to Get Over Your Ex – HealthKartReview

Breakups and physical pain feel the same way

You’re holding your heart tightly in your hands and don’t know what to do next.

Breakups and getting over an ex can cause people to be devastated for months or even years.

After a breakup , you may struggle to Get Over Your Ex

It takes sometimes, but it is worth it.

These are some strategies that you can use today to get over your ex.

[Before you start, are you ready to part ways with your ex? Would your lives be more enjoyable if you were to live together? A shocking statistic revealed that 90% of relationships can be saved. Here’s a step-by, step guide to getting back together with your ex.

6 reasons why you are having trouble moving on Get Over Your Ex

Broken relationships hurt us more than our emotions.

Our relationship is physiologically connected to our minds and bodies. To get over a partner who has died, we must wait for their minds to return to the pre-relationship physiological state.

Breakups or physical pain are the same1.Breakups or physical pain are the same

Although it may feel like you’re getting punched in your face, breaking up with your partner is a much more common feeling than you might think.

According to the threat or danger the pain might pose, the brain divides the different types of pain into distinct priorities.

The brain prioritizes breakup pain, which means that the same brain regions that are activated in intense physical pain will also be activated in emotional pain.

2 We’re wired to social connection, making it harder for breakups

Humans are social creatures. There is no better social relationship than a romantic partner. Because of our adult attachment style, we push away our romantic partners or hold on tighter to them.

When our partner wants to end their relationship with us, we go into survival mode.

3.Social rejection makes our nervous system go haywire.

Losing a romantic partner is a rejection of the highest order. Get Over Your Ex and all our brains are programmed to avoid any social rejection.

One study found that social rejection, such as a breakup, can trigger a strong parasympathetic nervous response.

Broken people felt real pain, and their heart rate slowed down because of the intense inner suffering.

4. Drugs and love can bring the brain similar feelings of euphoria.

Love and intimacy are the best way to feel good.

Research has shown that pleasure centers in the brain activated during sex with a partner can be activated when someone takes drugs.

When we have sex with someone we don’t like, we experience reactionary withdrawal symptoms. This is similar to what happens to drug addicts when they try to quit using drugs.

5. We are all surrounded by emotional memories.

Just as our muscles have muscle memories with specific actions, so does our mind.

Your emotional memories of the places you used to go together or the activities you did together can now cause you pain.

6. Breakups are more likely to cause women to “hurt” in natural biology.

Women seem to grieve the end of a relationship more than men. It’s because they are more invested in their relationships than their male counterparts.

Biology requires women to be selective about their partner. Losing a partner can feel like losing their soulmate.

It is not easy to get out of a relationship where you are emotionally involved. A study showed that it takes 11 weeks for people to fully recover from a relationship that has ended.

It means that they regain their self-worth, become more positive, and have the courage to try new things.



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