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How to Get a Man to ask You out: 10 Methods to Get Him

get a guy ask you out

These tips may not work for you. You and your personality are the best way to attract a man.

 guy asks you out It’s not worth setting up your perfect date only to discover that your man isn’t the person you thought you were.

Choose tips that reflect who you are and be honest. This will help you to get things done on a second date and beyond.

These are 10 tips to get a man to ask you out.

1) Use body language

You don’t have to ask him in actual language. Instead, you can ask him using body language. Communication is all about how you move, sit and stand.

Guys might not like to approach you if you display closed body language.

Do you ever get the strange feeling that someone isn’t really that into you when you are talking to them?

It all comes down to body language.

Even if they don’t know what it is, you can sense the vibe that they have and want to go anywhere. It also works in the reverse direction.

If you want to show your man that you are interested in him and encourage him to ask you out, look at him.

You may think looking at your shoes or away is cute and coy. He will just think that you are trying to escape from him. Keep your elbows towards him and your feet in front of him.

Look defensive by crossing your arms over your body with your feet pointed away.

Finally, and this is what’s scary, you can touch him. You don’t have to touch him in any creepy way, but you can gently brush his arm when you pick up your drink or stand up.

A little touch can make him feel like you are thinking the same thing as you. That might be all he needs for a date.

2) Be confident

Confidence is a powerful attribute. This is something that everyone will tell you.

When you want your perfect man to ask you out on the perfect date, you can’t help but feel desperate. You are full of self-doubt, and it’s hard to feel confident.

Don’t be afraid to show confidence if you don’t feel it. Your guy will see that you are confident and have lots to share.

You will be the one who is willing to go on an adventure instead of staying in front of the television all night. Confident people have fun together and are successful.

To be confident, you don’t need to have a glamorous career or white-water rafting passion.

You can feel confident immediately by making a few small changes in your thinking and speaking about yourself.

  1. Stand tall. Confident people don’t mind taking up some space. You may appear to be trying to shrink if you are always slouched.
  2. Don’t worry about his thoughts. He might not ask you out on a date. There are many other people out there. Be confident in your feelings and don’t worry about whether he likes you.
  3. Use clear language. Use your own words. Don’t worry about whether your story is liked by him. Let them know that you are not judging him and allow things to happen as they naturally occur.

get a guy ask you out3) guy ask you out Have fun together

Nearly every dating ad mentions that “humour” is a must-have. Why?

People love to laugh. Laughter brings people closer together, and it is an important part of your relationship with your man.

You don’t have to tell a joke if you’re not feeling up for it, but you can still make your man laugh by sharing your favourite TV show.

If you are right for each other, he will most likely say “I love that also”. Talking about your favourite characters and episodes will be a great way to make him laugh.

What if he doesn’t like the same shows you do?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doomed. Asking the question will give you an idea of his humour and help you find common ground.

It can be as much fun to have a date with someone and debate the relative merits or the benefits of the things you love as it is to talk about the same things.

4) guy asks you out Have a drink together, but only a small amount

Alcohol is the reason why so many people get together at bars and parties.

We are not suggesting that you try to get blind drunk. This is a bad idea. However, if you enjoy a few drinks a week with your man, it might be worth it.

You might be able to give him the courage to ask you out.

Even if you don’t have the courage to do it, you will likely have shared a few laughs, had a good time and perhaps become closer physically.

Make sure to choose the right beverage. You don’t have the time to enjoy a Long Island iced coffee or a gassy beer.

A lot of dates begin with a drink. Having just one with the man you want to date gives you a good idea about what a true date will look like.

This could be enough to secure a second date.

5) guy ask you out Be confident in your beauty

Attraction isn’t just about how you look. It is a factor. It’s more than making yourself look better to him.

It’s all about feeling like the hot goddess you are.

You should not wear your worst clothes if you are going to be seeing your man.

It doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant to look good (save that for the date), but it’s a good idea to feel confident and sexy.

It’s going to vary for everyone. Wear your favourite jeans and your most adorable t-shirt if you are a jeans-and-t-shirt girl.

Wear classic, elegant dresses if you are a fan of heels.

If you want to feel the best about your hair, do it. But make sure that it hasn’t been neglected for months.

Do not use too much makeup, especially during the daytime. However, do apply enough to make yourself feel comfortable.

You can give him a taste of you on your best day. Wear nice underwear, even though he won’t see it.

You won’t feel sexier than knowing that you have your best underwear on, even if he doesn’t know.

He will be captivated by the confidence you radiate from your clothes, and will want to learn more.

6) Talk about what you love doing.

You will need to share something if you want to have a successful date.

Talk to him about what you like to do, what your favourite movies are, and what foods you enjoy. He will be able to get to know you by talking about everything.

You’ll be able to find out that he enjoys the same things as you. This will make it easy to have a conversation and may even lead to an idea for a great first date.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t share your interests. Research shows that shared interests in relationships are not important.

It is possible to love totally different things if you respect each other’s choices.

Another reason to talk about your love is that it will make you look amazing.

People tend to be sexier when they talk about their passions or the best times of their lives.

Consider how someone who cares about the topic they are talking about can look and draw people to a party.

This is only a partial version of the same thing. He will be hooked when he sees the passion in your eyes as you share your passions.

7) guy asks you out Give some tips

Even if you have done all the above, your man might still feel unsure if he is into you.

Try to be less direct if you believe that. Talk about relationships and dating.

It might take courage, but this may be the only way you can get your date.

Talk about your single life and what it means to you.

You could also ask him about his ideal date. He will be able to tell you exactly what you want.

Talk to your friends if you are unable to do it. They will know if he is into you. You might have even been trying to help him.

Tell a friend of yours that you trust that you are interested in him and his friends.

If you feel the connection, your man will be able to send the information back to you and you’ll have your date.

Ask him

Ask him if all else fails.

Your guy may feel scared about being rejected, just like you. You might not like him 100%. He may not be 100% sure you are single.

All the thoughts that are going through your mind right now are also his.

You have to be strong if you want him. There’s a good chance that he will love you for it.

Modern men don’t like the alpha male/beta girl thing. They are looking for a confident woman who isn’t afraid to make the first move.

Why not be that girl?

9) Don’t be too hard

The simple truth is that we all can smell desperation from a mile away.

It’s not a coincidence that guys like “the chase”.

Okay, you know you want the guy you are pursuing to ask you out. The romance and dating process can feel like a complicated and subtle dance.

Why? It all comes down to basic psychology and how we are wired.

When something seems too good to be true, we tend to back off. Although you may think something is easy, it can sometimes feel too easy to a man.

He knows that he can get you whenever he likes, so it’s less exciting to try and get you.

He isn’t being sexist, he just finds things that are more difficult to obtain a little more appealing. This is even supported by science.

This means that if someone seems too open, it’s possible we are a little suss.

While you don’t have to play games or be “hard to get”, it’s important to remain cool around him.

10) Get the support of your friends

This one will only work if you have some friends or even colleagues.

A well-placed wing woman is a great help. They will subtly test your water.

Because they are not as invested in the outcome of their actions, it is easier for them.

If you bump into this guy in a bar or coffee shop, they might suggest that you all grab a drink together or invite him to the party on Saturday night.

You will have more time to get to understand each other and to make new connections.

The fact that you didn’t suggest these hangouts lets you keep your cool and save face if he declines.

Side note: I don’t recommend having a single hot friend be your wingman on this one. This could quickly turn out to be very dangerous and disastrous.

This is because I am a friend who, trying to be helpful, once approached a girl in a bar to talk to her. He knew I was interested and she ended up talking to him all night.

This mission is best for a friend or guy friend who is in a relationship.

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