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15 Signs That he Loves You More Than a Friend

more than a friend

more than a friendGreat! What now?

You now have to figure out if he feels exactly the same!

More than a friend It’s no secret that friends-turned-lovers don’t always go as planned, but that’s why you’re doing your homework before you declare your love.

You want to be sure that this guy is digging at you as hard as you are digging him.

We get it.

It can be scary to tell someone that you love them. But, remember how wonderful it is.

Imagine someone saying they love you. It would make everyone feel better.

This list will help you determine where your man is before you make any moves.

1) He has all the answers

He just cannot seem to stop talking about you, no matter what your knowledge is.

He will always ask you questions about your past, how you got together, and your future goals.

He could listen to your lengthy talk about something that occurred five years ago or five minutes ago.

He doesn’t just listen to you tell your stories, he actually remembers them.

It might seem like you are talking to his ears, but he is actually taking in everything and filing it under “needs to remember.”

He listens intently to what you say and recalls important details.

You could live for many years, but if you can recall the one time you did it, he will be able to finish the story.

It’s not that friends don’t do this for one another, but it’s rare to have other friends like him.

He is the only one who truly understands you just as you are.

2) He is paying more attention to you than other people

Although you might think he has a million women to talk to, more than a friend says you are one in a million. This is not something you can find every day.

He treats you with the utmost respect, kindness, and compassion even as friends.

He’s still committed to you, despite the fact that there are twenty other gorgeous women in the room.

He is only interested in talking to you.

Although it might seem overwhelming for some girls, it’s something you love and it tells you he really cares about you.

He’s kind and caring to others, but it’s the way he speaks to you and pines for you that makes this possible love story stand out.

He has plenty of time but prefers to spend it with you.

3) He is reaching out to You more than you reach him

Yes, friends can talk a lot, but if he wants more, he will be sending you DMs or blowing up your phone.

He enjoys all of your social media posts and will comment on anything you share.

You could think of him as a friend who supports you, but your male friends won’t go out of their way for you to show them some love.

Because you are his first and last text of each day, you don’t have to worry about not hearing from him.

He isn’t just checking in to check on things, but he’s also letting you know that he wants to be more involved in your life. He wants to be more than friends.

4) He’s hinting at alone time

This guy doesn’t care if you are in a group of three or twelve. He wants to spend time alone with you. He will often ask you to leave the crowd and talk privately.

He wants you to be his alone and, while he may be shy or afraid to make the first move he knows that if you don’t pay attention to him, you’ll lose your trust to someone else.

He invites you to come along to his place to have dinner with him, even if you don’t have the usual crew.

He is able to be more precise about his intentions even though he may not realize it yet.

He will also be next to you when you are out with a group of people.

He’ll be there at any ball game, bar, or pizza shop and will press his leg against yours.

5) He is acting strangely and nervous

There’s a chance that the guy you love and care about as a friend suddenly acts strangely and is nervous around you.

It is possible for him to not be aware of what is happening and may feel frustrated or angry at his behavior. But rest assured:

If he has gone from calm, cool, and collected to dorky and dauntingly dumb, it’s because he wants to know how to tell you that he loves you more than a friend.

It’s easy to tell if a guy likes someone because he doesn’t make eye contact, kicks around like a 12-year-old boy, and keeps his hands in his pockets as if he’s covering his sweaty palms.

You can make him nervous if you do.

If he is tripping on his words, this can also be the case.

Talk about tongue tied. It’s getting embarrassing how he talks to you, or to other people about you.

He can’t focus when you are around.

6) He is there to help you

He is available at all times of the day to talk to you, not only to chat but also to share important information about himself.

He is a great questioner and shares important news with you before anyone else.

You are the one who tells him first when something good happens. That’s love.

7) He has only eyes for you

He might be interested in other women who are attracted to him, but he isn’t interested.

What is the best thing about a man with such a good look and such a kind heart?

If he doesn’t identify as gay, then it is because he is waiting for the courage to share his feelings with you.

He cannot give up a heart that belongs to someone else.

8) He longs to have some one-on-one quality time

You can choose to go out for Saturday night movies or weekend camping.

He would love to have you ride shotgun on all of his adventures, and he loves to take you out to explore new places.

9) He says he loves and cares about you…in a friendly manner

He may come up behind and hug you, or tell you how much in a nonchalant manner. But trust him when he says that he loves and cares about you.

Although he might not know how much, love is love. If you are into him as much you hope, then take those words and run with it.

You will never know where these words could lead you.

10) He is jealous of other guys.

Jealousy can be a powerful emotion and is difficult to control.

Talking to other guys might cause him to start looking at you and wondering what’s happening. If a guy isn’t interested, he won’t look at you when you talk to other guys.

He may become angry or disgruntled the next time you talk to him. This is a sign that he is jealous.

Don’t worry. As soon as I see you smile and signal your interest, he will return.

Some guys may be motivated by their jealousy. You might feel they are losing their chance with you and they may make an effort to win your affection.

However, be careful. This won’t cause you to upset him and force him to search elsewhere.

11) more than a friend is always dressed in a professional manner when he is with you

If he loves you more than a friend then he will want to impress you at every opportunity.

This is what you know, right?

He won’t look scruffy when he meets with you!

This is especially true if he has started dressing better after getting to know you.

This is what men do.

They don’t care about how they look if they have no female friends to impress. But once they start falling in love with someone, they will. They have a new haircut and a whole new wardrobe.

Expert tip:

Pay attention to his smell. You can bet that he loves you more if he wears nice-smelling cologne.

12) It’s almost like he is reading your mind

This guy could be your substitute at a family event and share all of your stories.

It’s almost like he is inside your head, and knows exactly what you are thinking.

13) His body language picks up what you are putting down

The most reliable indicator of whether a person likes you more than a friend is his body language.


We don’t usually notice what our bodies are doing. It all depends on our subconscious.

If his body is facing in your direction, this is one of the most important body language signs you should be looking out for.

This is a sign that his attention is on you and that he cares about your thoughts.

However, if his body doesn’t face yours, it could be an indication that he doesn’t have feelings for you.

Is he smiling at you? This could be the real deal.

If a man is interested in you and you’re standing next to him, he will lean into you and want to be close to you. He will also make eye contact with you on a regular basis to let you know that he is interested.

You could wait for him to say it.

Keep trying to decipher body language and learn these tricks to determine if this guy is more interested in you than a friend.

You can also look out for signs of nervousness in his body language. We all know we get anxious around the object of our affection.

You might notice that he’s fidgety or talking fast. This could be a sign that he’s nervous to impress you.

This can be figured out by watching how he behaves around females.

He may be calm and relaxed with others, but he might be hyperactive, fidgety and talking fast around other people. This could indicate that he loves you romantically.

You should also be aware of what he’s doing with his lips. When he looks at you, he may lick or parted his lips.

Although he won’t be able to see it, subconsciously it is a sign that he wants to sexually excite.

14) He starts calling you sweetie or hun

He calls you “pet names” without even realizing or skipping a beat. It’s a habit he can’t seem to stop.

He is trying to express his feelings without speaking out.

15) He is jealous of other men

He doesn’t like the idea that you are dating someone other than you, even though they’re only friends.

Although he doesn’t know it yet, it’s because it’s what he wants for you all

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