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12 signs he’s lost feelings for you & he’s not that into you anymore

It doesn't feel right anymore

he’s not that into you ? Are you worried that your man doesn’t want to be with you anymore?

Let’s go on a limb and say that your man isn’t acting as he used too. You’re probably wondering what’s going on.

After all, things seemed so good between you two…then suddenly, he acts strangely.

It is a pain. It’s a fact that can’t be ignored.

This is what I know. I am a man and relationship expert. The man withdraws and leaves the woman wondering what happened.

Here’s what you should know:

This doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you anymore. Not at all. Your man could have many reasons for acting in a different way.

It doesn’t always mean what you think. This I can confidently say.

This article will help you determine if your man is losing his feelings for you.

We’ll first go over 16 signs your man is losing his feelings for you.

We’ll then discuss what we can do.

It doesn't feel right anymore1) It doesn’t feel right anymore

he’s not that into you Most women know that a man who starts to lose feelings for her is losing his way.

It is no secret that women feel more connected to their emotions than men.

You might have an inkling that his motives or emotions aren’t pure.

When he is not with you, his mind is elsewhere. His texting is more cold than ever.

You are probably asking your friends to give you their opinion on this man’s true thoughts.

This could be a sign your gut is telling him he’s losing interest or that something is up.

We can all agree that it is obvious when a man loves you.

He will become unsure of himself and flaky around others, and hesitant about what he wants.

These signs will give you the “feeling in your gut”.

Although it is not a good indicator, this feeling isn’t necessarily a sign that something is wrong.

You might also feel that gut feeling triggered by a different issue.

If you have low self-esteem and are insecure, you may expect your man to lose interest.

Your intuition is sounding alarmed because you have conditioned your mind to believe that this man will lose his interest.

You can feel your gut if you believe something like that.

If you are honest with yourself and your feelings, you can trust your gut to tell if something is wrong with this guy.

2) he’s not that into you Need advice that is specific to your situation

This article will discuss the most common reasons he has lost his feelings for you. However, it is a good idea to talk to a relationship coach to help you understand your situation.

A professional relationship coach can offer advice that is specific to your life and experiences.

Relationship Hero is a website where highly-trained relationship coaches can help people navigate difficult and challenging love situations. These are a popular resource for those who face this kind of challenge.

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3) He seems to not be having conversations with you as he did in the past.

He loved talking to you. he’s not that into you He was attentive to all the details and showed genuine empathy for your problems.

But what now? But his energy isn’t the same as it was. He is not a listener and seldom offers advice to help solve your problems.

Let’s be real. This is the most obvious sign that he has lost interest in you.

The truth is:

Engage and conversation are the best ways for a guy to get a girl’s attention if he is interested in her. This is something men know.

They will try to make you laugh, listen to all you have to say, and try to flirt and tease you as best they can.

They don’t want this chance to pass.

If he is nervous, the signs to watch for in a conversation might be different. You might hear him stutter or struggle to speak, but he will not listen.

He will ask many questions of you and listen to what you have to share if you like him. He will avoid silence at all costs.

He is anxious because he wants to make an impression. This should be easy to distinguish from a guy who is clearly not interested in you.

4) He doesn’t protect you

A man who is deeply committed to a woman will go to any length to protect her. Protective instincts are a natural part of a man’s personality.

The following are some common ways that a man can protect a woman he’s still interested in he’s not that into you:

He always wants to accompany you when you travel somewhere dangerous or shady.

He will defend you if someone says something negative about you

He’ll be there to help you if you need it.

The flip side is that if a man doesn’t protect you like this, then he’s probably not committed to your love life. He may have lost or is losing interest in your relationship.

There are things you can do to make it better.

His hero instinct can be activated.

The hero instinct is a brand new concept in relationship psychology, which is generating lots of buzzes right now.

It boils down to the fact that men are biologically motivated to protect the women who they love. They want to be appreciated for their actions and step up for her.

Men want to be a hero every day. It’s part of their DNA to find a woman who makes them feel like one.

This video is a great way to evoke the hero instinct within your man.

It shows you the text messages you can send and phrases you can use. There are also simple ways to increase your natural male instinct.

5) He doesn’t initiate

Are you always texting him first? Do you always text him first?

He was probably the one who started your text messages and dates early on, but if this dynamic has changed and you are now in charge, he may have lost his enthusiasm to spend time with YOU.

It’s obvious: A man who is truly into you will take the time to make time for your needs. He won’t leave it up to chance to meet you.

It is not easy for a man to meet a woman he enjoys spending time with.

You should also pay attention to how he responds to your texts. Are you getting short answers? This is a bad sign.

If he doesn’t send you a text message, you may get the impression that if you stop texting him, things might end in your favor.

But, let me make one important point:

If you are in a committed relationship with the man, the frequency of your text messages will decrease.

It’s not sustainable to send text messages every day. As your relationship gets more stable, so will your communication.

6) It is a one-sided relationship

Do you feel like you are the one doing all the work in your relationship? Are you unable to do the things you love while you spend time with him?

Is he not putting in the same effort as you?

These are the characteristics of a “one-sided” relationship, where one person puts in more effort (money, time) and gets little or no return.

The most telling sign of a one-sided relationship is how much effort you put in.

This man might not be interested if you are initiating all meetings, texting first, he’s not that into you sharing your feelings, and providing all the romance in the relationship.

If you can relate to the above signs, it is clear that you are putting more effort than this man.

If you feel that your partner is constantly cancelling on you, and you don’t get the support you need, then they are not invested in the same way as you.

This is clearly a one-sided relationship. You are more interested in him than he is in you.

7) You are no longer a priority

He suddenly doesn’t have the time or energy to spend with you. You are no longer a priority in his daily life. he’s not that into you  He works late, meets up with friends, or goes to the gym.

He would never miss a date when he was “wooing” you. All of his time was dedicated to you.

But what now? He has never said a flat out “yes!” to any of your initiations.

He will say “maybe we can get together on Saturday”, but when Saturday comes around, he has an excuse for why he cannot meet you.

Truth be told, he was able to find something better and he didn’t want to give up on you.

You can change it by activating his hero instinct.

This concept was mentioned above.

The best-kept relationship psychology secret is the hero instinct. It is the key to turning around a relationship that’s not on the right track.

This video is a great free resource from the relationship expert who discovered hero instinct. He shows you the simple things that you can do right away.

Follow these simple tips to tap into his protective instincts as well as the noblest aspect of his masculinity. You’ll also unleash his deepest feelings towards you.

Here is the link to the video.

8) He isn’t spending enough time with you.

How a man spends his time can tell a lot. he’s not that into you His free time allows him to do what he likes.

If he used to reserve weekends for you but now seems to be almost always doing something else, you can tell that his priorities have changed.

Are they dating other girls? It’s possible, although you don’t know.

Remember that although things start out hot and heavy in a new relationship, they almost always settle down over time. This happens to all couples.

If your relationship is in a solid phase, it’s normal for him to do other things on weekends. It’s actually healthy to have balance in your life.

If he’s not at this stage of the relationship and isn’t choosing to spend time with you other than on weekends, it could indicate that he is losing interest.

Plus, he is always willing to finish the evening halfway through if you two meet up.

He doesn’t care if you go home early. He has other plans for that night.

You wouldn’t want a guy who is interested in you to do that. They would want to spend every moment with you and not just cut corners.

There are always exceptions. While he might be working on other things, a man who likes you will enjoy spending his time with you.

Keep in mind: Anything that feels off is usually wrong.

9) His body language is more closed-off

he’s not that into you Open body language is a sign of a guy who is interested in you and feels at ease around you.

What does this all mean?

This means that he will open his legs and pull his shoulders back in order to point towards you.

If he likes you, he will look at you and lean in.

He loves you, and he doesn’t mind showing it.

If this guy is “closed to you”, it could be a sign that he doesn’t want to make eye contact with you. If his body is “closed towards you”, he might be folding his arms or avoiding eye contact. This could indicate that he doesn’t want to spend any time with you.

You will be able to see these body language movements. This might be a sign that you have a “gut feeling” about something.

If he isn’t interested in you, it could be a sign that he isn’t flirting. He won’t flirt with you, tease you, or have fun with your emotions.

He is just cold with his body, and his mind.

10) He suddenly realized that he was not attracted to your woman.

Sometimes, he’s not that into you attraction can sometimes slip between guys. This can be especially true if he is a chaser and loves the thrill of it. However, now that he has your attention, his attraction to you may have diminished.

It could be that the guy isn’t interested in you anymore if you only just started dating him (meaning that it’s still early in your relationship).

Although I can understand how this may be hard to hear, many men aren’t great at communicating their emotions.

He is aware that he has lost his interest but doesn’t know how he can express it to you. He doesn’t want you to be offended.

Perhaps he decided that communicating by acting distantly is the best way to communicate that he isn’t interested anymore in you.

If you have fallen for this man, this is a sure sign that he is a sucka. But here are some questions to consider:

Are you willing to spend time with someone who doesn’t tell the truth about his feelings?

I didn’t believe so.

11) He doesn’t care if you talk about other men

You might feel like he’s losing interest. If so, you could try to make him jealous by talking about other guys you have been seeing.

It’s true, it works.

If he seems to not care about your mentions of other guys, that could be a sign that he isn’t interested in you.

This is especially true if he seems to be positive about you spending time with other guys.

“Oh, you were hanging out Matthew…that’s amazing!” He’s a great guy.”

Jealousy can be a powerful emotion and is hard to control. It is natural for men to feel jealousy because they are naturally competitive.

If he doesn’t show any jealousy, it could indicate that he is just losing interest.

12) He doesn’t want to continue the relationship.

The natural progression of relationships is a common pattern. You may be passionate at first, then you will move into a holding mode, he’s not that into you and then you start to seriously consider future plans, such as getting married or living together.

If you are stuck in a holding mode for God knows how many years, he may be reluctant to continue the relationship because he has lost his interest.

He may be staying in the relationship because he doesn’t want to hurt or feel comfortable. But, the truth is that he really doesn’t want the relationship to move forward.

He wouldn’t move if he didn’t.

You might still be in a phase in which you are not yet in a relationship. He wants to keep things casual…but it can’t continue forever. You have to either make him commit or move on.

Another reason he’s acting strangely

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