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Heyoka Empath : 15 unexpected indicators you fit this amazing type

You express deadpan, sarcastic humor and heyoka empathy

Most people are already aware that you are an Heyoka empath.You can sense the emotions of others when you are hypersensitive. Your emotions are their emotions. Did you know that there are many types of empaths One of these is the Heyoka empath. This term comes from the Native American Sioux tribe. It means “trickster” or “wise fool span>

1. A sharp mind and quick with heyoka empathy

A Heyoka empath is someone who has a sharp sense of humor, wit and quick wit.

You are like comedians, comedians and improv performers. Your creative thinking is fast and can flip the expected response upside-down. You can use your quick-witted mind to play with everyday situations and make others think and respond in surprising ways.

You make people laugh by the things that they don’t think of but are actually doing every day.

The Heyoka empath will often respond unexpectedly to situations. They are often a surprise to people. People enjoy sharing their laughter, and they can even shock people. They can put someone in a state where they are able to suspend their habitual thinking and elevate them to a place of astonishment. You are a Heyoka empath if you like doing mental gymnastics.

You express deadpan, sarcastic humor and heyoka empathy2.You express deadpan, sarcastic humor and heyoka empathy

Heyoka empaths aren’t always as outgoing and fun to be around as a comedian, so if you don’t enjoy being as outgoing and prefer keeping your jokes private, Heyoka empaths may suit you better. They are perceptive and can be serious or reserved.

Did you ever find yourself quiet revealing a ridiculously outrageous sarcasm that makes your listeners grin from ear to ears? You are most likely a Heyoka empath. Heyoka empaths can also be known to:

  • Have fun pointing out absurdities with dry, deadpan humor.
  • Unrelentingly speak the truth while pretending to be sarcasm, when no one else would dare say a word
  • Be open to sharing what you fear or notice with others
  • Feel can come across as inappropriate, cringey, and it is often misunderstood

3.An expert advisor confirms it heyoka empathy

The signs below and above will give you an idea of your Heyoka empath status.

It is worth speaking with someone intuitive and asking for their guidance.

They will answer your questions and take away all of your worries.

What type of empath do you identify as? How will this affect your day?

I was going through a difficult time in my relationship and decided to speak with someone from Psychic Source. After getting lost in my thoughts for so many years, they provided me with a unique insight into my life and who I was meant be with.

I was overwhelmed by their kindness, compassion, and knowledge.

A gifted advisor will give you a reading to determine if you are a Heyoka-empath. This will also empower you to make wise decisions about your life.

4.You offer surprising, mental puzzles and heyoka empathy

Heyoka empaths are able to use their sensitive sensibilities to dig into any issue or feeling others are having and break through rigidity.

They love challenging mental puzzles that can help them get out of obsessive thoughts and looping thoughts.

This mental trick can be very helpful in spiritual practices. In Zen Buddhism, for example, an experienced and sensitive master can easily sense the mental state of his students and challenge them with ridiculous koans.

Are you sure that you have heard these before? One example is “What’s the sound of one hand tapping?” A similar koan is “What’s the sound of one handed clapping?” Another historical text, “Out of nowhere the mind comes forth,” is from The Diamond Sutra.

These unsolvable puzzles help students to think more clearly. The zen master is happy to show his student a concept that he can’t grasp or understand. Koans can shock and stupefy the mind of listeners. They can create mental space. They help listeners see the limits of their own conscious thoughts.

Koans help people to get past any tension and use logic to think differently about reality.

It takes a lot of observation, reflection, wisdom, and insight to be able play such tricks on people’s minds and thoughts.

You might be a Heyoka Empath if you enjoy giving little mind-benders and finding that people smile when they see there is no solution or standard.

5.Don’t be afraid to ask heyoka empathy questions

Most people will listen to another person, move on with their lives, and not feel the emotional weight of that conversation.

However, empaths will absorb the emotions of those they interact with. These empaths tend to keep these feelings close to their hearts and in their bodies for a long period of time.

An empath can easily want to hide from the world. They need to be alone for time to recharge and re-align their emotions.

But Heyoka empaths may not always feel the need to be alone.

They are able to deflect a lot of the inner state of others by using rhetorical and playful mental games. They keep conversations lighthearted, and they are fun to talk to. They are able to quickly disperse tensions, conflict and despair, and help people transition into a new mental and emotional state.

A Heyoka empath has clear insight and perception, which allows them to gracefully navigate the more difficult, draining, and serious emotions that others may bring onto them.

You are a natural Heyoka empath if you have the ability to use humor and other tricks to distance yourself from people when they get too emotional.

6.One-to-one conversation with heyoka empathy

Do one-on-one interactions make you happy?

  • Heyoka empaths are more comfortable with one another than in large groups.
  • Because they can communicate with the person they’re speaking to in intimate settings, they can better understand their meaning. Concentrated conversations can provide valuable insights and lessons. Heyoka empaths have a deep love for teaching.
  • Heyoka empaths can take on the energy and enthusiasm of large groups. It becomes more difficult for them to navigate a large amount of emotional input from outside.
  • Also, Heyoka empaths can be hypersensitive to their surroundings. They are sensitive to bright lights and noise levels.
  • Too much sensory input can make Heyoka empaths feel overwhelmed and make it hard to focus on the people they are interfacing with.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by crowds and can’t communicate your knowledge with others, you might be a Heyoka empath.

7.You enjoy being alone

  • Empaths can be delicate and sensitive.
  • They may feel like emotional sponges.
  • If someone is experiencing pain, they may feel the pain radiate through their body. When someone grieves, they may feel the same loss as you.
  • Empaths can feel the positive and negative sides of people through their bodies. They need to take time for themselves so that they can recharge and rebalance their energy.
  • Heyoka empaths need to take time to listen to their wisdom. They absorb so much information from the outside and require quiet time to process it all. They need to be able to take time for reflection and improve their ability to understand and empathize.
  • If you feel that you need to be alone to organize your thoughts, then you might be a Heyoka empath.

8.Unusual responses to tragic events also heyoka empathy

  • A Heyoka empath can react to a tragedy in a way that lifts spirits.
  • They are able to quickly change the energy of people or groups.
  • If a Heyoka empath fractures their arm, rather than dwelling on the pain, they might notice how exhausted the doctor is after a 14-hour shift. They will use their talents to lift the doctor’s spirits and mental state and get the nurses and X-ray technicians to have a good time.
  • The Heyoka empath is empowered when others around him feel happier and more fulfilled.

9.Other trust you

Empaths can be very sensitive beings.

They feel their emotions. Empaths have experienced their emotions and subtle physiology in depth so they can easily understand the inner world of another person.

Heyoka empaths, in particular, only need to communicate a few words to build strong bonds with people they meet. This is due to:

  • They are open-minded listeners and care about others.
  • They observe, and they do not make any judgements.
  • They will be able to connect with and respect that person’s experience.
  • They tease people they meet.
  • They are open and willing to have meaningful conversations

Heyoka empaths can help a person feel heard, seen, and understood even in a brief moment.

Heyoka empaths create a strong sense and relationship that fosters intimacy and trust. They help others to connect and heal by helping them to relate and connect. They encourage others to be their best selves.

You are likely to be a Heyoka empath if you can quickly connect with people and interrupt their negative thoughts so they can reconnect with their real, honest essence.

10.It is easy to recognize another Heyoka empath

Two Heyoka empaths instantly recognize each other when they meet. They are able to reflect back to each other their unique ability to be creative, active, and awake. They don’t mind being contradictory, disruptive and subversive.

Heyoka empaths are known to verbally joust with one another.

They will laugh and joke until the early hours of the morning, sharing their enthusiasm. These conversations are thrilling. They will each try to surprise their listener by being better than the other.

You are likely to be a Heyoka Empath if you come across such rare conversations.

11.You are ready to revolt heyoka empathy

Heyoka empaths will try to get out of the way when something is popular.

A crowd tends to avoid a product or concept if it is a fad or idea.

A Heyoka empath can feel the power of an idea, but will also be able to resist it, reject it, or not get caught up in it.

Heyoka empaths are not afraid to be independent thinkers and to rebel against the norm. They don’t get too caught up in sensation and enjoy playing with common perception.

If you like to live at the edge of society, you might be a Heyoka empath. Because Heyoka empaths can be rare and uncommon, it can be hard for others to relate to them. Some people are not open to your playfulness or insights.

You might be judged quickly by

  • Some people may find you rude or off-putting.
  • They may not be interested in hearing any of your ideas
  • They might dismiss your wit with pomp or arrogance
  • Some people may see you as a foolish clown.

These are all common reactions to Heyoka empaths. This should not be a problem. It is not possible for everyone to get along well with each other.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you feel misunderstood. It is part of being a Heyoka empath.

13.You value honesty and heyoka empathy

You will be more open to listening and being sensitive to the emotions and mental states of others, and you will value honesty and genuine expressions.

Heyoka empaths are able to dial in exactly what someone is feeling, so it can be confusing and frustrating for someone to talk with who isn’t being truthful.

Heyoka empaths will find it harder to believe what they hear. They can sense the conflict between what they feel and what they say.

Honesty is essential for Heyoka empaths.

If you like to be with people who don’t hide behind walls or deceive their true selves then you might be a Heyoka empath.

You truly want to understand the inner world of others and be able to help them.

14.It is possible to tell if someone is lying

Heyoka empaths can sense and tune in to a person’s subtle inner world. Because their words and behavior don’t reflect their inner intentions, they can tell if someone is lying. They can sense when someone is lying.

Heyoka empaths might be able feel when someone feels unnecessarily anxious, nervous, or conflicted. This will help them spot a lie or inconsistency.

If you notice this tendency, you may be a Heyoka empath.

A gifted advisor can confirm your gift if you need further confirmation.

They have extra intuition and can provide real clarity about what is happening right now.

It is a great help, I have seen it in action. They provided me with the support I needed when I was in a seemingly impossible situation.

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15.People who interact with have profoundly impacted their lives.

Heyoka empaths are able to tune into the inner world of others and can see what they think before they speak.

Some people may not be aware of the situation but they know what to do to help.

Heyoka empaths may surprise their listeners. They can accurately reflect what others tell them. If others joke with you about your psychic abilities, it could be a sign you are a Heyoka.

Even a brief conversation can help you get to the heart of someone and make them more real.

What they are feeling.

If you have been

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