What Makes a Sage? These are 7 Distinctive Characteristics


A sage  WISE FOOL: Is there such a person? There is! They are known as sage souls. Merriam-Webster's definition of truth only reflected half the truth. They don't sit still and watch the time go by. Guess what? Sage souls are attracted to being the center of attention. They see the world and themselves as actors. Imagine Miley Cyrus. She's actually a great example of a sage. Sages aren't...

What happens if a girl calls your bro? It could mean 10 things

calls you bro

calls you bro? I understand what you are thinking: Are you friend-zoned if a girl calls your bro? It's a common expression for a "dude" expression. But don't panic. Your fate doesn't depend on whether your crush calls you bro. Surprised to learn that there are many reasons a girl may call you bro? 1) She is trying to be annoying This is the first...

What are the 4 bases of love? This is everything you need to know

4 bases of love

Are you curious about the 4 bases of Love? You are in the right spot. This article will explain the basics, their meanings, and how they relate to intimacy in a relationship. We will also discuss our view of the four bases. What exactly are "Bases" in Dating? To describe the distance someone has traveled with them physically, people use the metaphor of 'bases' These...

11 Sings Are twin flames possible? Let’s find out!

twin flames real

Twin flames real are a common concept for those who are part of the spiritual community. Are twin flames really possible? Let's find out! What is the difference between twin flames? Let's have a look at twin flames in case you're not familiar with their concept. This information can also help you determine if this spiritual relationship is real or just a fantasy. Sarah Regan's...

10 unique-and-powerful-characteristics-of-an-empath


Empath People who are compassionate have a remarkable ability to attract others to them. They also tend to be charismatic. They can read your thoughts and can read the room. They can sense your emotions and pick up on body signals. Do not try to conceal who you are to empathic people. They will be able see right through you. Empaths possess unique...

55 soulmate sayings and quotes you will love

soulmate quotes

When it comes to finding your soulmate quotes, the old saying "When you know you know", It is impossible to guess or wonder when true love will arrive. You will usually hear a sign to let you know that true love is here. This could be a voice inside your head, recognition of the person you are with or a feeling...

10 things smart people do every day (but never discuss)

smart people

A certain type of personality and smart people is most likely what comes to mind when you think about highly intelligent people. People who are able to solve complicated mathematical equations or know everything. Intelligence is much more than this. Intelligence can be described as a combination of intellectual, social, or emotional facets. Intelligent people are flexible thinkers who can adjust to change,...

10 signs that your boss likes you but is hiding it

your boss likes you but is hiding it

Ever felt like your boss likes you but is hiding it more about you than you are an employee? Do you have a solution? You might notice him looking at you occasionally, or his fingers may linger on yours just a bit longer when you touch your hands as he gives you your morning coffee. Your boss likes you but is hiding...

Eckhart Tolle’s Pain-body: How to manage anxiety and depression

Eckhart Tolle’s body pain

pain body Anxiety is something we all recognize. Anxiety feeling occurs when we respond to perceived threats. It is a common experience for some people. Some people only experience it occasionally. Eckhart Tolle It is a healthy emotion that can drive us to action. It can become destructive and out of control, affecting our quality of living. Eckhart Tolle, author and spiritual teacher, has...

12 Sign Why Guys Want Women – Lets Speak Truly


Why Guys Want Women? Are you afraid that you are not suitable for a girlfriend? It seems that men are only interested in you for a brief time. These worries are common among people. It's normal. It's easy to learn a bit about male psychology and what men are looking for in a woman. Because I am also a man, I can speak...