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How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat?


How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat: Overview It’s okay to have some body fat, but there are many reasons to wish to eliminate additional weight from your midsection.

Harvard Medical School predicts that in the majority of people, 90 percent of body fat is located just below the skin. It’s called subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat is the remaining 10%. It resides in the crevices around organs and beneath the abdominal wall. That’s the fat related with various health problems, like:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • cancer

There is no quick or simple way to lose belly fat, regardless of your aim. Supplements and crash diets won’t work. Additionally, it is unlikely to be successful to try to lose fat in just one area of the body.

Working to reduce your overall body fat through diet and exercise is your best bet. There’s a significant likelihood that part of the weight you start losing will come from your stomach.

Everyone has a different idea of how long that takes. Continue reading to find out how to get started and how long it typically takes to reduce extra belly fat.

How Long Does it Take To Burn Fat?

How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat

A pound of weight loss requires 3,500 calories to be expended. This is due to the fact that 3,500 calories represents approximately 1 pound of fat.

500 calories need to be cut out of your diet each day in order to lose 1 pound every week. You might lose around 4 pounds at that rate in a month.

You will burn more calories if you become more active. As you exercise, you gain muscular mass. Even if you appear to be thinner on the outside and feel lighter within, muscle weighs more than fat.

Everyone is unique. The amount of exercise needed to burn a calorie depends on numerous factors.

The more calories you burn while doing something, the bigger you are. Males burn more calories because they have higher muscle mass than females of the same size.

How To Create A Caloric Deficiency

How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat

Calories are measurements of the energy in food. You burn more calories when you exert more energy. Fat is a form of fat storage.

By consuming less calories and exerting more energy, you can burn fat deposits.

Here are some calorie-cutting strategies you may use right away:

Switch Beverages

  • substitute water for soda.
  • Instead of coffee that has been flavored with cream and sugar, try drinking it black.
  • Drink less alcohol.

Skip The High-Calorie Foods.

  • Stay away from fast meals and highly processed items.
  • Eat fruit rather than packaged sweets and baked products.
  • Select low-fat dairy products instead of high-fat ones.
  • Replace fried cuisine with grilled or broiled options.
  • Verify the calorie information on restaurant menus. The number of calories in a typical restaurant meal may surprise you.
  • Use a free app that counts calories.

Reduce Portions

  • Measure the cooking oils you use.
  • Reduce your consumption of salad dressings and oil.
  • Use a smaller basin or plate.
  • Eat more slowly, and check your hunger 20 minutes after eating.
  • Take home half of your dinner when dining out.
  • Avoid eating in front of the TV because it’s simple to keep nibbling there.

Think about food density as well. For instance, a cup of grapes contains approximately 100 caloriesTrusted Source, whereas a cup of raisins contains approximately 480 calories.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and water, which will help you feel satisfied without consuming many calories.

You’ll need a lot of protein if you want to keep your lean muscle mass.

A meta-analysis of 20 randomized control trials on diet and weight loss was carried out in 2016 by academics.

They found that compared to diets with normal protein intakes, adults over the age of 50 shed more fat and maintained more lean mass on energy-restricted, higher-protein diets.

Consider using these calorie burners in addition to your usual exercise routine:

Numerous enjoyable hobbies, including hiking, dancing, and even golfing, help you lose weight.

For instance, a 125-pound person can burn 135 calories and a 185-pound person can burn 200 calories in 30 minutes of ordinary gardening.

You burn more calories when you exercise more. And the greater your chances are of losing some abdominal fat.

How To Measure Success

How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat

To keep track of your overall weight loss, weigh yourself once a week at the same time.

You’re likely gaining muscle if you consume a lot of protein and exercise frequently. But keep in mind that the scale doesn’t provide the full picture.

Use a tape measure to determine whether you are genuinely shedding tummy fat. Measure in the same spot every time.

Without sucking in your stomach, maintain a straight posture. Avoid pulling the tape so tight that it pinches the skin. Measure at the level of your belly button.

Your clothes fitting better and you’re beginning to feel better are two further obvious signs.

Exercises to burn belly fat

How Long Will It Take Me to Lose Excess Belly Fat

High-intensity intermittent exercise may be more efficient than other forms of exercise for reducing subcutaneous and abdominal body fat, according to research published in the Journal of Obesity.

Although abdominal exercises may not have an impact on visceral fat, they can strengthen your muscles, which is a healthy thing.

It’s crucial to stay active and schedule exercise into your day. You are not required to focus exclusively on one item. So that you don’t grow bored, vary it. Try:

  • most days, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity
  • twice a week of aerobic activity
  • strengthening exercises to increase muscle mass
  • Stretching both before night and first thing in the morning


It might not be the ideal strategy to solely target belly fat. You must adopt changes you can stick with if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Start with a minor adjustment if it sounds like too lot, then add more when you’re ready.

It’s not a “diet,” so if you relapse, all is not lost. The way of life has changed! A excellent strategy is to move slowly and steadily.

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