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How To Be A Good Dad: 7 Ways To Be the Father Your Kids Need !!


How To Be A Good Dad matter. So how can you make a lasting difference in your children’s lives?

Do you recall the time you found out you were going to become a parent? I do. Jill, my wife, and I had only recently begun our marriage when she came to me beaming with unbridled joy

. She cried, “I’m pregnant!” We all rejoiced as tears flowed down the face of this strong old football player—he wasn’t that old back then.

How To Be A Good Dad

How To Be A Good Dad

My initial thought was joy, but my second was worrying how to be a decent dad.

I considered my biological father, Ed Tandy, who was killed in a Navy fighter jet crash a month before I was born despite having heard the same words from my mother.

He shared the good news with my mother, just as Jill and I did, but he was never able to be my father.

Today’s fathers face many challenges, but it doesn’t mean we don’t care for our kids.

We suffer because so many of us grew up without a father or were reared by fathers who never had children of their own.

Dad, you are important to God and to your family. God wants to make you the father your kids deserve.

The more you comprehend and embrace God’s love for you, the more you are able to love your children.

You will have more to give as a man, husband, and parent the more love you receive from your heavenly Father.

To understand that God was my father so that I could raise my own children in the same manner became my desire.

7 Ways How to Be a Good Dad

So how do you raise your children to be everything God calls them to be? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use Your Words To Encourage Your Children

How To Be A Good Dad

Your comments to and about your kids have the power to either strengthen them or break them down.

Consider everything you spoke to your girls and sons over the course of the previous week. How many words were illuminating or uplifting?

How many of them began with, “Do you know what Dad loves about you?” How many of them were encouraging words?

2. Model The Person You Want Your Kids To Become

How To Be A Good Dad

The adage “values are caught, not taught” has you wondering.

This indicates that kids learn morals more from what they observe us doing than from what we tell them.

Your children are constantly observing you as a parent, and this is especially true.

I’ve delivered many sermons to my children over the years, but those that had the biggest influence on them were typically those that I lived out in front of them.

Children observe us and copy what they see.

Jesus embodied the doctrine He taught: He didn’t give His followers any instructions that He wouldn’t follow himself.

Being the man you are right now—the man Christ is molding you into—is the most effective example you can set for your children in terms of parenting.

3. Show Your Kids How To Spend Time With God

How To Be A Good Dad

When I was alone in my office, my son Edward, who was around 3 years old, knocked on the door.

He said, “What are you doing, Dad?”

“I’m talking to God right now.”

Can I spend time with you and God too? Edward asked me as he turned to face me. His query was both inspiring and illuminating.

I learned how my son was impacted by my personal life. Like most boys, Edward first aspired to resemble his father.

I gave him one of my Bibles and welcomed him into my office. While Edward was watching, I quietly began to read.

More than any of my best sermons, I was teaching Edward about seeking the Lord at that precise moment.

You may assist your grandchildren continue the legacy of embracing God’s Word by teaching your children to do the same.

That sounds fantastic, Ed, but my children are grown and don’t even attend church anymore, you might be saying. How can I help?

I’d like to encourage you: It is never too late to be the father your children need as long as you are still alive.

Whatever the nature of your relationship with them, you can still be a benefit to them.

I’ve witnessed 90-year-old fathers reunite with their 60-year-old offspring, mending years of hurt and estrangement.

4. Be the Kind of Man You Want Your Daughter To Marry

How To Be A Good Dad

My daughters were the area where I most needed God’s paternal guidance. I have two lovely daughters with Jill, and they utterly terrified me as a father.

They are both just like their mother. The legendary defensive tackle known as “Mean Joe” Greene, who I faced in the NFL, was a pushover in comparison to my daughters.

Jill observed how I was having difficulties with my daughters, in part because I was unsure of how to show them the affection that every daughter deserves from her father.

Would you wish your girls to one day select excellent guys to be their husbands? she asked me.

Of course I wanted it, but I thought my job was to defend my girls and keep the evil guys at bay.

But Jill had a different perspective. She urged me to set an example for my girls as they built their own relationships and got married by becoming the kind of man I’d want them to marry.

I learnt how to love my children and give them the devotion they require and deserve because I know that a father wants a son-in-law who will honor and respect his daughter.

5. Become A Better Father

How To Be A Good Dad

You don’t want your relationship with your children to become tense or resentful, much like your relationship with your wife.

If there is unfinished business with them, they frequently won’t be honest with you. (Have your parents ever shown regret for hurting you?

The majority of males I encounter never had a father who understood how to ask for forgiveness.)

I started by telling my oldest daughter, Jessica, that I wanted to be a better father to her and that I needed her assistance with two things after years of not understanding how to mend our connection.

And after that, I questioned her about:

  • “What have I done to offend you so that I may beg your pardon?”
  • What actions could I do to express my affection for you?

You can do the same with your daughter.

1. What actions of mine caused you harm? I need to know so I may beg for pardon. Don’t fight, debate, or offer explanations in reaction to whatever your daughter says in response to this question.

Right now, hearing her heart is your one objective. Put your seatbelt on, pay attention, and then beg pardon for everything she says.

If you’ve never done this before, it can take some time and a few tries, but it will change the way you think about the hurt and pain that every family experiences.

2. What actions could I do to express my affection for you? As you let your daughter into your heart, she might start to feel secure enough to do the same.

What she says should be noted down and entered into your phone or planner. However, listening alone won’t win the war. You must act upon what she advises.

These questions helped unlock my relationships with all of my children, and they can unlock your family’s relationships, too.

6. Love Your Wife in Front of Your Kids

How To Be A Good Dad

I didn’t have the best marriage role models growing up. Let’s just say that when I initially married Jill, I had a lot of work to do to learn how to connect with her.

I eventually realized the beneficial impact that Jill and I’s regular date dates had on all of our kids.

My sons learned from them to pursue (and keep pursuing) the ladies God would one day bring them to.

In their younger years, they witnessed me courting my wife, and now I witness them courting their own brides.

Our daughters learned what to anticipate from future relationships thanks to those date nights.

7. Discover the Father You’ve Always Wanted

How To Be A Good Dad

One Christmas, I recall seeing my children—who are now the parents of my magnificent grandkids—as we distributed gifts among ourselves around the tree.

As I reflected on events from more than 25 years ago, gratitude filled my heart to the brim.

I learned then about the love and blessings of my heavenly Father, which my worldly father had never bestowed upon me.

With tears in my eyes, I prayed, “Father, thank You for becoming the Father I lost before I was born.

Thank You for teaching me how to receive from You like Your Son, Jesus, did.”

In that moment, I knew that God wanted the same thing not just for me but for every father.

Since then it has been my goal to tell men that God is the Father they have always wanted.

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