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How to Deal With a Mean Ex

He wants you to understand that it is over.

It can be difficult to deal with your mean ex, especially if it comes at work. If you share children or property with your ex, it can be especially challenging. As much as possible, try not to be mean to your ex and be sensitive to their feelings. However, there are times when confrontation is inevitable. If this is the case, there are ways to avoid being mean to your ex.

mean exHe wants you to understand that it is over.

There are some telltale signs that your relationship may be on the rocks. These include disagreements on key issues, a dead sex life, and a lack of emotional intimacy. These warning signs are often accompanied by clamminess, and conversation often feels forced.

 You injured them.

Your ex is hurting you and may want to get back at you for their bad behavior. They might be jealous of what you have going on, or they might be angry with you for doing things you did. Whatever the reason, he or she wants to be your attention and get your reaction. If you feel hurt, you should apologize to your ex.

How would a relationship counsellor respond?

It’s hard to face a ex, but there are ways to handle it. One way is to consider the reasons behind the breakup. It’s understandable that the relationship ended badly, but this doesn’t mean you should act the same way. If you think your ex is being unreasonable, consider whether your needs and wants are still the same.

Often, we project our insecurities and shame onto our partners. It can be tempting to respond with criticism or advice. However, this can backfire. It’s better to discuss the behavior with your partner and work out a solution.

He is repentant.

He feels bad about the way he hurt you. So he apologizes, tries to make things right, and tries to find a solution. He might even involve the family in the problem, or lie about it. Or he may vent to his best friend.

If this is the case, it may be a good sign. The man apologizes for being mean and he may even offer to cut back on his work hours so that he can spend more time with the kids. He may also offer to undergo some sort of therapy, such as counselling or rehab.

He may also flirt with you to let you know he still likes you. But beware of a man who uses flirting as a cover for his hurts. In the end, he is passively assuaging his guilt. It is important to remember that this is not a sign of a potential rekindled relationship.

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