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How To Keep Happy Yourself [ 8 Simple Tips ]


How To Keep Happy Yourself [ 8 Simple Tips ]: Happiness is a mental state. It is a sense of “well-being and contentment,” specifically.

However, the definition is not always clear-cut, and misunderstandings regarding the word might result. Many people aren’t even aware that cultivating happiness is something that can be purposefully practised.

When someone uses the word “happy,” some people automatically think of an emotion like pleasure or joy. For them, it is what people experience in the right-now moment.

For this reason, some people advise choosing joy above happiness. While joy endures forever, happiness is fleeting and ephemeral.

However, not everyone interprets happiness in the same way, especially in the short term. Some interpret it to signify long-term contentment.

In fact, I don’t even consider fleeting emotions when I talk about enjoying happiness in life. I consider a quality of life—a much more comprehensive understanding of the phrase.

Both concepts are accepted as accurate and referring to various realities.But do they really differ that much? In my opinion, no.

After all, multiple short-term experiences of delight and pleasure very surely make up a long-term experience of life satisfaction. Does that imply that there are no struggles, temptations, or setbacks and that every day is wonderful? Definitely not. However, it does imply that we can look back on the various stages of life with satisfaction in how we handled them.

When we accept the sensation of joy in the now, we are most likely to enjoy long-term life satisfaction.

And we do it by making an effort to be joyful every day. Here are some suggestions for making today a happier day.

Daily ActionHow To Keep Happy Yourself

1.Choose happiness

The most crucial thing to understand about happiness is that it doesn’t depend on the conditions around you right now.

Contrarily, choosing happiness is a decision. Do certain days make this easier than others? Absolutely. You won’t achieve happiness, though, if you fall into the trap of believing that your circumstances must alter before you can be content.

2. Pay attention to what’s positive

You are alive, nourished, healthy, surrounded by family and friends, and you have the chance to pursue fulfilling job every day.

These are all positive aspects of your life right now. There is positive in your life that you can concentrate on even if some of those statements aren’t quite accurate for you right now.

While serving in Afghanistan, Marine Sgt. Jonny Joseph Jones lost both of his legs in an explosion.

A recent quote of his that I saw really got to me. “People question how I keep so cheerful despite losing my legs,” he remarked.

I merely wonder how they manage to stay so pessimistic after having both of theirs.

If you’re seeking for reasons to be happy, you’ll probably find them since happiness is all about perspective. People who are content tend to think positively.

3. Don’t compare

Comparison will deprive you of happiness, regardless of how you define it—whether it is in the short- or long-term.

There are no victors in the comparison game, whether we compare our income, our bodies, our vacations, our abilities, the size of our houses, or the size of our shoes. The good news is that you are not being compelled to participate. You are free to halt at any time.

Be content with what you have, value who you are, strive to live your best life every day, and quit comparing yourself to other people.

4. Show compassion and appreciation

Every time happiness is researched, a few topics in the field of positive psychology come to light. Among those themes that keep coming up are appreciation and kindness.

Both of which are only accurately understood when viewed as disciplines rather than reactions. No matter the situation, we must maintain our discipline.

You’ll never be generous if you wait till you have enough money. Similar to how you won’t ever feel gratitude if you wait for things to be just right.

Pick to be grateful today. And decide to give freely of your time and resources. Making both of them a discipline in your life will make now and tomorrow happier.

5. Avoid focusing on material items

Life requires possessions, yet our culture seems to equate happiness with consumption. Marketers put a lot of effort into persuading us that their products are not only necessary for survival but also for happiness.

They make meaningless promises, and slowly but surely, we start to believe them, wasting our lives on things that will never please us.

We spend our time, money, effort, and focus pursuing and acquiring things we do not require.

These extra items complicate, burden, and stress our lives. Do you want to be a little happier today? Start by organising a drawer or closet to confront consumerism in your life.

6. Show up for your relationships

American psychiatrist Robert J. Waldinger is a professor at Harvard Medical School.

He is best known for leading the world’s longest longitudinal research, which followed a group of 724 American men’s physical and mental health for 76 years.

One thing he’s discovered—and studies conducted elsewhere have confirmed—is that connections are the secret to happiness:

The study found that close relationships, not celebrity or wealth, are what make individuals happy throughout their lives.

These connections shield people from the negative aspects of life, aid in delaying physical and mental ageing, and are a stronger indicator of a long and happy life than socioeconomic class, intelligence, or even heredity.

Every facet of our relationships is out of our hands; we didn’t pick our family, for instance. However, we can all make an effort to be excellent friends.

And a thriving community tends to draw wonderful friends.

7. Establish wholesome routines

How we spend our days naturally determines how we spend our lives, according to Annie Dillard. She is correct, too.

Our lives are made up of days, and days are made up of hours, and this particular hour is made up of anything you decide to put in it. So strive to develop good habits that will enhance your hours, days, and lives.

Take a walk outside. healthy eating Regular exercise Give up smoking. Put your smartphone down. Less obsession Hard work Pray frequently. Likewise, get enough rest.

8. Take a wider perspective

We naturally seek to better ourselves. We already know that we should act in our own best interests.

As if it were hardwired into our genes, we strive for self-survival, self-promotion, self-actualisation, and self-exaltation.

The best method to achieve long-lasting satisfaction and contentment, however, is to consider not only your own interests but also those of others.

We live lives with greater significance and contribution when we turn our attention away from ourselves.

We discover the beauty of unselfish love when we give to others without thinking about what we might get back in return. Our universe (and happiness) start to grow exponentially bigger.

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