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10 Types of hugs from behind show what your relationship looks

hugs from behind

A hug from the right person is as comforting and as soothing as a hug. Hugs between friends, family, or lovers strengthen our bonds and make us happier.

Although you may not be aware of it, there are many types of hugs that communicate different messages between people.

This holds true for hugs between potential partners in life.

Hugs can tell a lot about your relationship.

Let’s take a look at these 15 different types of hugging as shared by Bright side

1. Hug from behind

Your guy appears from behind while you are busy at the kitchen cleaning up or cooking. He then puts his arms around your neck. He is hugging you from behind, covering your entire body, and pulling you closer to him. This makes you feel loved.

This man will protect you and not be afraid to take on responsibility. A man who holds you close like this, even if he doesn’t yet know the words, is in love.

A new theory in relationship psychology explains why men hug women this way.

It is called the hero instinct.

This theory states that a woman will fall in love with a man only if he feels like a protector and provider.

He wants to be your hero.

It sounds silly, I know. Women don’t need someone to save them these days. They don’t need to have a ‘hero in their lives.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s the irony. Men still need to be heroes. It’s in their DNA to find relationships that make them feel like protectors. It’s obvious that he is trying to protect you when he hugges you from behind.

hugs from behind2. The hug at your waist

Even if the man isn’t yet open about his feelings, this hug speaks for itself. This hug gesture is intimate and shows that he wants to spend as many time with you as possible. He trusts you and is happy for you to be there.

These men can be quick to fall in love with women.

3. A hug and a pat on your back

This hug is something we all know, even though it’s not romantic. If he’s your friend, the hug will be just that: a hug from a friend. The friendship is unlikely to last any longer.

If this is how you get your hug from him most often, it might be a sign that he doesn’t really like you. You may be more like a friend than a partner. Perhaps it is time to find someone who will truly be interested in you.

4. Hugging while looking into the eyes

He will give you a hug while looking into your eyes. This is a deep and intimate connection. He cares for you deeply. This one is for you!

5. The “London Bridge” hug

This hug creates a distance between you, and it makes the entire affair look awkward. This is a sign that a man doesn’t like you or wants to hug you. If you are unable to maintain a distance between you, it is likely that you don’t feel the same way and are doing nothing but polite things.

6. One-handed hug

It is a clear image of him taking you under his wings when he holds you close, one arm around your shoulders and the other pulling you closer. He will be there to protect you and offer support when you need it.

If you are just friends, the man will offer his support and help. A girl who hugges a man like this signals that he is only a friend.

7. The naughty hug

This is the hug in which the man’s hand goes down your back, and possibly rests on your buttocks. He is ready to get into the bedroom. There’s no patience.

He is quick to claim your “claim” even though you may not be in a relationship.

His behavior is indicative of lust and not love if you aren’t in a relationship. However, if you’re in a relationship, he clearly still has the hots.

8. The strong hug

A man who hugs you tightly and gently strokes the back of your neck will give you everything you need. This is someone who cares about you and protects you. He is committed to a long-term relationship. You’re in luck if that’s what your heart desires.

This hug is for you if you are a man and want to get a woman to like you.

9. A hug that lasts

The hug continues without the need to be said by either party. It’s a silent gesture of support and love , which doesn’t need to be said. It’s not just between lovers, but between all loved ones.

You will be embraced by someone who cares about you as much as you do.

These hugs raise the question: What kind of hugger do you think you are?

10. Bear hug

A hug is when you wrap your arms around someone. This is a sign they are trying to protect them.

If one person is more powerful than the other, it’s easier to make this happen. This is a common tactic for men to show to women they care about.

This is not romantic or sexy, but it’s a sign that the hugger really cares about them.

This is also a method that parents use to show their children that they are there to protect them.

You can do it from either the front or the back.

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