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The Husband Stitch: It’s Not Just a Horrifying Childbirth Myth

husband stitch

Sometimes called a daddy stitch, vaginal tuck, or husband’s knot, the husband stitch is a surgical procedure that uses more sutures than necessary to repair the perineum.

This technique may also be called a daddy knot, but there’s a big difference between the two. A husband stitch is an incredibly common procedure performed by doctors to repair the perineum. It is also sometimes called a daddy knot because it uses several sutures to close a wound.

husband stitch

Lasting pain from the Husband Stitch

A labor and delivery nurse recently shared a post on social media about a painful procedure called “the husband stitch.” The term is cringe-worthy, but it can actually be beneficial for a new mom who experiences lasting pain after giving birth.

To find out if this procedure can help you, we talked to doctors who perform gynecological surgery. Here, we talked with two ob-gyns who practice the procedure to find out how the stitch affects the recurrence of pain.

The ‘husband stitch’ is an extra stitch used to tighten the vagina during childbirth. The intention of the extra stitch is to increase the tightness of the vagina for increased sexual pleasure for the male partner.

While there are no medical studies to support this, it’s often performed by obstetricians to boost sexual pleasure for both partners. However, the extra stitch has painful consequences for both women and their partners.

Many women don’t realize they have had the husband stitch until they experience it months after childbirth. Some women may not know that they have undergone the extra stitch until they experience severe pain during intercourse.

Many women don’t even realize they’ve had the procedure until it’s too late. Thankfully, the procedure is not as rare as it may seem and there are now ways to avoid it. This option can help women recover from the pain that comes with it.

Moving past the Husband stitchMoving past the Husband stitch

The husband stitch, also called a “daddy stitch” or a “husband’s knot,” is an artificial stitch used during a woman’s vaginal delivery. It’s believed to help a woman’s vagina stay tighter, which would then increase the pleasure that a man could get out of her. After the publication of Carmen Maria Machado’s novel

“The Husband Stitch,” the husband stitch has gained a lot of attention. While many have linked it to chauvinist attitudes or hearsay, it is actually based in reality.

In addition to being called the husband stitch, the daddy’s stitch is also known as an extra stitch that is placed on a woman’s perineum after childbirth. This stitch is meant to tighten the opening to allow for increased pleasure during sexual intercourse by the man’s partner.

The stitch is not a medically recognized term and some women are unaware of its existence. It is best to discuss it with a doctor or a nurse, who can give you more information and answer any questions that you might have.

While the husband stitch is an old-fashioned medical procedure, it has been used in the past to repair tears in the vagina. This procedure was originally used to help women recover from childbirth and reduce discomfort after giving birth.

However, the practice was deemed too painful for many women and only served to cause more pain than it relieved. Thankfully, modern technology has made the husband stitch more pain-free and comfortable for both women.

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