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12 Signs you are an intuitive person, even if it’s not obvious

They stay in touch with their inner voice

It’s a difficult intuitive person, and it is more difficult than intelligence or empathy.

It is one of those mysterious things that people cannot explain. This mystery is what gives intuition its most intriguing aspect.

It’s actually a grounding experience that is honed through empathy, slowness, compassion.

It’s not something that comes naturally to someone; intuition is a learned disposition similar to wisdom.

It is possible to nurture and foster intuition. These are some traits that intuitive people have and you can copy them if you want to become more intuitive.

They stay in touch with their inner voice1) They stay in touch with their inner voice

Everybody has an inner voice that is constantly self-reflecting and autocritical. Others tune in and go into autopilot, while intuitive people are more alert.

To understand how they react to situations, they pay attention to their emotions and somatic feelings.

Wisdom is often a confidence in one’s principles and values.

Intuitive people have a better way to navigate difficult situations and resolve ambivalence and uncertainty because they are more in touch with their moral compass.

2) They don’t ignore personal observations

People who are intuitive not only listen to their inner voice, but also observe the world around and around them.

They don’t act on impulse, but use information from others and the environment to gain a better understanding of situations.

People who are intuitive are usually the most judgmental in a room.

They are not perfect, but they do have judgments. However, they come up with more conclusions when they are open-minded and have a tendency to be curious rather than rely on their biases.

3) They are trustworthy

Because they are naturally charismatic, intuitive people aren’t the most social of beings.

Because of their slowness and attention, they are able to quickly build trust and establish bonds with people.

Intuitive people don’t rely on charm or deceit. Instead, they pay attention to the experience of others to be able to respond to their needs.

They can tell when someone is not comfortable VS being open-hearted. This allows them to move at a pace that their conversation partner is comfortable with and not go blindly.

4) They take things slow

While others might be tempted to rush decisions or avoid crucial situations, an intuitive person will enjoy the decision-making process.

They look at all possibilities, take a holistic approach, and consider their options before making decisions.

They are not impulsive.

They are more in touch with their emotions and needs, which allows them to better understand what they want.

They are likely to feel proud, confident, and at peace when they make their final decisions.

5) They are more likely to be upset by poor decisions

Being perceptive doesn’t mean omniscience. Sometimes their decision-making may falter and they will have to face the consequences.

They might feel a bit more harsh when it happens. After all, they spend a lot time thinking things through and not jumping to conclusions.

You can have lows with an intuitive person in your family. These are opportunities for them to grow and learn to make better decisions the next time.

6.They have great emotional depth

Many people believe emotions are a problem.

We are conditioned to believe that emotional vulnerability is an antithesis of strength and productivity.

People who are perceptive are able to see the truth of their feelings and are able to make wise decisions.

Intuitive people don’t take a leap of faith and ignore all warning signs. Instead, they listen to their intuitions to tell them when something is wrong.

Wisdom is the ability to make a conscious decision to listen to their guts and then explore them.

7.They are Mindful Thinkers

Modern representations of Mindfulness give it a bad name.

Contrary to popular trends and fads that promote otherworldliness, mindfulness is fundamentally about a person’s ability pay attention to what’s going on in the present.

Instead of allowing the anxious mind to wander to judgment or conclusions, mindful thinkers focus on the situation and respond accordingly.

This involves paying attention to their feelings, asking for feedback, listening to others’ body language, tone, and forming a response.

They can manage anxiety and avoid situations spiraling out of control by being present and accepting things as they are.

8) They listen to their mind and body

Highly intuitive people know that their mind, body and soul are the most important aspects of their reality. Only with them can they interact with the rest.

They listen to their bodies and minds and try to figure out what it means.

People who are intuitive care deeply about their dreams and may even try lucid dreaming to connect with them more closely.

They also strive to be in touch with their bodies, feeling the needs of their joints and muscles.

To become more connected with themselves, they often engage in spiritual and physical activities such as yoga.

9) They are imaginative and creative

Intuitive people love thinking. This can be a very unique skill in an age when there are countless things competing for your attention.

People who are intuitive don’t let any unique or cool idea pass them by, especially if it is related to something that interests them.

This can lead to problems in productivity. Intuitive people can easily be distracted by their thoughts, wasting hours per day daydreaming about new ideas.

It might also be difficult for them to fall asleep at night, because their imagination may be running wild.

10) They Keep True to Their Purpose

People who are intuitive tend to share a common level of purposefulness.

They are so connected to their thoughts and mind that they end up believing that they have a destiny or a calling they must follow.

This may seem self-righteous to others.

However, the idea of “destiny” or a “purpose to be fulfilled” does not always need to be a huge, world-changing event. Intuitive people already know this.

It is about finding what excites and inspires you, then putting your life into action to make that happen.

It is not easy to get them off the path they have chosen.

11) They are generally optimistic

Rarely will you find someone who is highly intuitive but also optimistic. What does it really mean to be happy?

One might mistake optimism for excitement, joy, or liveliness.

Although optimism can lead to these things, they are not always connected.

Happiness is believing that there will be some good no matter what the circumstances. Because they are so positive and optimistic, even though they may be quiet or introverted, intuitive people can still be very optimistic.

They feel deeply their feelings and those of others, and it is impossible for them not to care about the world around them and their communities.

Intuitive people don’t want to be negative. Because they are sensitive to the negative effects of these emotions, highly intuitive people will not carry grudges.

12) They are in touch with their spirituality

There’s more to the world than we can touch and see.

At the very least, this is what highly intuitive people would tell you. These people almost always have some spiritual connection.

High intuition, while not necessarily spiritual, can lead to spirituality. This is the belief that the physical world only a small part of reality.

It should come as no surprise, however, that those who are highly intuitive also have a strong spiritual side.

Being in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and caring about others’ emotions, all these things naturally help a person question reality and develop a sense of their beliefs about the world.

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