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9 Signs of Jealous People You Must Know

jealous people emphasize their accomplishments too much

Are you familiar with the common denominator among jealous people? They won’t tell you they are jealous. They are always supportive of you when you have good fortunes and they shower you with sincere compliments.

Once they’re in control, they make snide remarks about you about how unworthy you are.

Pay attention to those who take the time to congratulate you and clap loudest when you have something good happen to them.

1) jealous people copy you

Psychology believes copycat behavior is an expression of admiration and flattery. However, jealous people are more likely to do it.

People jealous of your style try to imitate your style and behavior, including your dressing style, walking style, mannerisms and even your speech.

It might seem flattering at first. It becomes irritating the more you notice.

An impatient person doesn’t buy a phone that is identical to yours just to be jealous. They are simply trying to keep up.

jealous people emphasize their accomplishments too much2) jealous people emphasize their accomplishments too much

In order to feel superior , jealous people will emphasize their accomplishments when they are having a conversation. This is often after you share some great news.

Often, jealous people will tell the entire world about their success, no matter how small or large it is.

People who exaggerate their achievements are often the most insecure. They’ll do anything to make you feel inferior.

3) jealous people misdirect you with bad tips and recommendations

By now, you should know that a jealous person’s ultimate goal is to see you fail.

If you ask someone jealous about you for honest advice, they will try to sabotage your efforts by giving you bad tips.

Keep in mind that jealous people don’t want you to do better in your life. If you have a plan together, they may bring up unneeded questions to blow your bubble.

4) They ask you uncomfortable questions

It’s normal for someone to ask questions about you when they meet someone new. A jealous person will do the same.

This person will try to bombard you with questions, but they have a very dirty agenda. To get every word you say, they might ask about your goals, past successes, and past experiences.

As the conversation continues, they will continue to ask follow-up questions. This will eventually make it uncomfortable.

5) They are happy to learn from your failures and mistakes

Have you ever heard someone say “I told You So” after a loss or failure?

It is possible that it was a jealous person whose pleasure is your setback.

This phrase can be difficult to ignore. Try your best to not let it affect you. Do not give the person the pleasure of complaining about your mistakes.

6) They are good at making excuses

Pay attention to your friend or colleague who is pulling away at every opportunity. If they are jealous , they will be sickened by your success .

Jealous people tend to make excuses for not seeing you, but they prefer to spend time with their friends.

7) They are extremely competitive

As we have already mentioned, jealous people will always be a step ahead of you. They want your thunder and believe you don’t deserve.

They are driven by jealousy and see you as their main competition at work, home, and in your social group.

They may not have worn high heels before but if they see you wearing them more often at work they will buy a few high heels to match you.

8) They are too critical of you

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or what your accomplishments are, jealous people will always see you as lacking in one or two aspects.

While your boss and coworkers may be grateful for your efforts, a jealous officemate will highlight flaws and ignore all the hard work.

Jealous people are those that sabotage you proud moments. Do not listen to their vile remarks before you lose your productivity.

9) They will take credit for your work

Have you ever been frustrated by someone who claims to have a part of your success, even though they did not contribute?

If you are accepted to your dream job, someone will tell you, “That’s what I get for my advice.”

Remember that jealous people will find a way to get in your success.

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