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15 signs that she is leading and having fun with you

leading me on

leading me on You might be led on by a girl.

I’ve been there before. I was right most of the time with my suspicion.

It’s a bummer when you really like the girl.

The truth is:

leading me on In general, girls have more options than men, so it is not unusual for a girl flirts with a man for other reasons than the fact that she really likes you.

She might, for example, be trying to make a man jealous.

It could also be that she is having fun and not interested in the destination.

Although it is a pain, every man will have to deal at some point in his life with it.

Female hypergamy is a sign that the odds are not in our favor.

Here’s how to tell if she refuses to fess up.

This will allow you to decide if she is worth your time or not.

These are 15 clear signs that she is leading the way. We’ll then discuss what you can do to fix it.

leading me on1. She is only interested in women who are attracted to her.

When she sees you looking at another person, you know she is leading you.

Once the other woman is gone, she will return to the booth and sit on the opposite side.

Why is she doing this?

Because it’s all about her. Women are constantly in competition with one another. This is why women often look at each other. They are comparing themselves to the competition.

Your woman is not competing with another woman in this instance for your affection. She is doing it because she wants to increase her own self-esteem.

After she wins the little battle against her female competitor, she will go back to the old story about not being completely into you.

2. You can make her distant if you push harder

Do you feel detached when you try to get her attention and make an effort?

This happened so many times to me as a young lad.

If I felt a girl like me, I would signal my interest and she would lose all interest.


Because I was more attractive when she wasn’t interested in me.

However, as soon as I approached her I felt desperate and needy for her approval.

However, it’s not all bad.

This is the case for you. You need to be more confident and less dependent.

You must be open to losing her. You won’t care enough if you don’t.

This is also true for guys in relationships.

If your attempt to move your relationship forward takes you back two steps, that’s a bad sign.

This could be a sign that you are more interested in her than you are in you.

While you can give her time, if she seems to be unable to change, it may be time for you to end the relationship.

3. She responds to your body language

Did you ever notice how your body language affects her reactions?

You should if you don’t already because body language is an important part of intimate relationships.

Women are also highly sensitive to the signals that a man’s body emits…

These body language signals give them an “overall impression of a man’s attractiveness” and they can then decide whether he is “hot” or not.

Kate is a relationship expert and helped me improve my body language with women.

This video is free and will show you how to attract women with body language techniques.

4. She won’t tell anyone about you

This category is for men who are currently dating the girl we are talking about.

Perhaps she has a few dates with you or even goes out with you occasionally, but when it comes time to let others know what you have been up to, she shuts down. She closes her shop.

Your friends don’t know much about you. They rarely see you. You are often just an afterthought because she has no other things to do.

If she answers only when she is alone, and doesn’t tell you anything about her life, it’s a bad sign.

This is where honesty is key. Do not try to convince yourself that she is just an introvert with few friends or an emotionally closed person.

99 percent of girls who genuinely love you will tell friends about you. Girls are more social than men and tell their closest friends everything about their relationship.

If she has been on more than one date with you and you like her, she will want to meet your friends.

She wants her friends to get you out.

If you meet her friends, see how she introduces them to you.

If she claims you are just a friend, and laughs off other people’s tease about you two, that is a sign she’s leading the way.

However, if she is shy when asked if they are together, it could indicate that she really likes you.

If this is a persistent pattern and you are unable to believe that you haven’t met any of your family or friends, it’s not a good sign.

If she doesn’t want you to meet her friends, it is another sign that she is leading the way.

Are the boys coming to your place to hang out with you? She won’t be coming to your house tonight. She doesn’t want to meet your friends or see the game on TV.

5. She is making plans for you without your knowledge

If she isn’t around, but she does appear to be living in Vida Loca, it’s not a good sign.

A girl who likes you will take the time to get to know you. It’s obvious.

If you are having trouble organizing a meeting with her then there is hope.

You might only get to see her once a week, even though you would love to be there every weekend.

This is an indication that there is a power imbalance within the relationship. You are more interested in meeting her than she is in you.

It’s because she has nothing better to do when she meets you.

She might love you, but if she treats you as an afterthought, then it’s clear that she doesn’t care about you romantically.

She might be more present at the moment when you meet her. Because she knows you won’t be a part of the future, she won’t talk about it with you.

If you are just having fun with it, you may be able to get a little more (if you are already sleeping with her).

If she doesn’t think you are a good fit for her future, she won’t be committed if she isn’t looking to start a relationship.

Females are very picky about who they choose for their future husbands. Unfortunately, this might not be the case with you.

6. She has never had any men in her entire life.

What’s her relationship history?

It could be that she is constantly leading them on if she has never had a serious relationship or a boyfriend.

Actually, I can see that most of the girls who friend-zoned me or led me on were always single.

They are fine with flirting or making friends with men, but what about a real relationship?

They can’t do it.

Maybe their standards are too high or they have issues with commitment, but one thing’s certain:

She’ll keep flirting and being friendly as long as you continue to like her.

7. Get specific advice for your situation

This article will focus on the signs she is leading, but it’s also a good idea to talk to a relationship coach to discuss your situation.

A professional relationship coach can offer advice that is specific to your life and experiences.

Relationship Hero is a website where highly-trained relationship coaches can help people navigate difficult and challenging love situations. These coaches are a popular resource for those who face this kind of challenge.

What do I need to know?

When I was going through a difficult time in my own marriage, I reached out. They helped me to see the dynamics of my relationship after I was lost in my thoughts for so many months.

My coach was so kind, compassionate, and helpful.

You can reach a certified relationship coach in just minutes and receive tailored advice.

Click here to get started

8. You’re Plan B

If you are unable to plan ahead with her, she will guide you.

You have a weekend that is open to you and would do anything for her.

Despite your best efforts to get her to agree to a weekend plan, she doesn’t.

She doesn’t seem to choose you as her first choice for hanging with others or doing anything.

She will always tell you if you ask her to meet up.

There is a power imbalance at the end and she is the one who wields the sword.

9. She replies only to your messages; she will never message you first.

If she doesn’t send you messages before you do, then she’s leading you. She would let you know if she was thinking of you.

This is a sign of her mental state. Although she may not care enough to make an effort to get to know you, she might reply back to your question because she doesn’t want to be rude.

Sometimes you may be able to get a meeting in because she has nothing else to do.

What can you do then?

You don’t need to message her. Try to see if she messages first.

If nothing happens, the signs point to her leading your way.

10. She speaks about a future that doesn’t have you.

She speaks about traveling, visiting new cities, or moving to a completely different place without any consideration for how you will fit in.

She seems to be able to put together a plan if you ask.

If she loved you, she would want you in her life.

However, if you are certain she is leading you on, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t consider you in her future plans.

It’s not hard to see the point. What would you say to a girl you truly loved if you were going on a one-month vacation?

You would. Your chances of success wouldn’t be affected by a one-month absence.

If she does not reveal her future plans to her, you are clearly an afterthought. She doesn’t care if you’re in the future.

11. She will not change her schedule for your benefit.

She doesn’t allow for flexibility. She has a full calendar, and there is very little space for you.

She won’t be able to go to her cousin’s wedding, because she shops on Saturday afternoons. She is independent and has her own schedule.

She doesn’t listen.

She’s already been told three times by you that you’d love to take her to your cousin’s wedding. Now, she has plans to go with her friends to the weekend.

If you don’t seem important to her, you know she’s trying to lead you. If she truly liked you, she would be excited to go as your date for a special occasion.

She seems to be ignoring your genuine advances, which is a sign that she doesn’t like you.

This is a difficult pill to swallow. However, the sooner you recognize that she is leading you, you will be able to move on to the many other fish in your sea.

12. She will not give up her attention, but she wants your full attention.

Although she would freak out if someone looked at her, she is always open to talking about other men. What is the deal with this?

She’s happy to meet other guys, but she doesn’t want any of your stories.

She claims that you are only friends and is happy to speak about the guy she dated on the weekend.

It’s quite different when you do it with a girl.

It’s not something she wants to hear. It makes her jealous.

She feels that she might lose control of your love and attention.

It is a one-sided relationship. She is a lover and admirer of you but refuses to show it. She doesn’t even try to express it.

This is related to the earlier point: women find certain body signals irresistible and men don’t know how they can use them to their advantage.

Kate Spring, a relationship expert, was able to teach me.

This video is a great free resource. She shares valuable tips to get women to fall in love with you.

Kate is a well-respected author who has helped thousands of men just like you. If you want to be in control of your relationship, her advice is the best place to start.

13. She keeps her distance

Except for what she tells us, leading me on you don’t really know much about her. She doesn’t care about your personal details.

She is almost like a friend from fair weather. She is only interested in what she needs, but not other than that. She isn’t there. These are the classic signs that a girl is leading a man.

If she isn’t clear about how she feels after you have expressed your feelings, it may be time to let it go.

She doesn’t talk about her future, and if she does it isn’t often.

These signs are all indicative of the fact she doesn’t need you.

While you support women living their lives independently, the truth is that men like to be needed occasionally. She doesn’t ask for anything, but she’ll give you the cold shoulder every time you turn.

14. She will cuddle you when you are alone, but she does not show affection in public.

This is an important one that many guys overlook. You might have reached a place with your girl where you feel close to her even when you are alone watching a movie.

How does she behave when you are out in public?

Do you avoid holding her hand?

Is she quick to say, “We’re just friends!” when someone asks her how they know each other?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it is possible that her feelings for your might not be sincere.

You can tell a lot by how she acts in public.

She may enjoy cuddling you alone, but it is because she likes it.

If she loved you, she would want to tell other people that you are dating. She would want to keep you private, after all.

15. She can be up or down

Sometimes she’s all over you. She will compliment you and flirt with you. Make you feel like a million dollars.

Some days she barely pays any attention to you at all. She is completely detached and withdrawn.

This is also true for her replies to your texts.

Sometimes, she will respond immediately and seem eager to communicate with your questions.

Then, out of nowhere she suddenly stops responding for days as if she has completely forgotten all about you.

If she behaves like this, you can be sure that she is leading you.

If you really like someone, it’s easy to communicate with them. You won’t be able to go days without replying.

This shows her inflexible feelings and willingness to let go at any moment.

You can feel like you are at the edge of everything, and you have every right to believe that things won’t work out.

She keeps you away for whatever reason. Talk to her if she is important to you about the ways she keeps you away.

Don’t be surprised if she makes you feel obligated to ask for more.

It seems like she isn’t interested in the same things as you. You might want to consider moving on and finding someone who is willing to invest in you and your relationship.

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