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lingam massage : A comprehensive manual

lingam massage

Before you try a lingam massage, make sure you’ve read up on what it is and how to give it. This article will help you get started with the proper oils and set the mood for a relaxing session. Here are a few tips to get started:

What is a lingam massage?

The lingam is the centerpiece of this type of massage. This type of massage is geared toward male genitalia, specifically the vagina. This massage is popular with men and can be performed at home. Men often ask, “What is a lingam massage?”

The goal of a lingam massage is to stimulate sexual energy and increase empathetic feelings for the partner. Lingam massages can also enhance a person’s libido by making them feel at ease, which can help them receive positive feelings from their partners. Men who get lingam massages report increased libido and improved sexual intuition. The massage is often accompanied by breathing techniques that encourage the recipient to enjoy the moment and control their emotions and bodily responses.

lingam massageHow to perform a lingam massage

To begin performing a lingam massage, prepare the environment. Make sure the room is dim and quiet. You can add a candle or oil lamp for warmth. Have lubricants handy, but make sure they’re spill-proof. Use plastic containers rather than glass. Begin by breathing deeply together and standing face-to-face. Use circular motions to gently massage the penis and perineum. Continue until you’ve finished 15 minutes.

Ensure the person receiving the lingam massage is comfortable and open. If the partner becomes uncomfortable, just say the word “relax” repeatedly. This will help to hypnotize them. You can also try switching to intercourse after giving a  tantric massage therapy . This will trigger deeper pleasure. You may even be able to perform a lingam massage after an orgasm! As long as the partner is comfortable, the massage will be enjoyable.

Set the mood

A  tantric massage therapy  is a great way to create a more intimate mood in the bedroom. If you and your partner are always in a routine, this massage can help you break out of this rut and reconnect. In addition to providing great benefits for your relationship, this massage also puts you in the focal point of pleasure. You’ll be able to focus more on your man while your partner relaxes and enjoys the experience.

To get started, prepare the area. For instance, testicles are a perfect area to start. Gently massage them. Next, you can move on to the perineum, which can be very sensual. Don’t rush this part. It’s best to take it slow and enjoy each sensation. After that, try working your way up to the genital area. While sexy lingam massage can get intense, remember to give your partner plenty of time and silence.

Prepare the oils

When learning how to give a Lingam massage, it’s important to set aside at least 3 hours for this process. Make sure that you’re in a private room and have all the supplies you need for a quality massage. Start by warming the oils. Next, consider using a silicone-based lube instead of a traditional oil for added sensitivity. Make sure to warm the oils thoroughly so they’re at the right temperature for the Lingam.

When learning how to give a  tantric massage therapy , practice makes perfect. Practice by using two hands and holding them with a firm grip. Gently and slowly circle the tips of both hands around the penis, which is located just underneath the head. The key to giving a great massage is to be present while doing it. Make sure to be very gentle and slow, as you don’t want to hurt your partner!

What are the benefits of a lingam massage?

Lingam massage involves different strokes and is intended to produce an unpredictable feel. The client is supposed to remain completely silent and not anticipate the next sensation. To achieve the most effective lingam massage, the person must be silent and relaxed. To get the most out of the experience, it is advisable to keep a clear mind and breathe deeply. Once the client is completely relaxed, the therapist can begin the massage.

An experienced lingam masseur will make the massage more enjoyable by incorporating different energy techniques such as Reiki into the session. If you have never tried energy work before, you can try it as part of a session and see how you feel. Once you feel comfortable with the massage, you can move on to more sophisticated techniques like sex meditation. If you’re a complete novice, you can also try the Lingam massage technique as a way to relax.

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