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12 Reasons to live a day each day as it is (and how you can do it)

Living in the Present makes sense

We spend so much time worrying about the future or stuck in the past that we forget to live a day and appreciate the moment.

This is where the problem lies. We have no control over what happens in the moment or daily life.

This guide will help you to achieve self-empowerment, one day at a.

12 reasons why it’s important to live one day at time

Living in the Present makes sense1 Living in the Present makes sense

It’s not necessary to be deeply philosophical. There is only one moment when you can control your life ..

You can’t directly predict what happened five minutes ago and what will happen ten minutes later.

Nonetheless, you have the power to shape the future.

The point is that you can shape your future with what you do now.

It makes sense. This is one of the greatest reasons why it’s important to live each day.

Yesterday is what you have.

You have today.

The future is all you can imagine.

Focus on what you can control.

Thomas Oppong wrote

“Essentially, you have no influence over today. Therefore, the present is all you can and have control of.

“Don’t dwell on yesterday’s failures or tomorrow’s uncertain choices. You’re missing today.”

2 Leave the if/then world behind

Many of us, including myself, have spent too many years living a life that is based on “if, then” or “when, then”.

This means that we will always try again if something is not right.

This philosophy, let me tell you will leave you waiting for your deathbed.

Waiting for the world to change is a losing proposition.

It is too late for many to realize that power lies within you.

The outside world will not give you anything or fill the hole in your heart.

You will not find love, sex or drugs by chasing gurus, work, therapy, or sex.

It’s important to keep it simple to maximize your control over your life and personal power.

It’s impossible to wait for the day you will be happy.

Many of the experiences and accomplishments you desire can often be quite disappointing once you have them.

Instead, think about what you can do to live a full life.

Omar Itani puts it brilliantly

We believe happiness is an “if/then” or “when/then” proposition. If I find love, then I will be happy. I will be happy if I accept that job offer.

“When my book is published, I’ll feel happy. I will be happy when I move into my new apartment.

“So, we end up living in a future state that is completely disconnected from the present.

3 Living one day at a time can help you find your purpose

You can live one day at a given time to really experience your life and discover what you are good at.

This allows you to discover your purpose and not have someone tell you.

The purpose is the most important thing. Without it, your emotions, thoughts, and experiences will all be secondary.

It is essential to find your purpose in life.

What would you tell me if I asked what your purpose was?

It’s not an easy question to answer!

There are many people who will tell you that it will “come to me”. Instead, they want you to “raise your vibrations” or find some kind of inner peace.

There are many self-help gurus out there who will prey on people’s insecurity to make money. They also sell them techniques that won’t work for your goals.



Sage-burning ceremonies are accompanied by some vaguely indigenous chanting music.

Hit pause.

The truth is that positive thoughts and visualization won’t get you closer to your goals. They can even drag you backwards and make you waste your time on fantasies.

It’s difficult to live in the moment when there are so many claims.

Sometimes, you can feel helpless and frustrated by all the efforts you make.

There are solutions. But all you want is for your mind to create the perfect utopia. It doesn’t work.

Let’s get back to the basics.

You must first understand your purpose before you can make a significant change.

I learned about the power and importance of finding your purpose by watching Justin Brown, co-founder of Ideapod’s video on the hidden traps of improving yourself.

Justin was addicted to the self-help industry and New Age gurus, just like me. They convinced him to use ineffective visualizations and positive thinking techniques.

He traveled to Brazil four years ago to see Ruda Iande, the famous shaman, to get a new perspective.

Ruda showed him how to discover his purpose and transform his life using it.

The video helped me understand my purpose and gave me hope for the future.

This new approach to success through finding your purpose has allowed me to truly appreciate every day and not dwell on the past or dream about the future.

View the video for free here.

4) You don’t have to be excited about the future, but you can live in the moment

You can’t live in the moment and be in blissful activation or pure bliss.

The past and the future will always be in your mind. We all do.

You won’t be as focused on it if you change your priorities.

It’s okay to be excited about the wedding or your goal to get super fit by next year. That’s great!

Every day, however, you are focused on the next day and what you can accomplish in the 12-hour period.

Although you know that there will be more 12-hour periods ahead, hopefully, your attention is not on them.

As Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual author, said it, “You’re centered in the power of now.”

While your longer-term goal may be in your mind, your priority is today, not next year.

It’s important to live each day as a living example of your potential.

Future goals can be achieved, but they won’t just stay as dreams.

5 Living one day at a time teaches humility

It’s important to live each day one at a time because it teaches humility.

Many people try to focus on the past and what might happen, as it gives them the illusion that they can control everything.

You might, for example, think:

If I find a girl I love, I’ll stay there. If not, I’ll move on! Simple!

You may then move to a new place only filtering it through your romantic lens. This can lead you to miss out on friendships, career connections, and other opportunities.

Then you leave the place and miss out on the ideal girlfriend you would have found if you weren’t focusing on finding a partner.

So it goes.

Living in the future can make you feel more in control of your life than you actually are.

It creates the illusion that you have control over the situation, but it is not real.

You have control over what you do today. Don’t worry about next year. Live today the best possible day.

6) Take care of yourself every day

It’s not the same as living one day at a given time.

You can be very detail-oriented and conscientious in the current moment.

It’s essential that you do.

To ensure that you are able to give your best effort each day, it is important to take care of your health.

Katie Uniacke recommends

“You cannot expect to thrive if your body doesn’t provide the fuel and care you need every day.”

This includes eating, sleeping, and exercising.

This means taking care of your hygiene, your energy, and any health issues. It also involves caring about the environment in which you live and how it affects your health.

7) Living a day at a stretch increases your confidence

It’s important to live each day as it is because it boosts your confidence.

It takes you in your body and out of your head.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the past, anxious, or lost in the future, you are firmly rooted in the present.

Concentrate on the task at hand and give it your full attention.

This will increase your confidence and competence.

You will soon see that small tasks can be done well and you will gradually move on to bigger tasks and more ambitious goals.

Many of the greatest achievements began with humble beginnings.

8 Living one day at a time makes it easier to work

Your motivation will increase if you live one day at a given time.

As I mentioned, it is possible and necessary to have long-term goals.

It is important to focus on your daily routines and tasks and to do them to your best.

You can focus on the task by letting go of your monkey mind from time to time.

You will find your work ethic and focus will improve.

Living one day at a time allows you to set your own parameters and work within them.

Your day is one day at a time. You do your best to stay on schedule, rain or shine.

9 Taking one day at a while makes the worst times bearable

If you’re anything like me, it might sound even naive to say that you should live each day as it comes.

It can change everything if you approach it the right way and keep your daily routine in line with long-term goals.

It all starts with getting out of the trap you feel trapped in…

How can you get out of this “stuck” feeling?

You need more than willpower to succeed, that’s certain.

This is what I found out from Jeanette Brown, a highly successful life coach, and teacher.

Willpower is only a tool that can take us far. The key to making your life more meaningful and passionate involves perseverance, changing your mindset, and setting effective goals.

This may sound like a daunting task, but Jeanette’s help made it much easier than I ever thought.

Click Here to Learn More About Life Journal.

You may be wondering what Jeanette’s personal development program is like.

All it comes down to is this:

Jeanette is not interested in being your coach.

Instead, she encourages you to be the one who creates the life that you have always envisioned.

Life Journal is the place to start if you are ready to stop dreaming, live your best life, and create a life that fulfills and satisfies all your needs.

The link is here again.

10) Taking one day at a stretch helps you to see the funny side

Although we live in a beautiful and crazy world, the stresses and pressures of life can cause us to forget how bizarre and funny life can be.

Living one day at a time is like taking a little pressure off of yourself.

Now you have the mental and emotional space to appreciate and even laugh at what is around you.

It’s amazing how bizarre this whole life thing is in a way, you don’t think?

It is truly amazing that we are all together, sharing the human experience and navigating through life in different circumstances.

It was a terrifying, funny, sometimes profound, and often hilarious experience.

Take it all in.

As everyone else, one day at a.m.

11: Living one day at a time reduces anxiety

This is the beauty of living each day as it comes.

It relieves some of the anxiety and pressure that many people experience.

It is important to live each day as it comes. This helps calm the anxious part of your body and mind that always dwells on the past or future.

This can lead to very disturbing symptoms.

After a specific crisis, I experienced panic disorder for many years. But it didn’t stop there.

Many years later, I suffered from anxiety that was partly due to anticipating having panic attacks in public places.

These thoughts about what “might” happen would then make me feel like I was in a perpetual cycle of death and shaking.

Fear of fear made me more afraid.

Avoid falling for the trap of worrying too much about the future. It can lead to exhaustion and time-consuming problems.

12: Living each day as it comes helps you to avoid striving for perfection

Another reason it is so important to live each day as it comes is because it prevents you from falling into the trap of trying perfect.

As I mentioned, starting small can lead to big results.

Living day-to-day frees you from the need to have everything perfect.

This is a lot of pressure to be under.

Today is the most important day

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