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10 Tips to Help You Love Yourself Again

love yourself

This guide will teach you everything you need about love yourself.

What to do.

Here are some things to avoid.

How to believe in yourself, even when the world tells you otherwise.

love yourself1 You are the most important person on the planet

If you only learn one thing this year, it is this: You are the most important person in all of your universe.

Your eyes are the window to your entire life. Your interactions with the world around you, how you think and interpret events, people, and actions.

While you might seem like another person in the grand scheme, when it comes down to reality, you are the only one that matters.

Your reality will depend on how much love you give and take care of yourself.

Your relationship with yourself will determine the type of life you lead.

Love yourself less and hate more frustrating reality.

When you love yourself and take the time to love others, everything around you, and everyone in your life, becomes a little better.

2 Loving yourself begins with your daily habits

Consider the people you love and admire in your life. How should you treat them?

You’re kind and patient with them.

You provide them with space, time, and opportunities. Because you care enough about them to believe in their potential, you ensure that they are able to grow.

Consider how you treat yourself.

Do you show yourself the same love as you would give to your closest friends and significant others?

Are you taking care of your body, mind, and needs?

These are just a few of the many ways you can show your body and mind self-love every day.

  • Proper sleep
  • Healthy eating
  • Give yourself space and time to explore your spirituality
  • Exercising regularly
  • Thanks to yourself and all those around you
  • You can play when you need it
  • Avoid vices and other toxic influences
  • Meditation and reflection

What number of these daily activities are you able to allow yourself? If not, how can you claim that you love yourself?

Loving yourself is not just a mental state. It’s a set of habits and actions that you incorporate into your daily life.

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3: Accept the pain

There is no perfect person. Many people confuse self-love and endless positivity with endless optimism.

Some people sing the praises God no matter what their circumstances are.

We think that this is the right thing. After all, positive vibes attract positive vibes.

Your endless optimism is a huge lie. You are lying to a portion of yourself and ignoring the needs for half of who you really are.

We all have a dark side. We all feel anguish, hate, and pain. These realities are too hard to accept and can cause us to succumb spiritually as well as mentally.

Be honest about who you are. Be kind to yourself, for past mistakes and those you regret.

Accept the fact that you can sometimes carry negative emotions like anger, disgust, and jealousy. Learn to accept silence when it is needed.

4) Open your heart

Step 3 is about accepting and acknowledging the pain. Step 4 is about reconciling with an unopened and cold heart.

Ask yourself the following question: Do you love yourself fully?

Accepting your flaws is one thing. But loving someone who can share your thoughts, emotions, and mistakes? This is a higher level of self-love.

Discover your life story. Track your journey from childhood to who you are today.

Understanding yourself intimately will help you to understand why you feel the way that you do.

It’s easy for people to feel frustrated when they’re struggling with self-love. It’s easy to feel like you should give up on loving yourself and others.

I would like to suggest something new.

Ruda Iande, a world-renowned shaman, taught me this lesson. I learned from Ruda that there is a way to love and intimacy, not the culturally-conditioned belief system.

Ruda explains in this amazing free video. Many of us chase love in a toxic manner because we aren’t taught how to love ourselves first.

Ruda’s amazing advice is a great way to love yourself. It was the turning point for me in my life. You can too.


5) Don’t believe what you think

It is difficult to love yourself because we are all naturally negative.

We need to be able to manage our fears and concerns.

This survival mechanism can be against us. That’s why you’re feeling self-doubt and self criticism .

What can you do then?

You need to understand that your thoughts cannot be changed but you can change them.

Eckhart Tolle, spiritual guru, says this is the art of not identifying with your thoughts.

It is a great liberation to see that the voice in my head is not who you are. Then, who am I? “The one who sees it.”

6) Let’s share

You will find truths about yourself that will shock and terrify you on this journey of self-discovery.

However, the goal is to overcome them and learn to love yourself through acceptance and understanding.

Only after you have worked out your personal bumps, can you start to see the gems in the rough: Your gifts.

These are the things that will last the journey. After wiping out all the other stuff, you can now see the empathy, spirituality, humor, and love.

Only then, can you truly share yourself with the world if you love yourself and all that you have.

You can be your authentic self to the world, and others around you. Once you have learned to love yourself, it is time to help others achieve the highest level of self-love.

7 What are you grateful for?

Being thankful can change your outlook for the better.

Psychology Today states that mentally strong people prefer to give up self-pity in exchange for gratitude.

But, I’m certain that you are wondering:

How can you cultivate gratitude?

According to Unstuck one of the best ways to practice gratitude, is to keep a gratitude diary.

Write down one thing that you are grateful for every morning. You’ll become more grateful each day if you get into the habit of writing down gratitude.

8) Be resilient

Loving yourself takes effort. There will be times when all you see is the negative. It can be difficult to love yourself when you only see the negatives.

These temporary feelings can be overcome before they become permanent.


Your best friend will be resilience. It will be your voice encouraging you to get up when you’re feeling down. It will be the voice that gets you through the toughest times. You can look back and say “I made it,I survived.”

This is because I was unable to love myself until recently after a very bad breakup and losing my job. I felt useless and incapable of achieving anything. What was my confidence? It was gone many years ago.

This was before I saw , the free video from Jeanette Brown.

Jeanette’s years of experience as an experienced life coach has led her to a unique method for building resilience. It is so simple that you will regret not trying it sooner.

The best part?

Jeanette is a life coach who focuses on you, not other coaches.

Watch her video to learn the secrets of resilience.

9) As you make progress people will try and pull you down

What happens when you start to improve?

You may feel let down by your friends, coworkers and even family members.


It’s the natural order. They have put you in a box, and that messes up their minds when you start changing.

You’ll need to be strong and not listen to criticism.

It doesn’t really matter if you feel more confident or happier.

10 Get out and do

This one might be a bit strange, but it can be one of your most powerful actions.

You’ll feel healthier and better about yourself.

The American Psychological Association (APA) states that there is usually a mood-enhancing effect within five minutes of starting a workout.

Exercise, if done regularly, could reduce anxiety and depression over the long-term. It can also help maintain self-confidence.

There is good evidence that people who are active have less depression than those who are not. “People who are active but have stopped exercising tend to be more depressed,” James Blumenthal, PhD, a Duke University clinical psychologist.

Regardless of whether you’re doing weight lifting or aerobic exercise, it doesn’t matter what. In no time, you’ll feel better about yourself.

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