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There are proven methods to make a man cry in bed

Important are the erogenous zones

We don’t judge.man cry in bed Everyone has their own way of getting their rocks off. Do you want to give your man so much joy that he weeps right in front of all of you?

Go ahead. It’s hot, we’ll admit. How does one get these amazing results?

We’ll show you the best techniques that champions have used. These techniques will give you an incredible amount of pleasure for your man in bed.

Let’s get spicy!

10 ways to make your man cry in bed

There are many things that can make a man mumble, whine, or even cry in bed.

If you are looking for something in the bedroom to make your man happy, we have it.

This is a complete list!

Important are the erogenous zones1) Important are the erogenous zones

Remember that everyone is different.

Most people don’t consider the fact that sex is important.

If we are talking about erogenous areas, keep in mind that they can vary for each individual.

You might be wondering what we mean.

Some men may enjoy the sounds of a woman in bed. Others are more tactile and prefer to be kissed in certain ways.

Others may be turned off by dry humping.

Regardless, one thing is certain.

You can make your man cry in bed if you are aware of his erogenous areas.

2) Complements go a long way

Attractiveness is influenced by the person’s sense of smell. Many people find the smell of their partner’s pillow or clothing to be hot.

This is a great opportunity to tell him you love his scent!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can say something as simple as “I love your hoodies because you smell like me,” which is very sexy.

This will make him feel even more comfortable in your bedroom.

3) Earplay

Many men love to touch their ears and have them kissed.

But don’t go overboard!

Your fingers should be running behind his ears. You can also caress his earlobes by running your fingers around his neck and gently teasing it with your tongue.

All this, plus a little bit of dirty talk, will make him happy.

4) His inner thigh is worthy of attention

As you kiss him, make sure to rub your fingertips together.

It is extremely sensitive, so pay attention.

Do not be harsh, some gentle rubbing and teasing can work well.

If you want to make your man begging for more, and get him crazy, this is the way to go!

5) Neck kissing is a great way to express your feelings

Particularly after you have teasing your ears.

Playing a little more around your neck allows you to mix small bites with kisses.

It’s all about building up sensations in the bedroom.

6) Take care of his hands & palms

Massages can release endorphins in all types of massages. This may even lead to other activities, even if they aren’t sexual.

We suggest that he massage his hands gently, as he probably has never done anything like it.

You’ll make your friend happy if you play your cards right.

7) Pay close attention to his torso

Although we tend to believe that men’s chests aren’t important it is not.

It will make him feel hot and bothered if you touch his torso with your fingertips.

You might think he’ll be going straight down there. But, don’t pull back, but keep on teasing him.

Once you have him just the way you want, you can begin the foreplay. But be strategic.

8) Temperature play is possible

Temperature playing can be a great way for someone to go insane, and it’s super fun!

Start by bringing some ice cubes to the bedroom and teasing him about his erogenous areas. To warm the area, you can play with your tongue.

You should be ready to let him loose with you.

9) Domination is fun

We didn’t know it either. But there are many men who would love to be dominated over by a woman.

Talk about it as usual. But if your son is interested, why not give it a shot?

It’s possible that you will find yourself falling in love with making your bedmate sleep in it. It’s also a great way to make him weep in his bedroom.

10) A scented cream can do wonders

If you are feeling sexy, grab his favorite lotion or yours and rub it all over your legs and hands.

This is a great way to get him to associate the scent with hot nights, and he will begin to respond to it every time he sniffs it.

Apply the lotion just before you go on a date to really boost your game. This is a great way for him to expect more later on in the evening.

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