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Mindvalley Review in 2022 – HealthKartReview

What's Mindvalley?

Self-improvement is a growing trend that more people are taking up than ever before.

Based on my personal experience with Mindvalley review, I am going to write a review of one of the top-ranked platforms in the field.

I will be covering exactly what Mindvalley means, who it is and isn’t for, and what you can expect from a typical class.

I will also share how 5 popular classes, Superbrain, Lifestyle book and Wildfit, have helped me in my personal life.

Is Mindvalley well worth your time?

Find out more by reading my Mindvalley review.

What's Mindvalley?What’s Mindvalley?

Mindvalley specializes in creating online self-development courses.

These courses are taught by self-development experts from a variety of subjects.

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of the platform. He says he created the platform to help people learn the important life lessons that aren’t taught in schools.

MindValley is unique because of two reasons.

  1. You will find actual experts who teach your courses. Really. Marisa Peer, a renowned UK psychologist, teaches hypnotherapy. Jim Kwik also teaches brain performance. Emily Fletcher is a teacher of meditation. Roman Oliveira is a teacher of intermittent fasting. There are many more.
  2. They have the best online self-development courses. It’s the best self-improvement course I’ve found.

Mindvalley programs emphasize “transformative learning.” But what does this actually mean?

It is about being the best version possible of yourself in all aspects of your life.

There are many courses available on topics such as health, relationships, business, spirituality, and business.

Who are your instructors?

Mindvalley has some of the most prominent names in self-improvement, spirituality and other fields. This is something I love about it.

Despite the fact that you might not have heard of some of these, there are still chances that you haven’t.

These aren’t A-list stars who are primarily selling their courses on their names.

These are motivational speakers and researchers who claim to be experts, but their greatest claim to fame is their teaching.

Mindvalley is a great place to be — bringing together the best self-help teachers in one place.

Here are some of their “big-name” teachers:

  • Jim Kwik – An expert in “mind hacking” or “brain training.”
  • Ken Honda — Bestseller of The Japanese of Making Peace With Your Money
  • Robin Sharma, author of the self-help book “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”
  • Neale Donald Walsch — Spiritualist, author of Conversations With God

In truth, when I first checked out Mindvalley’s courses I didn’t know who they were. However, some of their book titles did ring a bell.

After I checked them out, it was clear that they aren’t slouches. These teachers are the real thing.

What classes exist on Mindvalley?

Mindvalley currently has more than 50 classes (which they refer to as “quests”) and is constantly adding new classes.

These classes can be divided into seven different categories. However, you will find quests that fit in more than one category.

These are the Mindvalley Quest courses, along with their most popular categories:

  • Mind

Be Extraordinary is the most popular course within this category. This program is a motivational, all-rounder self-help program that aims to help you “uplevel your consciousness” and make you more successful in your life.

  • Performance

Superbrain and Superreading are two standouts within these categories. These courses will provide solid tips to improve your performance. I’ll be reviewing what it’s like to take Superbrain in the following article.

  • Body

If you are like me and have terrible sleep habits, you should check out The Masters of Sleep. We could all use better sleep, I believe.

  • Soul

I think Awaken The Species was my first read of ‘How Society’s Shackles are Holding You Back’. This course will help you “rise above the political, social, and environmental turmoil of our time” by helping you attain a higher level of spiritual awareness in all areas of your life. Inspire is an easy-to-use class that teaches you a practical skill: public speaking.

  • Entrepreneurship

Although Hero. Genius. Legend falls under the Entrepreneurship category. I think it’s an excellent all-rounder course that you can use throughout your life. It’s about developing better habits that will help you achieve more in your life. Although it may sound simple, if you put your learnings into practice, you will see a significant difference.

  • Parenting Relationships

Conscious parenting mastery is the best in this category. This course will help you to restructure your parenting style in order to raise the best family.

Mindvalley’s classes offer a range of practical skills that can be used in everyday life as well as something more abstract. That is what I find most interesting.

Super Reading and MoneyEQ are two examples of practical tools and exercises. Energy Medicine and Awakening the Species both deal with philosophical concepts that many people may find more interesting than traditional teachings.

Noting that some esoteric classes go against accepted scientific facts and get into quasi-religious, quasisixth-sense stuff (there are classes that say we all possess ESP), it is worth noting. It is up to you whether these topics resonate with your feelings.

Ideapod created a Mindvalley quiz to help you determine which Mindvalley course is best for you. You can take the quiz.

My experience at Mindvalley

Health kart review was born out of a passion for growth.

I have a psychology degree, and I devour everything that helps me to tap into my mindset hacks.

The Covid 19 pandemic, like many others, made me feel like I needed to make better use of my time. Big things like this can shake up your world and force you to reevaluate.

While I would like to be more productive and live a better life, I am also lazy sometimes.

It’s easier to binge-watch Netflix and avoid the work than to do real work.

It seemed like the ideal motivation to have a library of personal development classes available.

Mindvalley has provided me with a wealth of information, ideas, and practical tools for self-help.

Although I don’t believe in miracle cures overnight, I can say that I feel happier because of the programs I have taken. I’m hopeful that this trend will continue.

Mindvalley courses I’ve taken, and what they really meant to me

I have taken quite a few Mindvalley programs. This is why I feel comfortable in providing a general overview of the Mindvalley platform.

Let me give you an overview of five of the courses that I have taken to get a better understanding of my personal experience.

Instead of a detailed overview of the curriculum, I will be focusing more on the actual results that I have achieved from completing the programs.


Before I took the Mindvalley course, I had heard about Jim Kwik’s bestseller ‘Limitless’. This definitely piqued me.

It is also a joy to be able to measure and quantify progress.

I was intrigued by the practical skills offered by this program, such as the perfect morning routine to maximize brain performance and memorization strategies.

My results after doing SuperbrainMy results after doing Superbrain

Superbrain provided me with scientific-backed methods to learn faster.

As I mentioned, I love hacks. I found these really useful and interesting.

The program did, in my experience, improve my focus and decrease brain fog.

Lifebook Online:

After researching Mindvalley, it was clear that Lifebook Online is one of the most talked about programs.

This course is even free if you sign up and complete all required work. Then, you can apply for your refund.

It seemed to be a great program to tackle all aspects of your life, including finances, health, relationships with loved ones, parenting, career and so on.

I got my results from Lifebook Online

Lifebook Online is a great tool for goal setting.

It helped me to see my goals in various areas of life and to think about the changes that I needed to make.

It was very inspiring. I felt a tremendous boost of motivation after taking the course.

To be completely honest, while I have not kept to all my plans, I have continued working towards many of them.

You might worry, just like me, that you may lack the follow-through necessary to achieve the goals set out in the program. Lifebook Masters is available to help you keep on track and provide support.


When I decided to take Wildfit with Eric Edmeades, I was not unfit. Although I exercise, my diet is not always healthy. It got worse after the lockdown.

Also, I noticed a correlation between low energy and not eating enough.

I had heard a lot about the Paleo-influenced Health Program and wanted to find out what it could do for my overall health and quality of life.

I got my results from Wildfit

This was my longest Mindvalley course, taking me 3 months.

Overall, I think it was worthwhile. It helped me to be more aware of what I was putting in my body and gave me the discipline to choose the best foods.

Although I have stuck with many of the parts of this program, I also ate low-carb meals and found it difficult to follow certain parts.

They weren’t going to convince me to quit coffee.

Be Extraordinary:

Vishen Lakhani, the creator of Mindvalley, created this program.

His The Code of The Extraordinary Mind was a New York Times bestseller. I found it to be very impressive, which made me want to take his course.

It’s about reorganizing your life so that you can reach your full potential and be happier.

I got my results from taking Extraordinary

I learned a lot from this program.

It was clear to me that while goals are important, enjoying the journey is far more important than reaching your destination.

I realized how much control and influence I have over my emotions and how I react to situations.

The M word:

Meditation was not a new concept to me. However, I have struggled with a consistency like many people.

It’s not hard to imagine what it feels like. You might be disciplined for a while and then lose your way.

It was also difficult to know if I was doing it correctly. I felt more like I was thinking with my eyes closed than I was reaching any kind of Zen.

However, I believe the scientific research which shows how regular meditation can benefit you.

I got my results from The M Word

This course gave me the boost I needed.

While I don’t always make it to work on time, the simple framework that I learned has helped me create a meditation routine that works for me.

That’s why I feel calmer, patient, and more focused when I go to work.

My biggest victory was my ability to sleep better. It was a huge help to me as an insomniac.

What does Mindvalley cost?

Mindvalley courses can be accessed in two ways.

You have two options: either purchase digital access to the course you are interested in, or you can sign up for a yearly Mindvalley membership. This can save you a lot of money if your goal is to take more than one course.

Mindvalley Digital Access

Mindvalley classes don’t come at the same cost, but they are generally between 300-400 dollars.

Let’s have a look at Conscious uncoupling.

This class is available digitally for $399 This is a fairly standard Mindvalley class.

You get digital access when you buy digital access

  • Access to the course for life across all digital devices
  • Computer, phone, tablet
  • Only this class has access to the Mindvalley discussion boards, groups and discussion boards.

The class lasts for 35 days. However, you will keep all the materials and access them forever so that you can return to it.

Let’s face it, this is a very high price for one course.

It’s a great solution if you only want to enrol in one Mindvalley program and don’t mind paying a high price.

The membership is a good option if you are serious about your personal development or want to improve yourself.

What is the Mindvalley Membership?

Mindvalley’s marketing strategy is very clever. It also provides a great value to the customer. So it seems win-win.

They also offer a yearly subscription to tempt you to take more than one program with them.

Mindvalley Membership is $499 per year (which is actually less than some individual programs).

You get unlimited access for one year to their vast majority of courses, including over 50 “quests”

There are some exceptions that you should be aware of. Mindvalley Membership does not include Lifebook Online and Wildfit.

These are “partner programs”.

If these were the courses that you were most interested, it can be a little frustrating.

However, there are so many classes that a Mindvalley membership includes that it may not be a problem.

A membership can save you a lot of money if you are interested in Mindvalley programs.

I like that you can take as many classes at once as you wish. To keep learning interesting and varied, I have done several at once before.

What is it like to take a Mindvalley class?

This review is meant to give you an idea of what it’s like for Mindvalley courses before you spend any money.

We’ve talked a lot about Superbrain. Let’s take it as an example and do a personal tour of a Mindvalley program to let you know what to expect.

Before the course begins:

Before you start the Superbrain lessons, there are five warm-up videos.

Every Mindvalley course I have taken has some type of intro video content, although this one had more than others.

These will explain what to expect from the program and how you can get the most of it.

You get to know your teacher (in this case Jim Kwik) a little better and hear his story about why he is an expert in this area.


These are great little motivators to get you started. It got me excited to get started.

We are told in the introduction to Superbrain that success is made up of two parts: 1) showing up and 2) playing fully.

This is a reminder to remember that even though the program promises to be enjoyable, we still need to work hard to make it worthwhile.

Mindvalley’s other feature is “The Tribe”, which you are always encouraged to join before any course starts.

It is an online community that connects learners from around the world who are also taking the course. It is designed to give you more accountability and support.

Jim Kwik supports this assertion by pointing out that “learning is social, not solo” and how we learn best when we are with others.

Final note: Usually, there is a “growth survey” at the beginning of the program.

This questionnaire is a quick and easy way to measure your progress, both from the beginning and after you have completed the course.

What can you learn from Superbrain?

Superbrain’s driving force is memory improvement, focus enhancement, and faster learning.

Jim Kwik refers to the mind blips I believe most of us experience occasionally as “senior moment”.

It’s like forgetting where your things are or wandering into a room wondering what you were doing.

Memory isn’t the easiest subject to improve. Jim Kwik presents a compelling argument for why memory is so important. Without it, there’s no learning.

Surprisingly, we were told 2 days after being told the information that we lost 80%.

Superbrain is committed to helping you achieve your goals by giving you practical tools that will help you every day.

This promise promises that it will have an impact on 4 key areas in your life.

  • Your intelligence levels
  • Your influence levels
  • Your impact
  • Your income levels

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