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16 Things to Do If You Think My life sucks

My life sucks

My life sucksYou might feel like your life is chaotic and small if you are telling yourself that “my life sucks”.

There are times in our lives when we feel like our lives have spiralled out from under us. We want to retreat and allow it to eat at our souls.

However, you will eventually have to get up and face your demons.

To stop feeling like a failure, you must get rid of all distractions and instant gratification.

If you feel that your life is a mess, there are 16 ways to make it better.

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1.My life sucks: Create a Safe Space

We feel out of control and this is one reason we panic and cower inside.

We fear the fact that we cannot control the smallest aspects of our lives and that we don’t know where or what we’ll be in the future.

The solution is easy: Create a safe place that you control. You can take a small portion of your brain and give it to yourself: your thoughts, your feelings, your needs.

To stop the storm from raging around, grab a small piece of it and make it stop. You can then move on.

2) My life sucks: Ask Yourself “Where Do I Go Now?”

It’s great to aim for the stars and reach high. But, that advice can lead to us looking so far away that we forget what needs to be done right now.

The hard truth is that you’re not anywhere near where you want to go. That’s why you’re so hard on yourself.

You can’t go from Level 1 up to Level 100 in one step. You will need to complete 99 additional steps before you can get to the place you want.

Take your eyes off the clouds and look at your situation. Then, relax, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “Where do I go from there?” Next, take the next step and then ask yourself again.

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3) My life sucks: Ask Another Question: What Am I Learning Now?

Sometimes it feels like our lives are stagnating. We feel like we have spent too much time doing the same thing and that our personal growth has slowed down.

There will be times when you need patience and perseverance, while there will also be times when you need to pack up and move on.

How do you determine which one is which? It’s simple: Ask yourself “What am I learning now?” If it isn’t, then you need to relax and be patient.

If you don’t feel like learning anything of value then it’s time for you to move on.

Your Limits are Yours4) My life sucks: Your Limits are Yours

It doesn’t matter what you do. But you can only do the things that you truly want.

You believe you can’t achieve it, even if you try everything. Perhaps your teachers, parents, or peers have said that your dreams are unrealistic. Or maybe they’ve told you to slow down and take it easy.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to listen. You have complete control over your actions.

5) My life sucks: Stop shifting the blame

  • It is easy to find someone or something to blame when things don’t go according to plan.
  • It was your partner’s fault that you didn’t go to college. It was your parent’s fault that you didn’t explore more. Your friend’s fault because she didn’t believe in you and didn’t push you to continue.
  • Your actions and decisions are your own, no matter what others do. Blaming others will not get you anywhere; it is a wasteful use of your time and energy.
  • The only way to make a difference in your life is to accept total responsibility, even for the difficulties you face.
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6) My life sucks: Reduce Your Losses when the Time is Right

Sometimes, no matter how hard or laboriously you try, things don’t always work out.

These are some of the most difficult lessons you’ll ever learn. Life sometimes doesn’t work in your favour no matter what you do.

In these moments, you must show your greatest strength and accept your defeat.

Let the defeat pass, cut your losses and surrender. Then, move on. You can make a move toward tomorrow if you allow the past to be.

7) Enjoy a Part of the Day

It doesn’t have to be about following a schedule, getting to the next meeting and completing your next task.

This is what makes you burn out and causes you to fall off the productivity train. You should allow yourself to enjoy life for a few hours or minutes every day.

Take the time to enjoy those small moments, such as the sunsets, smiles, and random calls, and really take them in.

This is what you live for: the chance to remind yourself why it’s so great to be alive.

8) Let go of your anger

Anger is a natural emotion. We all do. To someone, anywhere – an old friend, a frustrated relative, or even your partner. It’s not worth the effort.

Anger and resentment can eat up so much mental energy they inhibit your growth and development. Forgive it and move on.

9) Keep an eye out for negativity

Negativity can creep into your head like the wind. You can feel content with your day and then suddenly you start feeling jealousy, self-pity and resentment.

If you start to feel the negative thoughts creeping in, take a step back and consider if they are really necessary for your life. The majority of the time, the answer is no.

10) That Attitude Doesn’t Have to Be Yours

We all know the type of attitude we are referring to. It is the toxic type that makes people run away with its careless insults and needless negativity.

Let go of the negative attitude and be more cynical. You’ll find people will like you more and you’ll feel happier doing it.

11) Make Today Last Night

You don’t want to wake up feeling tired, groggy, and shaky from the night before.

You end up wasting your whole morning because you don’t get the right mindset out of bed. ).

If you make your to-do lists the night before, your brain will only have to follow those instructions in the morning.

12) Love Who You are

There are many situations in which we may need to be someone or something else in order to succeed.

However, pretending to be someone you aren’t can weigh heavily on your soul. And keeping the mask on for too long could even cause you to forget who you really are.

If you don’t know yourself, how can you love?

Find your true self and keep it. While it might not always look the best, it is still the best choice.

13) Create a routine

Our routines are essential. It is important to have a routine that guides you from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.

You will feel happier if you have more control over your time. For stability and mental well-being, control over your life can be a great thing.

It’s about taking responsibility for your actions, and how you live your life.

14) Don’t bury your emotions, but don’t prioritize them either

Respect your emotions: If you are sad, you can let yourself cry. If you are upset, you can let yourself shout.

Be aware that emotions can cloud judgments and cause confusion about what you consider factual and fiction.

It doesn’t mean you have to feel it.

15) Grow up

Our parents are there to say, “No more ice cream” and “No more television.” As adults, however, we must learn how to say these things ourselves.

Our lives will be ruined if we don’t learn to respect our elders and set clear rules.

16) Be grateful for everything

It’s also important to take a moment and stop the clock. Take a look at your life, and say “Thank You.”

You can then appreciate everything and everyone in your life and get back to work on achieving more.

In conclusion

It is far from easy to live a normal life. All of us suffer. While some people suffer more than others; we all have to accept responsibility for our lives, no matter how difficult.

Accepting what is and facing our demons will give us the best chance of making the most out of life, regardless how difficult it may seem.

You only get one chance at life.

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