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10 Signs Difference Between a Nice Person and a Good Person.


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Anyone can be kind.

They are able to do good deeds. They are capable of showing kindness. It’s something that is in the moment.

A person who is a good person has more to it than that. The quality of being good is something that lasts beyond the moment.

There’s nothing wrong in being nice. They’re not bad people.

They are often seen as doormats and are exploited and taken advantage of.

It’s fake.

Good people have strong values and are focused on doing the right things, not the right thing for themselves. It is a way of life.

How can you tell the difference in a person being nice and good?

There are 10 ways to tell the difference between a nice person and a good person.

NICE PERSON1) People who are good at following through on their words by taking action

Anybody can tell you you look good today. You need to feel beautiful every day.

The difference lies in your actions.

It’s easy to talk the talk but not the walk.

People who are nice are always full of words. They want you to see them as a nice person, so they are always willing to give compliments and help.

They are less likely to act on this exchange.

They retreat to themselves once the moment is over, and they realize that being nice is not their top priority.

Good people are always committed to their actions. They don’t care about how others see them. Instead, they are focused on doing the right things.

If they were not working, a nice person would tell you that they would love to help you move. Good people will be able to clear their calendar and show up on time without making too much of it.

They don’t do it for the attention and praise.

They act because they care about the cause and want to do right.

This is a crucial difference.

2) People who are good don’t compromise their beliefs

A nice person wants to be loved and will do anything to get there.

This is because they are willing to sacrifice their values in order to be liked.

The sad truth is that if they compromise their values, they will lose sight on who they are as a person. People will lose faith in them.

A good person will not compromise their values. They are proud of who they are and what their values are.

Good people don’t care about whether they make friends or cause disapproval. They live by their values and do the right thing.

It’s a popularity contest for nice people. They were determined to win people over, regardless of the cost to their values.

It’s a non-negotiable for good people. They are proud of their values and won’t compromise them just to be liked.

3) Good people set boundaries

You can’t define your boundaries for yourself in life if you don’t. This is why nice people get walked all over.

They are so determined to preserve peace and maintain their image that they won’t let go of any boundaries to reach their goals.

This means that others can set their boundaries.

Good people are able to do the right thing, and not only what is right for them.

They set boundaries that reflect their values and aren’t willing compromise.

Because their boundaries are clear and set, people don’t have the right to go all over them. There is no room for error.

4) People who are good at speaking up are not afraid to be heard

People who are nice tend to follow the crowd.

It is easy to see how nice people are being led astray by peer pressure.

They want to be liked. This means that they will follow the crowd in order to fit in with everyone.

People who are good at speaking up. They let others know if they see something that isn’t right. They don’t want to fit in for the sake. They won’t allow others to suffer for the sake of a few close friends.

If friends pressurize everyone to smoke, the nice people will be more than happy to join them.

If they believe this is what it takes, they will happily do it, turning away any one who doesn’t want in.

A person who is good will stand up for one person and let everyone know that their actions are unacceptable. Without worrying about whether they lost friends, the good person will leave the group with the person in question.

They only care about what is right now, and aren’t afraid of speaking up if necessary.

5) Good people gain respect

This is one of the simple signs that a person is a good person.

A nice person is impossible to respect.

They constantly compromise their values and bend over backwards to please others, so people distrust them. These people might like them, but they won’t be respected.

It’s not easy to be respectful of a pushover no matter what the circumstance.

It’s easier to admire a good person.

Although you may not be able to stand by them right now, you respect their decisions and how they stand for what is important.

It’s difficult to not like them, despite everything.

If you go out with friends and want to skinny dip for fun, the person who is the most trustworthy will talk you out of it. Although you may not like them right now, you will respect them the next day for standing up to your stupidity and stopping you from doing it again.

However, the nice person will be there for you immediately. They may be nice to you at the moment but they don’t respect you. They will jump whenever you say jump. You have to be able to tell if they have any thoughts or values.

6) It is not an act for good people

It is simple to be nice.

It’s easy to do right now and you don’t even need to think about it.

You agree to go along with the crowd, and you keep the peace.

It is possible to be happy.

This is not a simple task where you can turn the lights on or off as you wish.

Your values are yours at all times.

Make decisions based upon what is right and wrong, not on what others think.

To be good, you must sacrifice friendships and relationships to support your beliefs and values.

It’s your life.

It also affects every moment of your daily life.

7) Confident people are the best

Most nice people are very confident. They are willing to maintain peace because of this.

They can be nice and slip back into the shadows, going unnoticed. They are agreeing with their wishes and people notice them. They’re being nice.

People who are nice don’t always feel confident in themselves. Because they are willing to compromise their values, this is easy to see. They don’t value themselves and are therefore much less confident.

People who are good at what they do tend to be more confident. A good person is aware of his value which in turn sparks confidence. They don’t mind losing friends and causing a stir in the process.

Good people know their worth and are more confident than others.

8) Good people don’t gloat

People who are nice often do nice things to get recognition.

They’re the ones who share their kindnesses with a “look me in the eye” attitude to make sure their good deeds are not forgotten.

This recognition is not necessary for good people. They can share their acts of kindness to help others.

They don’t care about receiving anything in return. All that matters to them, is doing the right things every day.

Good people don’t attend one charity event or give blood once. These people do these things every week, without making any noise.

They live a life that is focused on what they can do to help others and not what they can get.

Even though they may act the same, what makes a difference between a good and nice person is their motivations.

9) The best people live life with a full glass of water

A full cup is then available to share with others.

They are happy people living fulfilled and happy lives. Because they are good people, they can share their joy with others.

Because it is a lifestyle choice, good people live happy lives. It flows through all aspects of their lives.

People who are nice have a half-full cup. They are engaging in emotional transactions.

They often feel unhappy and need validation from others. They want to improve themselves.

People who are nice feel insecure about themselves won’t accept no. Because they feel like something is missing in their lives, they are always looking for more.

10) Being a good person means being…good

Trust your instincts when you need to tell the difference between a nice and a bad person.

Because they are authentic in their behavior and actions, they are often easy to spot.

Never ask them if they want something in return.

It is rare to wonder if someone has an ulterior motive.

Never question their values or who they are as individuals.

Lastly, but most importantly, you can trust them completely.

A good person will always be able to provide you with the right information.

It’s easy to predict how they will behave in different situations because they are so firm on their beliefs and values.

You can trust them in all situations and count on them every time.

A nice person might come off as fake, on the other hand.

Although you might not be able pinpoint the exact cause, trust your instincts. If the relationship isn’t working out and it doesn’t feel right, they might be faking it.

How to be a good person

You now know what the main differences are between good and bad people. How can you make positive changes in your life?

Begin by defining your values and ideals.

These are the principles you should live by in your life.

Start making small changes every day once you have a clear vision of how you want your life to look. These ideals and values will soon become the driving force of your life. They will influence everything you do and say.

It will become your lifestyle.

With so many distractions tempting you, it won’t be easy to believe what you believe.

You will be a better person if you stay true to your values and yourself.

Put yourself first

What is your top goal right now?

Is it worth saving up to buy the car you have been dreaming of?

Do you want to finally get started on a side-hustle that will hopefully allow you to quit your 9-5 job?

Oder to make the leap and ask your partner to move in.

No matter what your goals may be, there is a trap in the way you set them.

This is the trap:

Only when your goals align with your values will you experience true life satisfaction.

You will enjoy the journey more if your values and goals align. This makes it much easier to achieve your goals.

Jeanette Brown, a career coach, offers a free value exercise that will help you articulate your deepest life values.

It only takes a few minutes and can reveal powerful insights about your core values.

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