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How To Make More Play Hard To Get By Doing Less 12 Hacks

How do you do it right

While it might sound absurd to try to play hard to get, sometimes you need to work hard to get the man.

Let’s face it, we all play games, at least at the beginning. We are no different from a peacock that spreads his feathers in order to catch a female’s eye.

Men tend to be more confident in seduction than women, while women work hard to win. Attraction is not achieved by being too open and ready to go too quickly.

Let me show you how you can play hard-to get the right way to make even the most interested man crazy.

Why work so hard?

According to a University of Rochester study, men will place more value on you if you work hard for their affections.

Men love it when someone loves them back. But if they feel that you are “too easy”, then they won’t feel the same value.

They don’t have to do much to grab your attention.

Your relationship will feel more successful if you’re pickier and less open to men. You’re telling him that you have something that other men don’t have.

He feels like he is winning the lottery when he works hard to get work.

How do you do it rightHow do you do it right

If you don’t do it right, playing hard for what you want can backfire. It can work against you, not in your favor.

Men aren’t as dense as they might seem. They’re young and have seen many women pull this off.

If they are 100% certain you’re trying hard, they won’t chase you…they’ll give you a taste and then leave you.

Being subtle is the best way to get the desired result.

He’s already interested in you, so don’t let it go by making it too obvious that your goal is to win.

It’s important to let your feelings “marinate” so that you can increase his attraction to you, and make him feel like you are the one. It’s sneaky, I know, but it works. If you do it correctly, it can make you more attractive.

How to play “hard” to find the right

  1. You can say “NO” to certain dates

You’re too open if you always say yes.

Men need to know that you aren’t just looking for dates, but have a life.

You may be willing to abandon your friends for this guy, but I don’t recommend it. Trust me. You won’t be able to grab the next girl because you aren’t available on Friday nights. If he does, you didn’t lose an important guy.

It can also do the opposite. You may find that he is more attracted to you if you do your thing. This is as sexy and hot as it gets.

2. Do not respond to messages too quickly

This is another way to let people know that you are not available.

You are a busy woman with many things to do in your day. You can pretend you’re not …, and then get busy. If you are online 24/7 and respond in under two seconds, even if you love him, you will slowly lose his attraction.

However, we don’t recommend that you wait for him to talk if you want to. Do not be distracted by your phone 24/7. Instead, get on with your daily life.

He should be the cherry on top of your cake. Also, let him know that he is an important part of your life.

3. Teach him and then stop

He will feel like he “got” you; it’s why he would think that you are hard to get if you stopped doing it.

It makes you difficult to read and hard for him to predict.

Playfully and sparingly is the best way to do this. This is why men get mad at this.

Mild teasing is sufficient. You could make him believe you’re having a play with him, which he isn’t. You might sabotage your blossoming relationship.

4. Trigger your hero instinct, but resist the urge to give more than he’s offering you

It’s all about inspiring your inner hero for guys. Men still want to be heroes, even though it might seem outdated.

This is what I learned from my hero instinct. This fascinating concept was created by James Bauer, a relationship expert. It is about what drives men to be in relationships.

It’s something that most women don’t know much about.

These drivers can make men the heroes in their own lives once they are triggered. When they are able to trigger it, they feel happier, love more, and make better commitments.

It’s possible you may wonder why this is called the “hero instinct”. Are men required to feel like superheroes in order to marry a woman?

Not at all. Forget Marvel. You don’t have to be the damsel-in-distress or buy your man an a cape.

It’s easy to check out James Bauer’s free video. Here are some tips from James Bauer to help you get started. He suggests sending him a 12-word message that will instantly trigger his hero instinct.

That’s the beauty and power of the hero instinct.

It is just a matter of saying the right words to make him understand that you are his only choice.


5 Let him know that you aren’t rushing to get love

Don’t dismiss your friend by saying that you don’t want to talk about relationships and love. But tell him that you aren’t rushing to find the right one.

This will let him know you are serious about your relationship and not just playing around. He will eventually fade away if he isn’t interested in this.

You aren’t rushing, you’re not telling him to hurry–that you have standards. This will keep him on his toes. Instead of thinking, “I should show her I’m worthy”, he’d say, “Yeah, sure, span>

6. Do not kiss your first date.

You don’t have to kiss the first time you meet someone. This will not ruin a good relationship. You don’t have to give the guy everything you want.

To get to know one another better, go on the first few dates. Before he can kiss you, he must win you over in all other areas.

While you might be afraid to lose the chance to have a kiss, an interested man won’t stop because you didn’t kiss.

7. Don’t rush into sex.

Men are constantly thinking about sex, according to some. This is true in part. Many men want sex as the only thing in a relationship.

He will feel like he “won” too soon if you give him sex too early. Don’t do this. Instead, keep him at arm’s length and allow him to earn the right to go to bed with you. Do not let him get away with you. Instead, impress him and make him feel appreciated.

A sexual practice known as “eroticsexual denial” is what you are doing here. However, he has the right to take your place at bedtime.

It works like this: You would tease him, make him want you, but stop him from acting on that desire. His need for you will only grow without your release.

Dopamine floods his brain when he has sex with you. This will not only get him hooked on you, but it also makes his climax more satisfying.

8. Do not praise him too much for doing good things.

Don’t be too grateful if he does something nice for you, even if it is simple. It’s not like he has brought heaven down to Earth. You should thank him, but not so much that you think he rarely gets nice things.

Don’t be jealous if he does something nice for you, especially if it is simple. You should thank him, but not so much that he thinks you only get good things very rarely.

It’s important to pretend that it isn’t life-changing for you.

Don’t be too generous. Even if you don’t get enough attention in your daily life, you must act as if you DESERVE to receive it.

9. Get busy with your job.

Don’t pretend to be busy if you don’t like it. Get busy. Don’t just do it for men. Do it for yourself.

Focusing on your goals, especially career goals, instead of waiting for a man chase you will help you remember that you are the most important person in your life.

We are more important than any man to our careers and our life callings. While men come and go, the things you cultivate for yourself will last a lifetime. Prioritize yourself, even if he proves worthy.

10. Get involved in your hobbies.

You don’t want your job to be your only occupation.

Enjoy doing things. If you’re into mountaineering, do it. If you’re into embroidery, do it.

Do whatever you are interested in. Yes, even if you’re in love.

This has the same effect on your career as being busy. It makes you prioritize your own life, but instead of “life’s purpose,” your hobbies can help you feel like you are in control of your happiness.

A guy will see you as a woman who is happy.

11. Don’t make him change your life.

It’s easy to get what you want when you are willing to bring the heavens down to Earth to win his affection and attention. Do not do this.

You don’t have to cancel plans to be with him. If you’re not into jeans and shirts, you don’t have to dress up like Ariana Grande.

You must be yourself if you want him to appreciate you more. If you try to impress him, he will know. This can lead to him losing his attraction.

12. Love is not the most important thing in your life.

It’s not hard to learn

This means that you must be valued if you want to be pursued.

If you place love first, men will notice. Your world will revolve around you if you become too attached. Don’t do this.

There are many other important things in life than romantic love. It is interesting that the more you understand this, the harder it becomes for you to find love.

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Here’s how to make him chase you instead:
Do not plan your life to revolve around him.
Make use of your magnetic femininity.
Make him contemplate you.
Have confidence that the right man will ultimately show interest in you.
Be enigmatic….
Create activities with one another.
Send him a flirtatious text or photo.
Avoid contacting him.



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