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These are 12 characteristics that make a top quality woman


Quality of a good woman will be able to serve as role models in the future, as institutions and workplaces become more diverse.

A woman who is a good mother is more than just a mother. It is about being honest, courageous, confident, and, most importantly, self-respect.

A woman can be a good person without being perfect.

Good women can also be human, and people make mistakes and regret them.

It’s all about being positive despite your flaws, weaknesses and limitations.

It can be difficult to become a great woman.

Here are 12 characteristics that make good women.

She respects herself1. She respects herself

Although society might have different ideas about what should and shouldn’t be, a woman who is good at being herself quality of a good woman doesn’t accept that.

She is a model of integrity and self-respect that allows her to be the person she wants to become.

She is a good steward of her body and exercises regularly.

She is a good listener and learns from books.

She is proud of her identity and doesn’t do anything that would be considered as a violation.

Women who are strong and independent can be strong and stand up for themselves.

She is confident and sticks to her values.

2. She doesn’t play games with others…

quality of a good woman Communication is key to building good relationships with colleagues and friends.

No riddles. No tricks. Only the truth.

A woman who is a good woman speaks what she means and does what she says. She doesn’t expect others to understand her thoughts.

She instead expresses her thoughts and feelings clearly.

She doesn’t hide or bury disappointments or anger from others.

She is able to maturely discuss it with the other person while still remaining respectful and kind.

She does not try to manipulate people with her words.

She is able to respectfully express her views without trying to force them on others.

3 But she Does Have a Playful Side

quality of a good woman is able to tell the difference between seriousness and fun.

She can modestly laugh at herself when she makes a mistake in the past.

She doesn’t take life too seriously so she accepts her past mistakes and regrets, learns from them and moves on.

She doesn’t joke around at the expense or disadvantage of anyone else when she does it. It’s often about the absurdities of life.

It is this that makes her so joyful to be around: nobody gets hurt.

She strives to make people feel at ease around her.

4. She is always looking to improve herself

A woman who is a good woman realizes her potential.

She knows that the skills and knowledge she has been born with are not permanent.

She is able to reinvent herself over and over again.

This is what Carol Dweck, a psychologist, calls a “growth mindset”.

It is what allowedquality of a good woman to succeed and follow their passions.

She takes initiative to learn if she isn’t familiar with the managerial aspects of her company.

She might be enrolled in online courses or reading business books to expand her knowledge.

She is able to cross the fine line between self-acceptance, and never settling.

She is determined to be better, but she also has the compassion to see her mistakes.

She doesn’t let anything get her down or fall when she does. She gets up and tries again.

5. She shows respect to everyone

A woman who is a good woman knows that everyone deserves the same respect. After all, we’re all human.

She still treats people politely with good manners, despite having a history of bad behavior and poor records.

She has the same attitude when she interacts with senior-ups and interns, receptionists and customer service staff – people who are traditionally above and below her rank on the corporate ladder.

While it is free to show respect and kindness, others might feel that the cost is a bit steep.

She uses her first name to greet people. She can recall what people said to her and is generous with compliments.

She’s not doing it to win favours, she’s doing this because she loves others.

6. She can forgive and understand…

It can be hard to forgive someone, especially if they have crossed the line. It can be difficult for anyone to forgive someone, especially if they have done something wrong. Most people live their whole lives with a grudge against someone.

A woman who is good at heart can see that not all things are water under the bridge.

She believes it is possible to understand others, but that everyone can be forgiven.

She doesn’t need to be burdened with such emotional baggage.

She can forge a new relationship by forgiving the person who has wronged her.

What good is holding on to hatred anyway?

7 But She Can Also Be Firm When She Must

She is confident and brave when it comes to standing up for her beliefs and helping others.

She can laugh at jokes and insults, but when they are directed at someone she loves, she will put her foot down.

She may not be able to forgive the person she loves, but it might take her a while.

8. She is a good company

She can instantly lighten up any room she enters.

She can be there for you when you are lonely and need someone to share your loneliness with.

She is able to empathize and listen to others, which allows her to build meaningful and lasting relationships with them.

9. She is a role model for others

Everybody loves a great hero. They are people to admire. They are an example of how it is possible to be kind and compassionate and to still be strong enough to advocate for others.

You know when you are with a woman who is good for you.

She encourages you to be the best version of yourself each day.

Because she is truly committed to seeing you achieve your full potential, she will motivate you to work harder and go further.

She uses her platform as a way to raise important issues that affect the people she knows.

quality of a good woman doesn’t fear speaking out for truth when others are afraid.

She hopes that others will follow her example.

10. She empathizes and connects with others

She is there for anyone who feels discouraged or unsure of how to deal with their feelings.

She doesn’t criticize or judge others. She listens to others and gives them the attention that they require.

She may even cancel her plans to comfort a friend.

This is why women who are good at relationships tend to be close and have deep connections with their friends.

She values her relationships and invests her energy to keep them going.

11. She doesn’t discriminate

Although she has been discriminated against in the past because of her identity, she does not seek revenge.

She is the best person.

Discriminating is to be a follower of hate and inequality. She breaks the chain by being open-minded and accepting of others and is a role model for others.

She can forgive anyone, regardless of whether they were speaking against her or if she doesn’t believe in them.

She believes that small disagreements and grudges are not worth the effort to divide people.

12. She doesn’t let anyone define her

Some people have a tendency to let others define them.

They allow trends to dictate their fashion style.

They allow groups of people to define their personality, behavior, and beliefs – even if they don’t agree with them.

They lose their senses of self along the way. They lose touch with their true selves and disappear into the crowd.

Good women know that their identity is not up to anyone but them.

She’s trying to be herself, even though others might see her as different or strange.

She lives her life according her own values: honesty, love and integrity.

There are many good women in the world.

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