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Quiet Person

They may appear quiet and calm on the outside but inside they are so much more.

They are calm and introspective.

It can be hard to understand a quiet person because they are often unassuming and quiet.

If you really look, these traits will reveal a completely different side to the person’s seemingly monolithic personality.

Quiet Person13 signs of Quiet Person

1. They speak only when spoken to

Rarely will you ever meet a person who is completely silent and starts a conversation.

While many people would be happy to share their experiences with others, a quiet person will only speak when necessary.

They don’t have to be shy, they just don’t feel the need speak.

They share only when they are needed.

2. They are economical with their words

Talking to someone quiet is like talking to someone who must pay for everything they say.

They carefully consider the meaning of their sentences and phrases.

They don’t want them to misunderstand or say the wrong things.

It is almost like they have a limit on the number of words they can use per day. They do their best to stick to that limit.

They are still able to communicate their thoughts, despite being so sparse with their words.

Quiet people are great writers, because they don’t waste their time with fluff and small talk.

They are able to quickly get to the essence of things.

3. They get intimidated by fast talkers

Although a quiet person does not necessarily have to be shy, they can feel intimidated by someone who is completely different from them.

It can be mentally exhausting to have someone who is chatty meet someone who is quiet.

They are aware that people who chat a lot expect enthusiastic and quick responses.

However, just because someone doesn’t respond quickly or enthusiastically does not mean that they aren’t interested in the conversation.

Quiet people need to be able to respond and process information, which is something that chatty people often don’t understand.

4. They Avoid Crowded Situations

Although quiet people don’t necessarily have to be introverted, most of them do.

Being an introvert can mean feeling like others drain your energy.

An introverted person will find it exhausting to be in a crowded environment.

You are a quiet person and will avoid going to the amusement parks or public events where you might be asked to host or speak.

Because you are aware that these situations can be overwhelming, you do your best to avoid them.

To recover, you need to spend a lot of time alone.

5. They See Everything Around Them

People who are quiet tend to be the best observers.

They are very private. They are prone to look, listen and wait.

They are able to see and pick out the smallest details, so if something changes, they will be the first ones to notice it.

6. They can be extremely productive

Great productivity is possible when there’s great silence. You can get things done best if you are a quiet person, especially if it doesn’t involve others.

They have learned to maximize their productivity in solitude.

They are able to accomplish more than those who get distracted easily by the smallest things.

7. They can be calm in difficult situations

Do you need someone who is calm and collected in the face the apocalypse? You need someone who is calm and collected.

Although calm and quiet are not synonymous, calm and quiet can be taught to people by the same behavior and tendencies.

They are reflective and introspective, and can think clearly about stressful and alarming situations.

8. They tend to be minimalists

Quiet people don’t allow the daily trivialities of everyday life to bother them. They see the big picture and don’t worry about the small stuff.

This is why quiet people tend to be minimalists. They decorate their homes and live in harmony with their thoughts.

This is why people who are quiet aren’t great at designing.

You might be surprised at how much you need to spend on housewares if you are married to someone who is quiet. They don’t see the value in buying more than what they have.

9. They aren’t bored or unhappy just because they’re quiet

This is a common misconception.

You might think that someone is having a boring time if they are sitting still.

Depending on their demeanor, you might feel they are bored, unhappy, or even unapproachable.

This is not true. When left alone, quiet people can be quite content.

They are frugal in their words but also with their emotions.

It is not always obvious that a happy person is quiet.

10. They are patient and patient

You might find it difficult to get an extrovert, loud, party-goer to stay in a room for more than a few hours without their phone.

However, if you ask a quiet person the same question, they will be perfectly fine and may even want more time after you unlock the doors.

Quiet people can be experts at living in the present.

They can even run out of time with only their thoughts.

They don’t fear their silence like so many others.

They enjoy the freedom to think and being alone in a space can be considered a vacation.

11. They don’t have an ego

Being quiet is a benefit because you don’t have to chat or respond to everyone around you. This allows you to be more reflective.

Being more reflective is about being more aware of all things, even yourself.

Quiet people are more able to understand themselves.

They can understand their emotions and triggers, they understand why certain feelings are felt, as well as the root causes and sources of their problems.

This self-understanding helps quiet people to be more able to ignore their ego and fight it. It also means that they don’t have the same egoistic tendencies as other people.

Quiet people are better people because they don’t have an ego. They are more able to think rationally and react in difficult situations.

12. Their words are powerful

Listen when a quiet person speaks. They aren’t likely to share their thoughts very often. They may not share all their thoughts as often as most people.

If a person is quiet and feels the need to share unprovoked information, then what they are sharing is important.

They truly do mean something and every word can be powerful at the right time.

The easiest way to hurt someone quiet is by making fun of them. Listen to them, but don’t make fun of what they have said.

This is the best way to make a person talk less.

13. Their visualization is stronger than most

A quiet person can spend a lot of time thinking rather than talking and it is a way to exercise your mind at levels that are beyond what the rest of us can even imagine.

They have a higher level of imagination and visualization than their chattier peers. This is why they are able to live in silence.

What can they do with this skill, then? Quiet people are great planners, thinkers and writers.

They are able to visualize scenarios and worlds that don’t exist. This helps others bring their ideas into the real world.

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