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What Makes a Sage? These are 7 Distinctive Characteristics


A sage  WISE FOOL: Is there such a person?

There is! They are known as sage souls.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of truth only reflected half the truth.

They don’t sit still and watch the time go by.

Guess what? Sage souls are attracted to being the center of attention. They see the world and themselves as actors.

Imagine Miley Cyrus. She’s actually a great example of a sage. Sages aren’t quiet, reserved types. They are some of the most gifted performers the world has ever witnessed.

The archetypal Sage doesn’t spend their time stroking their hair and thinking about the meaning of life.

define sage They already Know

What is a Sage? Here are seven characteristics of a Sage:

“I prefer to do all of the talking.” It saves time and avoids arguments.” — Oscar Wilde

1. The world is a stage…

A sage does not necessarily refer to the classic bearded philosopher or thinker you see.

They are the embodiment of expressive communication. Sages are naturally entertainers and seek attention.

There are also sages who can be actors, storytellers and court jesters. When it comes to performance and public speaking, they don’t shy away.

They are comfortable in front of an audience, where they can take center stage and enjoy the attention.

2. They care about how others view them…

Are you aware of people who look great? They are probably wise souls.

A sage soul has one main characteristic: they are rarely out in public without dressing up and getting dressed up. They look great in photos and on camera.

One thing is certain about Sages: They are attractive to the eyes, distinct, eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye.

3. They are attracted to glamour and flashiness.

They will surely be the life and soul of the party if you put them in their place.

4. They are gifted with the gift of gab

Mark Twain: “I didn’t have the time to write a brief letter so I wrote one instead.”

Sages are the wordsmiths of this world. Sages are not only great performers but also communicate well and can express themselves verbally.

They are known for their quick wit and verbal skills. Sages possess “the gift” of gab, which is a natural ability.

Do you know someone who is melodramatic or exaggerated in order to create a dramatic effect or humorous effect? That’s a Sage.

5. They’re fun!

Sages are always eager to share their wisdom and wit. Because of their guaranteed wisdom talks and witty banter, you will never get bored listening to a Sage.

Young sages lack wisdom, so they are often accompanied by clownish acts. Although they may seem foolish or silly, there is so much more to the Sage that the bag of wind.

Sage’s life experiences and knowledge will make their act more polished and cultured. They have a natural talent for humor and can make great comedians.

6. They are great teachers.

They aren’t boring teachers like you might be used to.

They teach with humor, humor, and playful banter. Their style of teaching is often not formal. They are able to grab your attention and make it difficult for you to not listen.

They are intelligent and perceptive and share the knowledge they have gathered with the rest of the world.

7. They are extroverts

Ronald Reagan

Sages are the stereotypical world-class extroverts. Sages aren’t shy or retiring, especially if they’re young. They are energetic, outspoken, and exuberant.

Sages mature as the soul matures. They become more philosophical and thoughtful.

The evolution of a Sage Soul

Reincarnation says that the soul is constantly evolving. The body and personality you now have are just the vehicles that you have chosen to take you on your next step.

There are seven steps to complete each stage. These are the 5 major stages:

I. Infant Soul


III. Young Soul


Sage souls go through the same stages. This is how a Sage soul looks in each Sage:

Infant Sage – They are selfish and impulsive. They are still exposed to the outside world and act on impulses or habits without thinking about consequences.

It is up to them to decide which side of the law they prefer. It is up to them.

Young Sage – Young Sages are extrovert attention-seekers. They are attracted to fame and fortune because they enjoy glamour and showbiz.

They retain a flair for drama that William Shakespeare exemplified. His passion for dramatic elements can be seen in his plays, which are often considered to be a play within a play.

They feel very comfortable in their skin.

Osho is a perfect example. He created a fanatical group and wrote a lot of his teachings.

How to succeed if you're a Sage SoulHow to succeed if you’re a Sage Soul

Modern research confirms what ancient societies knew all along: Those who have had rich experiences and learned from them, are the wisest.

These are some of the benefits that Sages can learn from experience. They will help you succeed in today’s world.

1. Get feedback frequently

Ask others what they think about you. You may not be making the impact you want. Use it to constructively criticize your approach and change how you think.

Recognize the feedback you get. Be open-minded and don’t be defensive. 

2. Reflect

Every successful person knows how to reflect on the performance and behavior of others. Take the time to reflect every day on your day’s work, and other interactions.

Reflection is about being objective in your self assessment. Self-criticism is important, but you should also recognize success when it is warranted.

3. Know your strengths and weak points

You will discover where you’re weak and where you excel by analyzing your feedback.

You need to be able to identify your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

Final words

Sages are not like philosophers. The philosopher wants to understand the world to be happy.

Sages enjoy and see surprising connections and amusing contradictions.

According to the 7 personality types, Sage souls know enough about life to be able to move on to the next level: enjoying life.

They now share their knowledge and help make the world a little brighter. Isn’t that what we all want?

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