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10 things smart people do every day (but never discuss)

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smart peopleA certain type of personality and smart people is most likely what comes to mind when you think about highly intelligent people.

People who are able to solve complicated mathematical equations or know everything.

Intelligence is much more than this.

Intelligence can be described as a combination of intellectual, social, or emotional facets.

Intelligent people are flexible thinkers who can adjust to change, manage emotions and think before they act.

If you believe you are intelligent, you will relate to the things intelligent people do.

1. They are thirsty for information

This is something we all know. Smart people are hungry for knowledge. They are driven to stay informed.

Smart people find it exciting and enjoyable, whereas others find reading tedious and boring.

They will see more of the world and become more creative as they process more information.

They are often glued to newspapers and books, staying up-to-date or just immersed in the world of another person.

Expect them to spend their time listening to podcasts, reading books, watching documentaries, listening to debates and talking to people who have lots to share.

2. They can be swapped, but they are also not stubborn.

Smart people think better than others.

They can be alone for hours.

They have an endless amount of problems and questions to solve, and they enjoy doing it.

They are careful about what opinions they express and the stances they adopt.

They won’t allow a post on Facebook or any other social media propaganda to shape their worldview.

They know the importance of looking at issues from different angles.

Their opinions are based on their knowledge and experiences.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t convince a smart person to do otherwise.

They will not be stubborn if they are presented with the right facts and logic.

3. They learn from their mistakes and experiences

The world is complex and impossible to understand.

Smart people are always trying to improve and learn from their mistakes.

Learning from their mistakes and failings is how they become so smart.

Smart people don’t associate their egos with their opinions. This is why they are able to say “I was wrong!”

Because they have more evidence and evidence, they can now admit that they were wrong about something they believed.

4. They have clear goals that they actually reach

Smart people have clear goals that they can achieve. They keep their goal in mind.

When you get caught up in the stress of your day at work, it can be easy for you to lose sight of the larger picture.

Smart people know that it is important to periodically assess their progress and see how it aligns to their larger goals.

They make their dreams and goals come true.

5. They don’t like small talk

Although smart people can be patient, they soon get bored talking about nothing.

They should be able to extract something from the conversation that will stimulate their minds.

They feel that their time is being wasted if they don’t get anything interesting and they want to find something more worthwhile.

They don’t need to talk about whether or colour. Instead, they can discuss birds as dinosaurs and the latest news.

6. They are open-minded

Smart people understand all perspectives and don’t let emotions or biases get in their way.

Accepting that there are always 2 sides to any story is important. Everyone has good reasons to think the way they do.

Smart people will look at the whole picture before they form an opinion.

7. They don’t assume they’re always right

Smart people aren’t rigid in their opinions.

They aren’t aggressive and won’t insist that you do as they say.

They realize that life is too complicated to be right all the time.

They don’t think they are the best in the room.

Socrates stated, “The only true wisdom is knowing that you don’t know anything.”

They approach a problem from many different perspectives when they tackle it.

Smart people listen more than they talk, evaluate more than they act, and collaborate instead of following orders.

8. They have amazing observational skills

Ever felt like you were just one step ahead of others when it came to seeing and understanding the world around us?

You see things before others.

It is easy to notice when something is moved around in a room.

It is easy to see the subtle differences between days.

You can also figure out shows and movies faster than your peers.

Deep people observe and practice observation unintentionally, while still being themselves.

They aren’t distracted by the social drama of their colleagues and friends.

Their minds are constantly thinking about other things, even though they may be as trivial as the dots on their walls or the stripes on the ceilings.

9. They love books

They love to read.

It is difficult to determine which comes first: do smart people like reading or do reading make them smarter? But regardless of the outcome, they have always had an important relationship with books.

Although they may not have read as much as they used to as children, as adults they read more than most people.

It’s a great hobby for smart people. You can immerse yourself in another culture without worrying about others and learn about things you didn’t know.

Smart people understand that books will always be a part of their lives. This is not just a connection where they post pictures of book covers on Instagram.

It’s a real connection that will draw them back to their favourite bookstore no matter how many years ago.

10. They love solving problems

Smart people see the opportunities to innovate where others see walls.

Problems aren’t obstacles. They’re temporary roadblocks, challenges that require some thought.

They have always been able to solve problems for their peers.

They see things from different perspectives and can “zoom out” to see the forest and trees in a way that most people cannot.

Solving problems could be their full-time job.

Smart people solve problems well because they are able to think in unexpected ways and find solutions that others didn’t see.

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