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55 soulmate sayings and quotes you will love

soulmate quotes

soulmate quotesWhen it comes to finding your soulmate quotes, the old saying “When you know you know”,

It is impossible to guess or wonder when true love will arrive. You will usually hear a sign to let you know that true love is here.

This could be a voice inside your head, recognition of the person you are with or a feeling in your gut that you feel special.

Although there are many indicators that you have found your soulmate, one word can best describe it: special.

These 85 quotes about soulmates will inspire you to love, regardless of whether or not you are still searching for your soulmate.

All about soulmate quotes

soulmate quotes The one who makes your life complete is your soulmate. – Richard Bach

True love is when you find your soulmate in your best friend. Faye Hall

One heart worth loving is one that you can understand even when it’s quiet. – Shannon L. Alder

It is impossible to find a soul mate. Recognized as a soul mate. – Vironika Tugaleva’s

soulmate quotes You share half of our gifts. You have the other. We all make up a whole. We are stronger together. Joss Stirling

It feels like a part of my soul has always loved you. Perhaps we are from the same star. Emery Allen

There is no other heart like mine in the entire world. There is no one who loves you as much as mine in the entire world. – Maya Angelou

Although the term “soulmate” is often overused, true soul connections are rare and very real. Hilary Duff

Even if they don’t believe, I would love to be your soulmate. Colleen Hoover’s

soulmate quotes Twin soulmates share a special bond: unconditional love, respect, each other’s best, and a high level of compatibility. – Mettrie L.

A soulmate is someone who is strong enough to inspire you to find your soulmate, to do the emotional work to self-discovery and awakening. – Kenny Loggins

If you truly believe your soulmate is there, there are no limits to how he or she can come into your life. – Arielle Ford

It is not about finding the perfect person but seeing the imperfections in others that make you fall in love. Sam Keen

How likely is it that you would ever meet someone like this? He wondered. A person you could love forever, and someone you would always love back.

What did you do when this person was born halfway around the world? It seemed impossible to do the math. Rainbow Rowell

Soulmates are often found during their respective pursuits of soul missions. After pursuing many soul contracts that are fraught with discord, creating a soulmate can be seen as a spiritual reward. – Linda Brady

Do you remember feeling really close to someone? You felt so close to someone that you couldn’t believe you have two bodies and two skins. – Nancy Garden

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a relationship with a woman. Sometimes, in life, people meet you when you are most needed and you feel a connection immediately. Alison G. Bailey

Soulmates are people we have known for many lives, with whom we have fulfilled many karmic agreements, and with which we have resolved conflicts.

Although they may not be soul mates or soul partners, they will be soul contracts. True soul mates are never in a fight. Love is all that remains. – Karen M. Black

It’s all about the guts. You fight for the world if you have it. If you don’t have it, you fight against yourself. – Heenashree Khandelwal

I instantly recognized you. In a split second, all of our lives flashed through me. I felt a strong pull towards you and almost couldn’t resist it. – J. Sterling

Beauty is the purest emotion of the soul. When the soul is happy, beauty will arise. – Amit Ray

Although soul mates are often linked, they can fight to be apart, creating confusion and wounds. They can teach you what no one else can. – Donna Lynn Hope

It is paradoxical to say that you wait a lifetime for your soulmate. It is possible to get tired of waiting and take a chance on someone. The art of commitment can lead to soulmates. This takes a lifetime. Criss Jami

It was impossible to imagine that I would ever be in love with Gideon again. He was my soulmate, for better or worse. He was the other half of me He was in many ways my reflection. Sylvia Day

There are many illusions that you need to let go of if you want to attract your soulmate. The first is the belief that your soulmate is someone you will live with for the rest of your life.

A soul mate relationship can last for weeks, months or even years. The quality and importance of your relationship are not affected by time. – Sanaya Roman

I’m looking for a soulmate who can take me aside, keep me quiet, tell me ten new things, and make me smile. It doesn’t matter how you look, I just want to be turned on.

If you are able to do so, I will go with you through the snow on bloody stumps. I will eat your mukluks.

I will clean your windows. I will take care of your feelings. You just need to put something in there. Henry Rollins

We are given many chances to find soulmates. You could find a soulmate in high school. You don’t have to act on that chance of meeting someone special. You will, but at a time that is more convenient for your schedule. – Meg Cabot

He knew they were perfect at the moment. When he told her what was next, she didn’t say ‘be cautious’ or ‘don’t do it. But she would accept his decision because she had not expected anything less from him. – J.K. Rowling

Love is the key to understanding all mysteries. When you are in love you can learn everything and know things that you never thought possible. – Paulo Coelho

Many people have more than one soulmate. One soulmate could be a friend, a child, or a lover. You can have a soul mate with someone with you share a spiritual path,

work together in the world or make a commitment to being parents to certain souls. You can sponsor a child’s growth. – Sanaya Roman


soulmate quotes

A soulmate is someone with whom we feel deeply connected. It’s not intentional effort, but a divine grace that allows us to communicate and connect. – Thomas Moore

True friends don’t have mirrors that allow us to see ourselves in a positive light. – Shannon L. Alder’s

soulmate quotes While loving can be costly, not loving is always more expensive. Those who fear love often feel that the desire for love is a lack of joy and a loss of purpose. – Merle Shain

You must let go of the idea that you have a perfect soul mate. They will not fulfil all your expectations and will give you everything you desire. You don’t expect your soulmate to be someone you can trust, who is easy to talk with, who shares your views and who gives you comfort. – Sanaya Roman

A soulmate is someone who views life differently than yours but compliments it. There is no compromise; there is always a compliment. Paul Robear

There is nothing more important for two souls than to feel connected, to share in the creation of silent memories that are unspoken. – George Eliot

The bond between souls and the planet is older than the planet. – Dianna Hardy

Many people believe that a soulmate is a perfect match for you. A true soulmate is someone who is a mirror.

They are the ones who can show you all that is wrong with you and bring you to your own attention. This is how you can make positive changes in your life. – Elizabeth Gilbert

There is no chance for souls to meet. – Sheila Burke

You must first discover your soul before you can find your soulmate. – Charles F. Glassman

A soulmate is someone we share the greatest level of comfort and security with. This doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t problems to be solved.

It is a sign that we intuitively know that we can solve problems with our soul mates, without losing their love and respect. – Linda Brady

It is better to give someone a little of your soul than to give them a little of your heart. Because souls are forever. – Helen Boswell

The soulmate is something we strive for and want to understand about ourselves. It is what we consider to be perfection, purity and unending love. – Sorin Cerin

A soulmate quote is a relationship that the soul maintains with another person over many lifetimes.

At a soul level, we are drawn to another person not because they are our unique complement but because being with them gives us an impetus to be whole. – Edgar Cayce

You must first discover your soul before you can find your soulmate. – Charles F. Glassman

After perfecting our disguises, we spend our lives looking for someone to fool. – Robert Brault

I don’t think I’d have known that my life was not complete if we hadn’t met. I would have traveled the globe in search of you, even though I didn’t know what I was looking for. — Nicholas Sparks

My heart knows who it belongs to. I am certain of that fact, even before I met Karla Campos. Karla Campos

Humanity knows that it is impossible to know your own beauty or sense of worth unless you see it in the eyes of another caring, loving human being. John Joseph Powell

You have always been there for me and I never asked you to do anything. – Karen A. Baquiran

Love is the discovery of oneself in another and the joy in that recognition. Alexander Smith

The ocean is what separates people and lands. Munia Khan

Although our lives might not have been perfectly arranged, we were able to learn how to dance together. – K. Towne Jr.

Our soul… will direct us to people who share our purpose, complement our strengths, or supplement our weaknesses. There is no guarantee that the ideal mates will look or come from our backgrounds. – Carolyn Miller

My first love story was the moment I heard it. I began looking for you. I didn’t realize how blind I was. It doesn’t happen that lovers finally meet. They are always in love with each other. -Rumi

Soulmate relationships are not about lust and excitement. They are about a shared life path and a mutual love of one another. Katherine Woodward Thomas

Soul mates are people we’ve known for many lives, with whom we have fulfilled many karmic agreements, and with which we have had to resolve conflicts.

soulmate quotes Although they may not be soul mates or marriage partners, they will be soul contracts. True soul mates are never in a fight. Love is all that remains. – Karen M. Black

Not the soulmates who make you happy, no. They are the ones that make you feel the best.

Burning edges, scars, and stars. Beauty, captivation, old pangs. Strain and shadows, worry and yearning. Sweetness, madness, and dreamlike submission. They will throw you into the abyss. They smell like hope. Victoria Erickson

We were two souls who had broken hearts and wanted to help one another. I was able to get a piece of both you and me. – Evy Michaels

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