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10 Signs that a soulmates is Right for You

What would a gifted advisor say?

Is he my soulmates?”

Do you ask yourself these questions?

You get along well, your conversations flow and you can touch one another.

Let’s just say the spark is like a superbolt in the northern hemisphere.

Does this mean you are meant to be together for life? Is it just another fling?

It can be hard to tell the difference between a crush and a soulmate at first glance.

They both produce intense emotions, and the happy neurotransmitters within the brain fire like mad…

When you really think about it, a soulmate relationship is something you will only experience once or twice in your life (if you are lucky).

Hack Spirit has been studying soulmate relationships like mad for quite some time. We’ve narrowed down the 42 most significant signs that a man is your true soulmate.

This is the only way to determine if your man truly is your “one-and-only”.

What does it mean to be a soulmate?

It’s essential that we define what “soulmate” actually means before we begin.

Many people are unsure of the concept, and others don’t believe it.

We polled Hack Spirit’s email list (34,142 subscribers) to find out whether people believe in soulmates. 68% said yes, 20% said no and 12% were unsure. 

Surprised result? The surprising result? Men were more likely than women to say yes (70% versus 66%).

You can’t blame those who said no. It’s impossible to find that “one person” in a world of billions of people.

Actually, Bustle scientists did the Math to find that the odds of finding “the One” are 1 in 10,000 or 0.1%.

Not great odds, right?

Here’s what to remember:

A soulmate isn’t just one person. Nope.

soulmate is simply someone you can call your best friend or romantic partner. They share a deep, almost unbreakable connection.

Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D., in Psychology Today says that “soulmate” refers to a strong bond between two people.

Do you and your man have this strong bond? Let’s see.

These are 42 signs he’s your soulmate

1) It’s all in your gut

It’s not a secret that women are more sensitive to their emotions than men.

If you know that this guy is the one for you, there’s a good chance that is your soulmate.

This sounds ridiculous, I’m sorry. The first sign is “The feeling in your stomach”

Your intuition is powerful, but it is true. That is something we can all agree on.

If this man is truly your soulmate, you can be sure that your intuition will know it before you.

His presence makes you feel at ease, you are energized by his attention and just plain giddy with love.

It’s fate. It’s luck. It’s meant for you to be together for a long time. It’s all in your head.

What would a gifted advisor say?2) What would a gifted advisor say?

These signs will help you determine if you are in a soulmate or not.

It can still be very beneficial to talk to someone intuitive and receive guidance.

They can answer your questions about relationships and help you to get rid of all your worries.

Are they your soulmate? Is it really your destiny to be with them

After going through a difficult time in my relationship, I spoke with someone from the Psychic Source. After I had been lost in my thoughts for so many years, they gave me an unique insight into my life and who I was meant be with.

They were so kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable that I was actually shocked.

A gifted advisor will help you determine if he is your soulmate and empower you to make the best decisions about love.

3) Be your true self around him

People change how they present themselves to the outside world based on how they feel they will be received by certain institutions or groups.

You might be a different professional from what you are at home, or how you interact with your friends.

Everybody tries to be flexible in how they react and see situations.

But a soulmate connection? The honesty of a soulmate can define a connection.

You cannot be authentic with your soulmate, unlike how you are with others.

You are both comfortable in your skin and open to each other.

In a soulmate relationship, there is no place for secrets.

This means you can be open with yourself after you’ve found your soulmate.

Because you don’t judge, it makes it easier to be authentic and unfiltered with the other person.

They can help you to let go of the past and move forward.

4) You are more aware of your surroundings

In an essay he wrote in 2013, Tim Kreider stated the following: “If you want to be loved, we must submit to the humiliating ordeal of knowing.”

While we all want to love and be loved, many of us don’t want to share our vulnerability with others. We also don’t want to look at who we really are.

These two issues can be solved when you find your soulmate and a friend.

Find someone who is open to you and doesn’t judge.

These can help you discover more about yourself, including your weaknesses, your contradictions and your strengths.

People with whom you have a deep soul connection can reflect your own qualities back to you.

They can help you to see the good in you and show you how to grow.

5) You’re best friends

He will tell you everything. You can hear his deepest fears, insecurities, and worries.

You have each other’s backs no matter what.

Maybe you were once friends before you fell in love. Perhaps your passionate sexual relationship blossomed into a wonderful friendship.

Soulmates, no matter what their situation may be, are best friends who will do anything for one another.

Let’s just say this:

You get to know each other better than anyone else.

There is a good chance this man will be your soulmate if you can tell that he is your best friend and your romantic lover.

6) You recognize him

Do you want to find out if he is your soulmate or not? Do you have a relationship or a friendship with your soulmate

Let’s face facts:

People who are not compatible with us can cause us to waste a lot time and energy. It’s not easy to find your soulmate.

What if there were a way to eliminate all of the guesswork?

I have just discovered a way to do it… a professional psychic artist can draw a sketch about your soulmate.

My friend convinced me to give it a try a few weeks back, even though I was initially skeptical.

I now know what he looks exactly. It’s amazing that I was able to recognize him immediately.

7) He has changed your life for the better

Is he able to bring out the best in you? Are you motivated by him to get rid of your unhealthy habits?

Are you able to believe in yourself?

If you can answer yes to these questions then this guy could be your true soulmate.

Soulmates can bring out the best in each other. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s impossible to ignore it.

You can say this guy “completes you” if he makes you want to reach your goals and live the best life possible.

He’s helping you to see your potential and making all of your insecurities and fears disappear.

This is the kind of thing soulmates can do.

8) You balance one another out

You’ll likely find your strengths will be his weaknesses if you are true soulmates. You get the idea.

Soulmates are meant for each other. Because he will bring balance to your life, this guy is the right man for you.

Truth is, in the beginning, stages of any relationship, there is always something new and exciting. Spending time together is a pleasure because you complement one another.

When things get more routine and settle into a rhythm, many relationships fall apart.


It can be very difficult to spend time with people whose personalities are not compatible and complementary.

But are soulmates the same? But soulmates are not the same.

They complement one another’s personalities. Your strengths will be derived from your differences if they complement one another.

You enjoy spending time together because you share positive energy.

You might be an introvert, but this guy is an extrovert.

This is a simple example but it works. He does most of the talking, and you do most of the listening.

He is more spontaneous and impulsive.

You make your life more enjoyable and he makes it more organized.

This is how soulmates work together. To make their lives more enjoyable, they balance one another.

9) He protects you

You can be certain that he will protect you if he is your soulmate.

To earn your respect, he’ll take the initiative to help you.

A new psychological theory is generating lots of interest right now. It goes right to the core of whether two people really are soulmates.

It is known as the hero instinct.

It boils down to the fact that men want to be a hero every day. He desires to be respected. He is not a ‘best friend’ or ‘partner-in crime’.

It sounds silly, I know. Women don’t need someone to save them these days. They don’t need to have a ‘hero in their lives.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s the irony. It’s still important for men to feel like heroes. It’s in their DNA. They need to find relationships that make them feel like one.

If he truly is your soulmate, he will step up and become your everyday hero. He will do seemingly small things to earn your trust.

Sometimes, however, you have to light the spark to awaken the hero instinct in him.

 learn how to activate your man’s hero instinct. James Bauer, the first to coin this term as a relationship psychologist, shares the simple steps you can take today to activate this instinct.

A man’s hero instinct will be triggered and he’ll become more loving, attentive, committed, and willing to stay in a long-term marriage.

You’ll know instantly that you are soulmates.

10) You are both at the same place

It’s funny how you can enjoy the first stages of a relationship with someone but realize later that you are at different stages of your life.

You might not be ready to settle down yet, but your friends are already looking to purchase a home in the suburbs with a large yard for their kids.

They might be coming out of a bad breakup, and want to slow down, while you are ready to do the full nine yards in a matter of minutes.

You meet your soulmate at the same time in your lives. Both of you want the same things.

This is why things will likely work out. You’ll both want to settle down and get married while having kids. There is no need to wait for the right time. This is it for you both.

If you see that your man and you are at the same stage of life and that you want the same things in your future (marriage and 2 children and a 4-wheel-drive), then you can bet that this guy will be your soulmate.

Timing is everything when it comes to finding your soulmate.

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