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What is the Spanish Fly? | Aphrodisiacs |

Spanish Fly

The Spanish fly is a type of aposematic emerald-green beetle. It is found across Eurasia.

Its natural habitat includes forests, grasslands, and fields. It is a serious pest in agriculture

In this article, we’ll discuss where it comes from, how to get rid of it, and whether or not you should buy it

Read on to learn more about this insect. Here are some facts about the Spanish fly.

spanish fly

What Is Spanish Fly ?

The word “aphrodisiac” refers to substances that increase sexual desire. This word is derived from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite

Since ancient Greece, man has been searching for an effective aphrodisiac. Chocolate and raw oysters have long held this reputation. But the Spanish fly has been forgotten for a long time.

Today, however, it has become an international sensation thanks to its association with the Bill Cosby scandal.

The Spanish fly’s secretion can be ingested in small doses. It is almost always in liquid form, and one or two drops can satisfy a male for hours

Compared to Viagra, Spanish fly secretion has similar effects. However, it can cause drastic rashes and blisters on the skin, and it should be washed off after sex

Sexual drinks containing Spanish fly secretion are generally diluted to reduce the potency.

 History of Spanish fly

it is an aposematic emerald-green beetle that is distributed throughout Eurasia. While it looks very similar to a mosquito, it’s actually quite different.

This insect is also a member of the blister beetle family and is widely distributed throughout Eurasia

Here are some fun facts about this insect. We’ll discuss some of the things that it eats and what it’s like to be bitten by one.

The Spanish fly can cause a range of medical effects, from erections to bloody urine

The most common side effects are abdominal pain, respiratory and heart problems, and bloody urine.

Infants are usually the ones most susceptible to Spanish fly poisoning.

They may even become convulsive and die. Although it can be deadly, it’s unlikely to be fatal for an adult.

Where Spanish fly does it come from?

When Bill Cosby was a teenager, he made fun of it, a chemical found in girly mags. It was probably sugar water, but the chemical is still horrifying! The fly gets its name from an emerald-green beetle

If you’re looking for a sexually stimulating drink, try to put some of the powder in it! This will give you a long-lasting erection.

There are several different kinds of Spanish fly, but most products are sugar water and may contain stimulants like caffeine. These stimulants increase heart rate and blood pressure and may enhance arousal, though studies have not proven their effects on sexual desire.

Some people find chocolate to be particularly sensual, and it contains phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that is linked to feelings of pleasure. Spanish fly can help remedy this condition.

Can I still buy Spanish fly?

Can I still buy ? Spanish fly is not really a drug, but it does contain stimulants that increase libido. It works by increasing the amount of feel-good hormone in the body, which is a vital factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.

However, you should be careful when choosing a sex enhancer. There are several things you should look out for. These stimulants may be harmful or ineffective.

If you’re not too worried about safety, you can still buy  products. They do not contain the actual insect but are made from ingredients found in other herbal aphrodisiacs. However, you should remember that cantharidin is not approved for any purpose by the FDA.

The only studies conducted on it were in relation to the treatment of warts, molluscum contagiosum, and cancer. You should be aware of this before purchasing any Spanish fly product

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