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12 Characteristics of a Sweet Person (complete List)

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Perhaps you’ve been called sweet or know someone who is sweet. It’s a compliment, and it is a nice one. But what does that even mean?

What is it that makes someone sweet? What is the difference between nice and sweet?

Here are 12 characteristics that make a sweet person. It is not the one that sugar literally covers.

sweet person1) They are easy to please

According to the Collins English Dictionary, a sweet person is someone who is simple and uncomplicated. This is the reason. This doesn’t mean sweet people are easy catches or anything. That’s absurd!

A sweet person doesn’t need much. They won’t ask for extravagant gifts, or get upset when people fail to do their favors.

They won’t complain if a friend says he can’t take their to the restaurant they want to go to. They’re perfectly able to understand that and would be happy to eat out at other places.

They accept what is given to them and they appreciate the sentiment just as much as the gesture itself.

2) They are quick to forgive

Arguments are part of living a social life. Even the most patient and educated among us have had to test their patience at times. The good thing about sweet people is that it is easy to forgive.

Instead of being upset by their best friend refused to talk to them for a whole month, they would rather understand that their best friend had just been dumped, and that was why they were upset.

However, it is important to remember that while sweet people may be quick to forgive, forgiveness can only be granted if the circumstances are right. But, just because someone has been forgiven does not mean that the offense is now ‘acceptable‘.

You should think about this: Just because you are sweet does not mean that you will forgive your friend for eating your food without permission. You will eventually get tired of talking to this person.

Even Buddha loses patience when he is insulted three times.

3) To make people happy is their life mission

Sweet people will do anything to make others happy. They care about the feelings of others in the room and will try their best to be considerate.

Nothing makes people happier than seeing smiles on the faces of others!

Sometimes, being concerned about the happiness of others can make them feel guilty. It’s easy to get sad when people become upset. This is because sweet people are good at empathizing.

You might be at lunch with your friends and suddenly everyone is shouting at you. Everyone leaves feeling bitter and angry. What about the sweetest person in the group? They will likely spend the rest of their lives beating themselves up and blaming others, even if it isn’t their fault.

Although it’s unfortunate when this happens, that’s part of why sweet people should be protected.

4) They hate it when people get hurt by the things that they do

This may seem obvious given the previous point, but it is the last thing you would see sweet people do. Bully or insult other people. The very thought of hurting someone else is going to be a burden on their hearts.

What about rumors? They’d steer clear of the rumor mill if they could. Spreading rumors is bullying in its own right, and they know it.

Sweet people can be kind to an extent. Although they might be angry at some people or dislike certain things, sweet people are willing to do whatever it takes to help others. This is why they have few enemies. It is difficult to be mad at someone who acts nice to you.

This doesn’t mean they won’t call you. Sometimes people vent at sweet people hoping for unquestioning support… but it’s not true.

They’ll tell you if you’re causing trouble or if it’s your fault. They might not enjoy it, especially when they are yelled at, but they understand it’s necessary.

5. They enjoy helping others

People who are sweet often help others even if it means they have to pay for it.

A friend might call them while they’re busy with laundry, and start to cry about being dumped. They can put the laundry off until later.

People can feel a warmth and comfort in their company when they offer assistance. A friend to confide in, and a source of light when all seems dark and grey.

However, as usual, this disclaimer applies only to the extent that it’s reasonable. It’s not possible for someone to abandon their husband to go fishing with them because they’re sweet.

6. They add that extra bit of something to everything

Sweet people are more authentic than just giving the basics. They go above and beyond to help others.

They are the type of person who will quietly donate 100 dollars to a charity asking for one-dollar donations. They’ll give you directions if you ask.

Who can forget the grandma who sent you two tins full of homemade cookies, when you expected only one?

They can afford to give something extra if they have the means. They would even consider that doing less than they are required to be a disservice. They wouldn’t care.

Unfortunately, many people start to take the habit of adding more as a given and begin to expect it.

7) They don’t take things as they are

A sweet person wouldn’t take things for granted. Sweet people appreciate what they have, whether it’s their material possessions or their relationships and love.

However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t make you feel taken for granted or neglected. Sometimes things happen. They might forget or suddenly feel utterly exhausted.

They won’t make you feel this way in any way. They won’t unless they really want to take you out of your life. And if it does get to that point, then you are probably seriously messed up.

They might even just speak to you out of the blue and say thank you for being such good friends, apologize for not staying in touch with them, or send you something to remind you how much they mean to you.

8) They are empathic

People who are compassionate are often called sweet. Sweet people can be empathetic up to a point. This is no accident. This list may have made you aware that it paints a picture of someone who is considerate towards others.

It’s difficult to be mindful when you don’t have the time to understand and feel for others. The same goes for selfish people. They’d be the antithesis to sweet.

Sweet people strive to see the whole picture. They defend the poor. They might be blind and get abused. But eventually they will learn to stand up for the downtrodden.

9) They have a beautiful outlook

Sweet people see the positive side of everything and are more inclined to look at the positive. This is why everything always seems so bright when it’s around.

Instead of complaining about all the misery in the world, they would rather focus on the positive things happening lately. Instead of thinking that they ghosted you for not meeting up as promised, they would rather ask what you were doing wrong.

They won’t be able to ignore their problems or pretend that they aren’t. Everybody needs to vent from time to time. Even the most sweet little rays of sunshine is bound to experience some difficulties in their lives.

They don’t let it get them down.

10) They express their happiness

Sweet people are often known for their sunny dispositions and smiles.

But that doesn’t mean they must smile at you in person. Texting might seem like a good way to feel their joy. It’s almost like they smile through written words.

This is often overlooked, especially by people who insist that tone cannot be conveyed through letters. However, the way we write and the way we use exclamation marks in our messages can tell a lot about how we feel.

Their smiles, whether they are sent via text or in person, not only make them more approachable but also improve the mood wherever they go.

11) They don’t fear intimacy

Sweet people are not afraid to give hugs or engage in heartfelt conversations.

I mentioned that they have a positive outlook and are optimistic about life. They believe that people are good intentions and not malicious. This is why they are open to discussing personal matters and being vulnerable in front of people.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect them to divulge every detail of their private lives to anyone. Boundaries do exist. They are still much more open than the average person.

This makes it easier to be around them and to share our personal stories.

12) They have kept their childlike curiosity.

Sometimes, “sweet” and “cute” go hand in hand. This is partially why. People who are sweet tend to retain more of their childlike wonder and curiosity than others.

This is not the same as having a Peter Pan syndrome. This simply means they are always curious to learn and eager to share what has brought them joy.

They are also more open-minded than others and have a greater understanding of the world. They aren’t immune to biases and can be influenced by negative gossip, but they will still try to treat everyone with respect.

They are curious and will investigate negative rumors to verify their suspicions.


There are many similarities between being a “nice” person and being a “sweet” person. Not all nice people are necessarily sweet. Likeability doesn’t always mean that someone is sweet.

A sweet person doesn’t just want to be nice. They go above and beyond to help others understand and make them happy.

Unfortunately, sweet people are also vulnerable to abuse because of their sweet traits. If you are a sweet friend, be sure to protect them. Be careful if you are the sweet friend.

The world needs more sweet people, so don’t change your ways to be tough. Be happy that you are one sweet cookie and share this sweetness with others!

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