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These are 89 sweet things you can say to your girlfriend

Sweet things to tell your girlfriend to make them smile

sweet things to say to your girlfriend ?

A woman will be so happy when her boyfriend says something sweet to her.

It will help you to communicate your feelings in words. The most popular way to express your love is to tell your woman “I love You”. These three words can sound cliché at times.

Sometimes guys need some help choosing the right words. You can send her sweet messages, such as a greeting, or an apology, to say hello and wish her a happy day.

It will be greatly appreciated, don’t worry!

Here are some sweet words to say to your girlfriend to melt her heart.

Sweet things to tell your girlfriend to make them smileSweet things to tell your girlfriend to make them smile

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

It is difficult to imagine a life without yours.

“I feel depressed when I am not with you.”

“Your smile is as warm as the morning sun warming my face.”

“Without your help, I’m a boy without a heart.”

“You are the reason I find this world beautiful.”

“You are beautiful, cute, and pretty.”

2. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend in the morning

“Rise and shine!”

“Good morning, sunshine!”

“Good morning, beautiful!”

“Seeing your beautiful face beside me is the best part about waking up!”

“I cannot wait to spend another wonderful day with you!”

“You are my Sunshine”

“You even make mornings look good!”

“Every day, I wake up and remember how fortunate I am to be with You!”

“Wake up Sleeping Beauty!”

“Good morning sweet! “I hope you have a wonderful day.

“You shine brighter that the morning sun!”

“Every day that I wake you up is a blessing from Above!”

“Thinking about You from the Moment I Open My Eyes!”

3. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend to make you love her more

“Last night, I was looking at stars and matching each star with a reason I love you. It was great, until I ran out of stars.

“Last night, I sent an angel over to watch you while you slept. When I asked why, the angel replied that they did not watch over angels. Angels don’t watch over angels, the angel replied.”

“I can conquer the entire world with one hand, as long as I have the other.”

“Life without you is pointless, it’s like a broken pencil.”

“You are worthy of the best, but I can’t give it to you. I will give you the next best thing: my world.”

“I love you so much, you never know when one of you might end up in the hospital. I want you to feel the last thing I have for you is my love.”

“Are you a dictionary? Because you give meaning to my daily life.”

“Baby, you are a thief for having stolen my heart,”

“You’ve just shown me that the Beatles were wrong.” Love isn’t all that we need. It is the only thing we have.”

“I went to the hospital for an x-ray. Do you know what they found?” I hold you in my heart. “My heart will always be happy with you in it,” said the doctor.

“You are the greatest thing to have ever happened to me.”

Your love keeps me going each day.

4. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend at night

“See you in my dreams!”

Your smile shines brighter that the stars!

“Does it ever make you tired to be in your dreams all night?”

“Good night and sweet dreams!”

“I love you to death!”

“You’re the prettiest among all the stars!”

“I don’t need to wish upon stars, because being here with you is all that I could ever desire!”

“I can’t wait for you to make me fall asleep beside you for the rest my life!”

“The hardest thing about saying goodnight is waiting until tomorrow to see you again.

5. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend to make them feel special

“Your beauty makes the night sky look bad!”

“Beautiful” is an understatement

“You are so beautiful!”

“It was the first time I saw true beauty before you.”

“In art class, we were required to close our eyes and imagine beauty. “All I could see was you!”

“You fill me with beauty.”

Drop dead gorgeous is a thing!

Let’s play “pretty tag”, you’re it!

“You make it seem like I’m looking at an angel without wings.”

“Your smile is a beacon of light that puts the sun to shame!”

You look amazing in that dress!

“If everyone was just like you, this place would be beautiful!”

“Your smile can soften even the most difficult hearts.”

“Your beauty makes me melt inside!”

6. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend if you are missing her

“I’ll miss you until the sun rises again, and I see your beautiful face shining!”

“If distance makes my heart grow fonder than it has ever been, I don’t know anyone more dear to me.”

We are better together “Come home soon!”

“I need your presence, here with me, every day.”

“Distant means so little when someone is so much.”

“I think of you every night since the day that you left”

“When you are gone, it feels like I’m missing a lot of my heart.”

“You can go for a second, but I miss you like you’ve been gone weeks.”

“The longer I wait to see you, the more I will give you a kiss!”

“I miss your beautiful face, but I can still hear your sweet voice.”

“It’s not the same without your support!”

“Giving you big kisses and a squeeze is all I really miss!”

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7. Sweet things to tell your girlfriend when you’re sorry

“Can you forgive me in your beautiful, big heart?”

“Will this puppy be accepted and will you accept my apology?”

“I hope that you will be as kind and forgiving as I am!”

“I love you because you are so kind and forgiving.

“I cannot stand the thought that you are upset with me. I’m sorry!”

“Saying sorry can be one of the most difficult things you do, but I will do whatever it takes to help you!”

“You are the last person I want to hurt in this world.”

“It hurts that I hurt you.” Please forgive me.

“Sending prayers to get answers about how I can make this right.”

“I am sorry that I acted like such a jerk!”

“I must ask for your forgiveness.”

Are you ready for your girlfriend to smile?

You’ll be glad you sent her one of our sweet messages.

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