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The Ex Factor Guide Review : Will it Help in Your Ex’s Return?


The Ex Factor Guide Review: The well-known author Brad Browning is the creator of The Ex Factor Guide. The Ex factor Guide, according to its makers, was made especially for people who wish to get back together with their ex.

You can achieve this by utilising psychological techniques. You can use this method to mend a short-term or even a long-term marriage.

In our The Ex Factor Guide Real Reviews, let’s examine whether it is actually useful or just huge claims by Brad Browning, and whether it is even worthwhile to purchase. Here, we’ll make an effort to fully comprehend the ex-back guidance.

Relationships go through ups and downs for people. Many are able to keep their relationships intact, but many find it difficult to be their loved ones in the most loving ways when circumstances are not favourable.

And when we believe that our relationship is about to end, we search for a solution because we sincerely want to stay together with the person we love.

We seek guidance from others, look for answers online, and find a wealth of information on sites like Google, Reddit, and other places. However, are they worthwhile?

The Ex Factor Guide is one of these. This book and the entire The Ex Factor Guide curriculum were written by Brad Browing.

it makes bold claims. The Ex Factor Guide Real Reviews will therefore be our first stop.

The Ex Factor Guide: What Is It?

The Ex Factor Guide Review

One of those terrible events and situations is breaking up with our romantic partner, and it has the ability to drastically affect us.

The Personality and Psychology Bulletin reported that the more dedicated you are to a relationship, the more likely it is that you will change once it ends. You can feel like a completely different person. You undergo emotional, mental, and physical changes after a breakup.

Everyone experiences excruciating pain after a breakup. Because of the hormonal changes that occur in our bodies and minds when we are in a romantic relationship, science has established that love is a medication. You’ll struggle to move on from the ex, much like you did when quitting smoking or detoxing.

After a breakup, you become totally a different person. You start checking your phone often, which becomes fairly usual.

You make constant efforts to reconnect with your ex. You keep an eye on your ex’s social media accounts. After suffering through the anguish of a breakup, 40–50 percent of people decide to get back together.

However, for the remaining 60–70 percent of people, getting back together with their ex-partner is extremely difficult, even if they still genuinely love each other and want to do so. Such individuals must put up more effort and employ some expert dating and relationship techniques in order to reunite.

In these circumstances, The Ex Factor Guide is your go-to resource for dating and relationships. It is a manual that will point you in the right route for repairing your relationship with your ex.

How to win him or her back after a breakup. It provides you with knowledge on how to mend a failing marriage or relationship and live a joyful and loving life. You can begin a fresh chapter in your life with the assistance of The Ex Factor Guide.

It more closely resembles a system designed to accommodate the human psychology of someone who is grieving. and offers guidance to the individual on how to use the psychological manual to get back on track.

In these circumstances, The Ex Factor Guide is your go-to resource for dating and relationships. It is a manual that will point you in the right route for repairing your relationship with your ex.

How to win him or her back after a breakup. It provides you with knowledge on how to mend a failing marriage or relationship and live a joyful and loving life. You can begin a fresh chapter in your life with the assistance of The Ex Factor Guide.

It more closely resembles a system designed to accommodate the human psychology of someone who is grieving. and offers guidance to the individual on how to use the psychological manual to get back on track.

The entire book is a digital publication. When you purchase the ex-factor guide, you will instantly have access to all of the items and be able to read and use tested professional tactics.

So, as a plus, it will remain a mystery that you purchased a book since no packages will be delivered to your home and no one, not even your ex, will be aware that you do so if you are still living with them. This enables you to utilise or read the book whenever is most convenient.

What Lessons Can You Draw From This Book?

The Ex Factor Guide is a digital programme with support from psychology and science that has been shown to be effective in numerous relationships.

It is the programme that addresses relationship problems in the current era. The heartbreaking problems that actually exist today.

The book contains numerous useful examples of actual scenarios that various people have encountered, along with helpful advice for dealing with similar issues in your romantic life.

Yes, it is a guide to help you figure out how to get your ex back, but it is also beneficial for those who believe their relationship is about to end. And all they want to do is keep it.

The book was written using Brad Browning’s years of experience working with couples from a variety of backgrounds and ages who were all experiencing the same agonising loss.

Brad has created a psychology that explains how our minds function after a breakup and how we might employ psychological tricks to win back our ex.

This book is created in such a way that you can choose the situation it describes in accordance with the situation you are currently experiencing in your actual life, and you can choose the solution it describes in accordance with the circumstance.

The book provides all the information, from fighting for the love you want to learning how to stop yourself from grieving.

The book is divided into various chapters that cover anything from body language to the distinction between appealing and unattractive traits to seduction tactics. You will learn everything you need to know from the book to contact your ex again.

The Ex Factor Guide: Who Is It For?

The Ex Factor Guide Review

There are many possibilities in the globe to support you in your predicament. However, not every remedy works for every issue you have.

Every circumstance is unique. Therefore, you should consider whether The Ex Factor Guide is indeed applicable to your scenario before making a purchase. The Ex Factor Guide can be used by anyone for whom it has been designed.

The following list includes a few scenarios and situations. You can utilise this guide if you are going through any of them.

  • if you just ended a relationship.
  • Your union is about to break up.
  • if your marriage is having problems.
  • You believe your significant other is slowly losing interest in you.

These all represent circumstances; if you find yourself in any of them, The Ex Factor Guide is for you. In very basic terms, this advice will assist women in winning back their boyfriends or husbands, and it will assist men in regaining good relations with their wives or girlfriends.

In essence, this is not for those who have ended their past relationships. The following groups of persons should read the book:

  • Still harbour the thought and the desire for another chance.
  • if you’d want to comprehend the primary cause of the breakup.
  • For those who wish to take lessons from their split and avoid making the same mistakes again in their new relationships.
  • Your ex and you remain profoundly in love.

Who Is Not Allowed To Use This Book?The Ex Factor Guide Review

You may have realised from reading our review of The ExFactor Guide that this book is just for those who have experienced a breakup and want to get back together with their Ex. For individuals who believe that their relationship merits a second shot and that they still have a point worth fighting for in their partnership.

The psychology in this book has some limitations, so even if it may be effective in some of the conditions stated above, there are other circumstances in which it won’t be effective. Such circumstances include:

  • Your sole motivation for reading this book is retribution. You merely want to exact justice on your ex.
  • Your primary motivation is to find some cheesy stuff, not to have any sort of emotional connection to your ex.
  • You are not fully reading and absorbing the Guide’s teachings.

Avoid taking on a persona or thinking of ways to upset your ex. We are aware that breakups are painful and that your ex may have wronged you severely, but the programme was not developed to aid in exacting retribution but rather to assist individuals in reestablishing an emotional and physical connection with their spouse. and aid them in getting their relationship back on track for happiness.

The Ex Factor Guide’s primary objective

The major goal of the book is to teach readers psychological strategies for getting back together with their ex-significant other.

But as you learn more and in-depth, you’ll discover that this book is also beneficial for individuals who want to prevent the end of their marriage or the breakup of their relationship in the future. The following are the book’s primary focal points:

  • Why do relationships end or separate in the first place?
  • What can you do to stop the impending divorce? Try to uncover the true, hidden reason for the breakup if it has already occurred.
  • How can I bring him/her back using psychologically supported techniques?
  • How do you keep your partner by your side after returning?

The Ex Factor Guide Has 2 Versions

The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide includes two distinct versions, as we have already indicated. The first is for women, and the second is for men.

As you are aware, there are differences between the psychologies and coping mechanisms of the two genders. You may learn all the specifics of both versions at this place.

1- The Ex Factor Guide For Women

There are 13 chapters in the female version. There are certain settings and values for each chapter. Every chapter will teach you something new that is equally vital.

The book’s introduction and the psychology you will learn are covered in the first chapter. The first chapter focuses on four fundamental concepts.

  1. Don’t Believe What You Think You Know: Brad wants you to start the process of getting back on track by washing away any preconceived ideas you may have about the breakup and heartbreak with this first simple yet effective step.
  2. I’m Cheering You On: Support is crucial in a situation involving heartbreak. By giving you the tools to deal with the break-up and stand firmly again, James attempts to provide you the support you need at this difficult time through his words.
  3. If You Need Help, I’m Here to Help: You can acquire the support you need to convince your ex to want you back using the book’s psychology.
  4. The Real Reason You’re Alone: As you know after going through some downside in our life, we have to figure out why our boat was on the edge of sinking.

The second chapter, “Attractive Characteristics,” will provide you a better understanding of human psychology and the attractive qualities that people frequently seek in a spouse.

“Unattractive Characteristics” is the third chapter. As implied by the title, you will be directed as to what are some fundamental common attitudes and behaviours that people find repulsive and strive to avoid us.

“Panic And Acceptance” is the topic of the fourth section. In which there are two components.

  1. Don’t Pressure Him.
  2. Some Good News.

By mastering these techniques, you will be able to present yourself to him as a mature woman, and unintentionally he will begin to draw you back.

The longest and most significant chapter for the female version of the book is the fifth one, “NO Contact.” This chapter has a lot to teach you.

To help us comprehend the NO CONTACT philosophy better, this particular No Contact chapter is broken down into 10 smaller pieces.

And the 10 points are:

  1. Why the wait is for 31 Days?
  2. “But I Can’t-Wait That Long!”
  3. What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already?
  4. And what If You Broke Up a While Ago?
  5. What if Your Ex Lives in Another City.
  6. Pick Up an Old Hobby (or a new one).
  7. Lean on Your Friends.
  8. Start Exercising More.
  9. Focus More Energy on Your Work.
  10. What If No Contact is Physically Impossible?

Furthermore, the sixth chapter in the book, “Start Dating Other Me,” is one of the most enjoyable to read.

If you execute this plan flawlessly, your ex might begin to think twice about leaving you or ending things with you. There are 4 distinct sections in this chapter. Just carefully read each one of them. the four sections are:

  1. How to Let Him Know You’re Dating?
  2. Why You Should Hang Out With Mutual Friends?
  3. Take a Lot of Pictures – And Post Them!
  4. What If He’s Moved On and Dating Other Women Already?

Each and every part is stuffed with information and offers a variety of tactics to use:
The Ex Factor Guide Review

Let’s go on to chapter 7, “What If He Contacts You,” shall we? Basically, we need to be ready for every eventuality, and the author does a great job of implementing them in the book.

You will understand how to react if he calls you after learning this chapter. You’re mentally and emotionally ready for this after reading this chapter.

In contrast to the previous chapter, “What If He Doesn’t Contact You?” the eighth one describes the following scenario: Nobody, even you, is certain of your ex’s actions. He might or might not make contact.

As we become ready for his interaction, we also need to get ready for the reverse. By reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what to say or do to capture his attention in the future without his realising it.

Coming to the ninth chapter and chapter is called “The Date“: Coming to the next strategy, this chapter is again divided into three very important sections:

  1. Body Language and Tone of Voice.
  2. Conversation Topics for The “Date”.
  3. How to Tell a Good Story.

Every subject is highly significant. And as you keep reading the book, you’ll find that each chapter is enjoyable. Additionally, it will become more enigmatic as a result of your constant desire to discover the following tactic.

The topic of “Seduce Him All Over Again” is now covered in Chapter 10: full of anticipation and patience.

how not to use this method too much or too little. This plan essentially consists of 8 points.

They are incredibly simple to understand because Brad utilised such straightforward language to make these seemingly complex issues simple. The eight points are as follows:

  1. Seduction in a Nutshell.
  2. Rebuilding the Attraction
  3. Tease Him!.
  4. Kinaesthetic Attraction.
  5. Taking Kino a Step Further.
  6. How to Kiss Him.
  7. My “6 Magic Words”.
  8. A Sneaky Attraction Tip.

The eleventh chapter, “Intimacy,” discusses the specifics of what to do after engaging in physical intimacy with your partner.

You will discover how to “Prevent Your Break-Up” in the chapter 12: Brad broke this chapter into two parts so that readers could fully understand this phase.

  1. Make it interesting.
  2. Motivate Jealousy.

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