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16 strange signs that someone is​ thinking of your


Do you want to know if thinking about you?

Are you thinking of them? Maybe you just wish you could see inside their heads to discover if they are really thinking about you. Maybe you feel like they are the only one you can get rid of.

You could find signs that someone is thinking of you if you look closely. It’s not difficult to find them if you know where to look.

These are 16 ways you can tell the difference between…

1) You have a dream about them1) You have a dream about them

Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, believed that dreams could be used to guide us to the unconscious.

The most fascinating thing about dreams is that they can reveal many psychological truths.

Scientists still don’t know why dreams occur despite many theories that suggest that we dream to store memories, process emotions and express hidden desires.

Many people believe that dreaming has a magical element. Dreams can be a bridge to the higher self or a portal.

Reports even mention two people sharing the same dreams.

Perhaps the way two people connect is by appearing in each other’s dreams.

If you are constantly dreaming about the exact same person or someone unexpectedly appears in your dreams, this could be them reaching for you.

2) They call you.

You know who it is, even before you have checked the screen.

You didn’t expect their call but you “sense” it.

You probably do. These types of strange communication coincidences, while difficult to explain are quite common.

Around 80% of respondents also claim to have had a moment when they suddenly thought of someone without any apparent reason. Then that person called.

People are finding similar situations using email and social media messages, as we are more connected than ever.

Strange coincidence? The Oder is there something else?

It could be possible that someone suddenly appears to you and you hear back from them shortly afterward.

3) What would a gifted advisor say to you?

This article contains signs that will help you know if someone is thinking about you.

It can still be very beneficial to talk to someone intuitive and receive guidance.

They can answer your questions about relationships and help you get rid of all your worries.

Is this what they are really thinking about? Are they really meant for me to be with them?

After going through a difficult time in my relationship, I spoke with someone from PsychicSource. After getting lost in my thoughts for so many years, they provided me with a unique insight into my life and who I was meant to be with.

They were so kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable that I was actually shocked.

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A gifted advisor can help you determine if someone is thinking of you, and empower you to make the best decisions about your love life.

4) They come randomly to your mind

Let’s face the facts: If you have been thinking about a guy since your first date, and are constantly wondering when he will get back to you, then it is likely that you are obsessing over him.

It can be difficult to figure out what someone is trying to tell you.

Anyone who has waited patiently for their crushes to text you will know that just because they think of you, doesn’t mean they also think of you.

There are times when you’re happily running your business and someone unexpectedly appears to be right in your head.

It’s not clear why. You didn’t notice anything that reminded of them. There is no reason why you might think of them now.

It seems reasonable to assume that there is something else happening in these cases. You might be thinking of them, and they may be thinking about you.

5) They keep reminding us.

There are many things that we see every day that remind us of the memories and experiences we have with someone we love.

A song on the radio, a place they always visit, a joke, their favorite food…the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes, if we are thinking about someone or something a lot, we can be more sensitive.

This phenomenon is scientifically known as the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. It is also known by the frequency illusion.

As an example, you might notice a particular car every time you pass it.

The idea is that when you think of something, your brain tells it to pay more attention.

This is why you should be cautious. You might feel like you are constantly reminded of someone.

Particularly if you have just been through a breakup.

What about those moments when you aren’t thinking about someone but still keep seeing reminders? Maybe there are too many signs to ignore.

These could be signs that the other person is thinking of you.

6) Sneezing fits

Although it may sound odd, there is an Asian belief that repeated sneezing or a startling sensation in your nose is a sign that someone cares.

Tradition says that people’s perceptions of you are influenced by how often you sneeze.

You could get negative thoughts if you sneeze two times in a row. If you sneeze three or more times, it is a sign that they see you as a positive person.

They could be thinking fondly about you, missing you, or have a crush.

There are many perfectly rational reasons we sneeze. This strange sign that someone is thinking about you doesn’t apply if it’s cold season or hay fever season.

If you have sneezing fits that are not related to any real reason, you might be experiencing a moment of compassion.

7) They are easy to recognize

You want to be certain that someone is thinking about you? Let me tell you something.

Let’s face facts. It’s easy to waste time and energy on people we don’t like. It’s not easy to find the person who is thinking of you, or could be your soulmate.

What if there were a way to eliminate all of the guesswork?

I have just discovered a way to do it… a professional psychic artist can draw a sketch about the special person in your lives.

My friend convinced me to give it a try a few weeks back, even though I was initially skeptical.

I now know what he looks exactly like. It’s amazing that I was able to recognize him immediately!

Get your sketch done here if you want to discover the personality of your soulmate.

8) Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a popular choice for those who want to learn more about the Tarot.

Lynn Araujo, from US Games Systems (a major publisher of tarot cards), told the Financial Times that many people turn to the tarot for guidance.

“Tarot and Oracle decks are easily accessible tools to make sense of our changing lives, and gain new perspectives. It is now more common. It’s no longer considered occult to read the cards.

Personally, I use the tarot to get very accurate insight into people’s feelings and events.

It’s not something you can put down to wishful thinking. It’s not uncommon for me to get answers I don’t want.

They aren’t thinking about me, they don’t feel for me strongly, and I won’t be able to find my happily ever after with them.

Even if it’s not what you want to hear from me, the cards often confirm what I already know deep down.

If you ask your tarot card “is this person thinking about me?” and it reveals that they are, you could have a sneak peek into their thoughts.

9) An abrupt change in energy

Empaths will tell you that energy is real and can be felt in the body.

If you spend too much time with a negative person, chances are that you will feel depleted.

Conversely, if you surround yourself with positive, upbeat people, it is possible to feel more optimistic and positive.

Many of us, as social creatures, are sensitive to the energy being released by others.

You may feel the energy of someone even if you’re not in direct contact, if you’re sensitive.

You could be picking up the energy of someone else if you feel a shift in your energy without any explanation.

You might feel a sudden surge of ‘feel great’ energy, or an extra spring in you step. This could be a sign that someone is thinking about you and sending you good vibes.

10) A butterfly landing on you

Many cultures around the globe consider butterflies to be spiritual beings. They are often mentioned in folklore and myths.

They have a variety of symbolism that includes angels and beauty as well as transformation and joy.

They are believed to be messengers and can carry energy between people.

Native American tribes believed that the Great Spirit would be delivered by butterflies.

If a butterfly lands near you or flies by, they may have a message for you.

It could be an odd sign that someone is thinking about you when you see a beautiful butterfly.

11) You request and get a sign

Many people believe in signs. We receive very few signals or messages from higher powers or consciousness.

You might see certain numbers patterns, such as 1111, 2222 or 333, and feel comforted by them. You may feel that your spirit animal is a messenger and you can see it.

It can be difficult to interpret signs. It can be difficult to tell if a sign is real or a coincidence.

It can be very beneficial to be specific.

Instead of interpreting random things around you as a sign that someone cares about you, ask for one and see if it comes back to you.

This method is used often by someone I know. She will often ask for specific signs if she is not sure about something. It’s an eagle for her.

Although it is not common to see an eagle, she does often see it in art, books, and jewelry.

It is important to pick something that is meaningful to you, but not so common that it is something you expect to see every day.

After you ask for the sign, don’t search for it. Wait and see if it appears. You can take the sign as proof that this person is thinking about you.

12) They enjoy old social media posts

This sign is not as mysterious and practical as other signs that someone is thinking about you. However, it is still quite strange.

A post from today can be forgotten tomorrow in the fast-paced world that is social media.

An individual who is looking at your Instagram story may not necessarily be thinking of you.

We are all nosey voyeurs nowadays.

If someone likes a post or series of posts that are very old, it’s a sign they care about you.

Why? We only cyberstalk people that are interested in our thoughts and who have sparked our curiosity.

It’s not an accident that the person scrolling back on your feed for months, or even years, is it?

You’re either doing your homework or just checking you out.

13) Hiccups

Hiccups can be common. They happen to everyone from time-to-time.

These sensations are caused by involuntary contractions of your diaphragm, which cause your vocal chords to close up very briefly.

Believe it or not, hiccups have been known throughout history to indicate that someone is thinking of you.

These signs are unlikely to be what you’re looking for, however. They can indicate negative thoughts or someone who is making a bad impression of you.

Random hiccups may not be a sign that someone is thinking about you. However, if someone has had a recent fight with you, it could be.

I already mentioned how a gifted advisor can help you discover the truth about someone who is thinking of you.

While you could analyse the signs until you come to the right conclusion, a skilled person can give you the real picture.

It is a great help, I have seen it in action. They provided me with the support I needed when I was facing a similar issue.

14) Twitching the eye

The most subtle signs that someone is thinking about you can be the oddest.

We wouldn’t think that involuntary movements could be indicative of someone thinking about us.

Some superstitions suggest that twitching eyes could be an indication of strange signs.

It could also be a sign that you are tired, have allergies or are stressed.

Tradition says that a twitch in the left eye is a sign that someone else is thinking good thoughts about you.

A twitch in your right eye could indicate that someone is unhappy with you or thinking negatively about you.

15) White Feather

Some people hold a special meaning for finding a white feather.

This is because angels are associated with symbolism, and it’s a sign that love is present.

According to old traditions, a white feather floating past you or being found by it signifies that a loved one is looking down on you.

White feathers can be comforting and also a sign of encouragement.

It can be a message that someone is sending you positive thoughts and energy.

16) Strange coincidences, synchronicities

When you’re at the mall, you suddenly remember a funny or memorable moment you shared with someone.

You will be able to recognize the exact person you bump into in the store or on an escalator.

Have you ever had something similar happen to you? It probably has.

While there are many moments in our lives that we can attribute to chance, what if there is more?

It occurred to me while I was running the other day that I should stop by and check in with a friend. I was able to pass him in less than one minute.

I was uttering the words so many of us have likely said before, “I was just thinking about…”. He replied, “me too!”

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