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Am I Toxic ? 10 signs That You are Toxic Person ( How To Stop)

oxic Person Relationships don't seem to last

Am I toxic?
Every 3 people in this world are toxic, but how do you know someone is toxic? While we spend a lot of time trying to find poisonous people in our lives, how often do you look within yourself? Even the most talented people can sometimes be toxic. This is how to determine if you are harmful, what toxic means, and how to stop being toxic.

In this article, we will explore 25 signs that are the toxic person in people’s lives.

What does toxic look like?

toxic individual makes other people feel bad through their actions or words.

They make people feel less good than they are and can lead to emotional drain, depression, and even suicide.

There are different levels of toxicology.

Some people can be highly toxic and make everyone less happy, even for brief meetings. Some people cause more harm over a longer time.

Are you a toxic person? Here are 10 warning signs.

oxic Person Relationships don't seem to last1.Toxic Person Relationships don’t seem to last

One thing is sure in all your relationships, spiritual or not: it never seems to last.

Each connection you make seems to have an expiration date.

There have never been long-term relationships. Every friendship that you have is temporary.

Although it might seem like having a constant stream of people in your life is exciting, deep down, you know that it can also be draining.

One day you’ll be best friends with someone, and the next day you’ll have no one to talk to.

If you are honest with yourself, you can’t keep track of your friends and foes. The line is often blurred.

People seem to want to move on from conversations and do their best to make you feel comfortable.

You often wonder why you aren’t invited to the party with all your friends.

If You are Toxic Than People have negative feelings2.If You are Toxic Than People have negative feelings after         spending time with your company.

Despite your best intentions, it is easy to notice that not everyone you meet has the same reaction to you speaking to them.

They will be slouched down, their eyes closed, and even disengaged. Some may even be irritable and standoffish.

It’s not your problem to know the cause of their problems. All you know is that they heard what you had to say and were grateful for it. It is not their fault that they aren’t able to take a real beating every once in a while.

If you find your thinking process to be along these lines, stop and look at how you may be coming across as honest.

Could accidentally be gaslighting.

Toxic people won’t recognize the effects of their words or actions on others even though they are right in front.

It’s possible to make your friend cry, and you’ll likely only say, “not my fault.”

Ask yourself what people do after they speak to you. Are they happy? Do your family members cut down on conversation and keep engagements formal?

It’s possible that you’re not interacting with people consistently.

It is not easy to admit it, especially to yourself.

It’s possible to believe that your enjoyment is diminished if people notice a change in their body language after you spend time with them.

Watch the video below, where Justin Brown confesses that he is a toxic individual because others are feeling negative vibes around him

3.Family and friends don’t talk about Toxic Person success.

Everyone has heard about every news story of a promotion, engagement, anniversary, or other celebration before you.

You are not invited to any of these celebrations to add insult to injury.

You don’t have to take this as an attack on you. Think back to the many times people came to you for positive news. How did you react then?

Did you wish them well and congratulate them? Did you ignore their achievements or dismiss them as luck?

Although achievements may not feel huge to us all, they can be very affirming for others.

What can you do to make yourself a better person for those around you?

I want to suggest something new.

Ruda Iande, a world-renowned shaman, taught me this lesson. He showed me that giving and receiving love is impossible if you don’t know how to love yourself.

This is likely to be a reason why you are toxic.

Ruda explains this in this fantastic free video. Many of us chase love in a toxic manner because we aren’t taught how to love ourselves first.

If you want to improve your relationships with others and be someone that people enjoy spending time with, I recommend you start with yourself and follow Ruda’s excellent advice.

The video is available for free.

4.Toxic People life is a reality show.

Even if you say you don’t want drama, the drama follows you everywhere you go.

You know that you are causing little scuffles everywhere you go.

Although you won’t admit it, you love stirring the pot. You’ll find little flames wherever you go.

Non-aggressive behavior like repeating arguments or ignoring others is toxic, especially when done intentionally to aggravate someone.

To be toxic, you don’t always have to be explosive.

Oversensitivity or general moodiness, which can be a reactionary behavior, could indicate that you are deeply insecure about yourself and project it onto others.

5.Toxic Person are more likely to dominate conversations.

Humans are naturally egotistical, so it is only natural that we want to turn the conversation around and talk about ourselves.

It’s easy to talk about our favorite things and project those beliefs onto others.

Conversations must be two-way, even though they are not always mutually beneficial. You might be toxic if your conversations are more like a one-person spiel than anything else.

To be toxic is to try and outdo others.

Do you listen to your friends’ stories about their successes and failures?

Selfish people don’t care about other people’s feelings and only talk about themselves.

Talking about your pain can make you feel like you have to compare your pain with theirs or maybe even discuss how your pain is better.

You need to constantly validate others and compete for their success, which can lead you to treat someone else’s pain as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

6.You’re only friendly when you benefit from it.

Toxic people don’t always explode on others. Some people are so charming that you want to spend time with them.

They can be charming and enjoyable until they no longer serve a purpose.

It could feel like you are talking to someone completely different when the internal clock in their head goes to a head.

It is not surprising that the most toxic people are described as kind. However, kindness should not be limited to situations that matter.

Talking to someone you can benefit from, such as a boss or friend who is a good friend, it’s natural that you want to be able to take advantage of them to get what they want.

How do you react when others disagree with you? Can you keep your friendly demeanor, or do you become something completely different?

It would help if you also examined how you interact with people who are not of any use to your situation.

To save face, people who are toxic may be kind to their family and friends but take non-essential social interactions as a given.

Do you mean to wait? How can you interact with the receptionist at the office? What do you do with strangers that you meet on the streets?

Even in difficult situations, genuine kindness can be found. If you don’t, you manipulate people and use empathy to get what you want.

7.Your friends have called you competitive.

People are proud of their competitiveness. It propels us forward and forces our boundaries to be pushed.

It is natural to want to be competitive with others, rise to the top, and become the best you can be.

However, competitiveness can be a double-edged sword. Insecurity can drive more than productivity.

Toxic people are aware of an ongoing race within their heads that no one else can see.

They are always looking for ways to make others feel ahead of them, even though no one is counting.

Are you prone to count your successes and failures? Are you more inclined to compare or listen to someone’s life stories?

Even if you don’t openly compare yourself to others, this inner competition can be brewing and let fester in your brain. This makes you more toxic.

8.People will always ask for more space.

You think everything is great, but then you get a speed bump. They ask you to slow down.

To figure out why you made a mistake, you can go back to the week you talked about.

You realize that you probably put more effort into your emails, texts, and calls than you acknowledge.

Because it is often confused with affection, codependence is an overlooked trait in toxic people. This is only one way their immaturity manifests itself and causes inconvenience to someone else.

All it comes down to self-perception.

You can’t believe that someone isn’t living a life outside of you.

You feel threatened by their independence and want to make your presence felt in all aspects of their lives.

9.You have been accused of being jealous by others.

Although your friends may not often inform you that you are being toxic, they will tell when you show signs. One sign is jealousy.

You may have a history of being called jealous until it becomes a regular part of your life. But the truth is that most people can live their entire lives without being accused of being characterized as jealous.

By seeing problems where they don’t exist, you can start to stir up fights. This is because of your jealousy over the relationships your friends have with one another.

Your friends and significant others have called you out for jealousy during arguments. They say you expect too much from them, and they always want your attention.

If you feel threatened or insecure by any distraction from your relationship, your mind will always come up with another reason.

10.You are critical of others because they think you’re superior to them.

Ask yourself if you often say, “This person doesn’t deserve my time, isn’t worth listening to, or isn’t worth being around because they’re better than me.”

These thoughts might make you a toxic person.

You shouldn’t automatically dismiss the thoughts and decisions of another person just because you think they are better than you.

It would help if you didn’t think you were better than someone else.

Not Toxic is learning to respect others, even when your little voices tell you to ignore them.

Everyone deserves the chance to succeed in their way, make their own decisions, and enjoy their accomplishments whenever possible.

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