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11 Sings Are twin flames possible? Let’s find out!

twin flames real

 twin flames realTwin flames real are a common concept for those who are part of the spiritual community.

Are twin flames really possible? Let’s find out!

What is the difference between twin flames?

Let’s have a look at twin flames in case you’re not familiar with their concept.

This information can also help you determine if this spiritual relationship is real or just a fantasy.

Sarah Regan’s article states that a twin flame is a deep soul connection with another person, sometimes called a “mirror spirit”.

Perhaps you have heard of the Greek myth from Plato’s “The Symposium”, in which he suggested that humans were created with four legs and four arms.

According to the legend, Zeus, the god of power, was afraid of them and split them in half, causing the two halves to search for the other.

This story is the basis of the twin flame concept. It suggests that there is one person who will “complete” you and is your other half.

Now, I know the first critics will be chiming in, pointing out the toxic nature of the idea that someone else is needed to complete the task. I completely agree with them!

Twin flames, however, are about seeing yourself in your partner (hence “mirror soul”) which will allow you to see and heal your own wounds.

It took me a while to see the difference between soulmates and twin flames.

A twin flame relationship is, in my opinion, often ruled over by many conflicts.

Consider it this way: Someone is reflecting all of your traits back to you, even the ones that you don’t want to see.

This is sure to make you feel like nothing else.

It turns out, that’s what twin flame relationships are all about: being triggered to heal and improve one another.

Steps of a Twin Flame Relationship

  1. Twin flame relationships usually follow a certain pattern. Each twin flame relationship has 8 stages.
  2.  Yearning is a feeling that occurs before you meet your twin. You feel a sense of knowing someone is there, and a deep yearning.
  3. Meeting – You will feel as if a firework has just been lit in your heart upon the completion of the meeting.
  4.  Honeymoon phase: The first few weeks can be full of beautiful moments, love, and sweetness.
  5. Challenges – The characteristic phase of twin flames is when you meet up with new challenges and obstacles.
  6. The test – the relationship will be tested in some way. Doubts may arise, and one of you may try to run.
  7. The chase – When two people are separated, one seeks to avoid vulnerability while the other seeks to get them back.
  8. The surrender – When the “runner”, or the “runner”, surrenders to their feelings, they can get back together with their twin.
  9. The last stage is called “Coming home”. They have overcome all of their difficulties and are now ready to accept their fate. This relationship is full of growth.
  10. There are many other aspects to a twin-female relationship that you should be aware of, but I won’t go into them here.

Let’s find out if twin flames are real.

It might not be as simple as that. To help you make an informed decision, I will present arguments for each stance.

Twin flames may not be real

Let’s begin with the critics.

Many people view the idea of twin flames as a nice way to promote spiritual egotism.

This concept can lead to a lot of problems, especially when used to manipulate and maintain relationships.

Let’s take a look at some red flags that twin flames can raise:

1) It is a way to validate the relationship but it puts pressure on the partners.

Many people want to call their partner their twin flame, soulmate or their true love. This will give them false security and validate their relationship.

It’s not hard to understand. You want to believe that the connection you have with your new partner is special and meant to last forever.

It’s amazing to think of your partner as your twin flame.

This puts too much pressure on your partner (and you).

Imagine realizing that the relationship is over if you decide to end it.

This brings me to my next point.

2) What would a gifted advisor say to you?

This article contains red flags that will help you determine if twin flames exist.

It can still be very beneficial to talk to someone intuitive and receive guidance.

They can answer your questions about relationships and help you to get rid of all your worries.

Are they your twin flames? Is it meant to be?

After going through a difficult time in my relationship, I spoke with someone from PsychicSource. After getting lost in my thoughts for so many years, they provided me with a unique insight into my life and who I was meant be with.

They were so kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable that I was actually shocked.

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A gifted advisor will help you make informed decisions about love and tell you if they are real.

3) You were meant to be together and will reunite.

Twin flame separation is a popular idea within the twin flame concept.

It means that the partners have separated. However, don’t be discouraged, there will likely be a reunion in the future.

Are you able to see the problem?

It’s true that some people do get back together when they have grown as individuals, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a pair of twins to enjoy this.

However, if you are utterly obsessed with the idea that your twin flame is yours and you believe that you will reunite, this can stop you from moving forward.

Rejection can be a denial that you allow yourself to accept. This can stop your healing from the breakup.

It’s a shame to say, but maybe they weren’t your twin flame and you now spend your days waiting for someone to return.

4) You are only half of a person.

Twin flames are based on the idea that you can only be half of a person and cannot exist without your twin flame.

Simply put, your other half is what makes you whole.

This idea is problematic and obsessive when it comes to healthy attachment.

Codependency and unhealthy relationships are fueled by the idea that you need someone else to be whole, okay, and complete.

What happens if you split up? What happens if you break up?

Or, if you spent your entire life looking for your twin flame, did you ever become a complete, whole person all by yourself?

This can be an argument against twin flames.

People spend years waiting, feeling awful about themselves because they believe that their lives are meaningless if they don’t find the right person.

5) Is it a simple obsession?

These arguments all suggest that people are obsessed with one another, and not a twin flame.

They are more concerned about the outcome of the relationship than what the other person feels. If they are rejected, they may even be in denial for their entire life.

As the story of an ancient philosopher explains, there is no scientific reason why twin flames could be real.

However, it must be true. Otherwise, it would be rejected by thousands.

Let’s look at some ways we can support the existence of twin flames.

Twin flames: Could they be real?

You might now be wondering if this obsession could be real.

However, we shouldn’t dismiss the idea of twin flames.

There are many benefits to being in a twin-foster relationship.

1) The same experience is reported by many people.

It is not difficult to see that many people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs report the same thing.

They all use the same words to describe their twin flame experience, even though they have never come in contact with other people or heard about it.

  • Unresistible
  •  Feeling attracted to one another
  • Feeling of recognition
  • Feeling the emotions of another person

Is this a coincidence?

2) It is impossible to explain everything.

Another reason to believe twin flames are that no one can explain everything in the world. Doesn’t prove anything.

While some may not understand it, that doesn’t make twin flames nonexistent!

Let’s look back at the past. Things that seem perfectly normal to us now don’t make sense. They felt magical.

Mental illness was not a common condition until the last few decades. For example, when someone was seriously depressed, there wasn’t any proof. People didn’t believe it was a disease.

Everyone knows it’s a real condition and must be treated.

Who is to say it will be the same 10-20, 100 years from now with concepts like twin flames?

I already mentioned how a gifted advisor can help uncover the truth about twin flames.

While you could analyze the signs until you come to the right conclusion, guidance from an intuitive person will help you see the bigger picture.

The best part?

It’s as easy as talking on the phone or chatting on the chat room to get a reading. All from your couch!

It can be a positive thing!

You don’t have to believe in twin flames if you are in a toxic or codependent relationship.

Twin flame relationships can be a great way to grow.

We have already discussed the fact that twins can trigger each other’s anger because they are more aware of their wounds.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Relationships are often the best environment for growth.

You can think about it this way: When you are single, you have a lot less to deal with because you can distract yourself by doing something (or someone else).

My own experience has shown me that I learned things about myself in my first serious relationship.

Because I didn’t have to be vulnerable before that, I just moved on and found another thing to distract me from certain issues.

These are the things you must look at in a relationship. Otherwise, you’ll run into serious problems.

Take the triggers in normal relationships and multiply them by 10 to get an idea of what a twin flame relationship looks like.

While it isn’t always easy, twin-flame relationships can be very rewarding. The two of them will learn so much together, and they will grow and evolve in ways that are unlike any other.

This is a great example of twin flame relationships. After all, we all strive for improvement, don’t you think?

It doesn’t matter if the relationship ends or not. The growth you have made will not be wasted. All that knowledge can be carried into other relationships or within yourself.

These are some of the things that frequently come up in twin-flame relationships:

This dynamic can teach the partners a lot about vulnerability, healthy attachment styles, and how to be vulnerable.

* Impatience: Because the relationship between twin flames is a long-term one it can be frustrating when things don’t go well. Partners may become impatient.

Accepting the fact that there will always be problems and that they will all be worth it is a great test of patience.

* Complex circumstances: Twin flame relationships can often be characterized by seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

These situations can be difficult, but they teach the twin flames perseverance and how to overcome them together.

* Truth bombs. You can’t hide anything when you are in a relationship with a twin flame. This forces both partners to be brutally open with one another.

It teaches them how to accept constructive criticism, respect their truth and speak up about all things.

You probably know that there are many factors that can be used to support twin-flame relationships.

It is up to you whether you believe them or not.

Here are some signs you may have met your special someone.

11 Signs you’ve found your twin flame or whatever you like to call them.

1) There is an indescribable pull

It’s an unforgettable experience to meet your twin flame. Every cell of your body feels attracted to them from the moment you first saw them.

Although I don’t know what Twilight is, Jacob describes the feeling of imprinting someone’s feelings.

“Imprinting someone on someone is like… When you see her… Everything changes. It’s not gravity that holds you to the planet. It’s her… Everything else is irrelevant.”

It’s very similar to meeting your twin flame. But don’t worry, it won’t be like turning into a werewolf.

2) Instant recognition

It’s something I have already mentioned: When you meet your twin flame, it is like a flood of recognition that fills your whole body.

It’s like you already know them even though it’s your first time meeting them.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the source of this familiar feeling, you feel the same sense of familiarity you felt from the beginning.

This person could be your soulmate. They also have the feeling of recognition right away.

Do you want to be certain that you have met your soulmate?

Let’s face facts:

It’s easy to waste time and energy on people we don’t like. It’s not easy to find your soulmate.

What if there were a way to eliminate all of the guesswork?

I have just discovered a way to do it… a professional psychic artist can draw a sketch about your soulmate.

My friend convinced me to give it a try a few weeks back, even though I was initially skeptical.

Now I know what he looks exactly like. It’s amazing that I was able to recognize him immediately.

3) Amazing similarity

It doesn’t matter if it’s your family history, birth chart, past experiences and traumas or values, you seem to have so many things in common that it’s difficult to dismiss it as coincidence.

Your interests and hobbies can be a common ground, making for a wonderful relationship.

This will allow you to see past experiences in a different light when discussing them with your twin.

4) They complement one another

The good news is: The good news is that you are not identical and can complement one another.

You can support your twin if you have your strengths. They can also make up for your flaws.

You are like yin/yang together, making you ready to face any challenge.

5) Doubts and insecurity are a major problem

You will feel a tremendous increase in insecurity and doubt when you meet your twin flame.

Twin flame relationships can bring out all your triggers so meeting your partner will bring everything to the surface.

You may feel more intense emotions, and you will likely need to take some time to process all these feelings.

Good news! The good news? Everything you do at this stage will help you get closer to your best self.

6) There are many issues

It’s not what you expected to see as a sign that you are going to meet the one.

The challenges that twin flame relationships present can be a challenge for both partners.

This is why you’ll find many problems in your relationships.

These confrontations can be very challenging but ultimately, they will help you get closer to your highest self.

7) To say that it is intense is an understatement

The term “intense” is an understatement when it comes to twin-flame relationships.

The emotional connection between the partners is immediate and immense.

The feelings that arise immediately after the meeting are strong and last for a long time.

Good news! The good news? This intense emotional charge is also a surefire route to passion.

8) You keep reuniting

We are all familiar with couples who have split up multiple times.

This can sometimes be a sign that you are in a twin flame relationship.

I mentioned the runner-chaser dynamic where one partner runs out of fear or vulnerability.

They can’t seem to escape no matter what. They always find their way back home to their twin in some way or another.

The universe is always creating the most unexpected situations that bring them together.

Sometimes these separations last for a few days.

It is divine.

It is not surprising that these relationships feel predestined or divine because of their spiritual nature.

It’s hard to shake the feeling of knowing that something greater was at work when you brought the two of them together.

It is impossible to prove it all, but it is something you feel in your heart.

10) Your connection goes beyond physical

Another sign that you have found your twin flames is when your connection transcends physicality.

You can communicate almost instantly with each other by just looking at each other.

Some twin flames even report feeling one another’s emotions and sometimes even pain.

11) They make you better

Believe me, all the challenges and obstacles you face together with your twins are worth it.

The fact that your twin triggers you is enough to propel you to new heights.

Twin flame relationships can be a catalyst for growth. Your twin will push you to be your best self.

A twin flame relationship, unlike other types of relationships, is open and expansive. It focuses on growing and evolving, which is something that sets it apart from others.

Are you a believer?

You should now have an idea of what a twin-foster relationship is and the arguments for and against it.

Both sides have valid points, but there is no way to agree on the “right” or “wrong”.

There is no right or wrong, but it is a matter of belief.

No matter what your opinion may be, it is important to keep the facts in perspective and ensure that you are focusing on building healthy relationships.

It doesn’t matter what you call your love, your twin flame, your soulmate, or the one.

It doesn’t matter how much you love them or what they know.

Final thoughts

If you want to know if twin flames really exist, don’t let it go to chance.

Instead, talk to a skilled advisor who can give you the answers that you need.

I already mentioned Psychic Source; it is one of the oldest online professional love services. They have a team of advisors who are highly skilled in helping people heal and help them.

They were there to help me when I needed them most. That’s why I recommend their services to anyone who has doubts about their twin flame.

Put yourself first

What is your top goal right now?

Is it worth saving up to buy the car you have been dreaming of?

The order to make the leap and ask your partner to move in.

This is the trap:

Only when your goals align with your values will you experience true life satisfaction.

You will enjoy the journey more if your values and goals align. This makes it much easier to achieve your goals.

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