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It's time to be truthful

You have been told that you are ugly. You’ve been told many times.

You are not attracted to males and females, even if you take it as a fact.

It is a pain. It’s true, I am sure. I have also not been blessed with the best genetics.

Here’s the thing: It’s not the end.

It might even make you a better person and give you a more appealing personality.

This article will discuss 15 things that can help you cope with being ugly.

You’ll be able to use it for more than you realize.

Let’s get started

It's time to be truthful1) It’s time to be truthful

We won’t leave anything to chance.

Although people may have different tastes, there is an objective standard for beauty that all humans can agree on.

People with an “average” face are considered more attractive, according to research.

Symmetry is a hallmark of attractive faces.

A symmetrical face is one where the left and right are identical. These are the mathematical averages (or means) of facial features in the population.

While people may tell you you look “unique” or “special”, you are actually closer to the bottom of the beauty scale.

You might be asking “Why” do you look this way?

This is not a question that you need to ask. It will only help you to develop a victim mentality.

We can all agree that being a victim is not attractive for either males or females.

Resentment and bitterness are the only consequences of adopting a victim mentality.

Don’t get me wrong

You can make yourself more attractive by being fit and healthy. But genetics is the most important factor.

Genetics is something that you can’t control.

Accepting your ugly side is the first step in dealing with it. Embrace it.

Do not hide the truth about your face. You will be in pain when a bully points it out or uses your looks against yourself.

You will get to the point that if someone attempts to hurt you by talking negatively about your attractive features, your automatic response is “So what?”

You will fall into cognitive dissonance if you continue to try to convince yourself you aren’t ugly, but you constantly see an unattractive face in the mirror.

This will make you feel unhappy and uneasy, and it will also keep you afraid of someone else’s indecency.

Let go of the walls and say “I’m ugly.” What are you going to do?

Justin Brown, in the video below, suggests a way to accept your appearance.

2) How you should accept your appearance

Acceptance is more than understanding why you are ugly. Acceptance is about being comfortable with your appearance.

It’s okay to not feel resentful towards your parents because they look the way you do. You are not a victim.

Instead, accept responsibility for how you look. Accept it. It is your responsibility to deal with it. You can also control what you do with your time.

It’s not worth worrying about how you look. It is a waste of energy.

It is important to remember that you are not the only one feeling ugly. Many people feel ugly for many reasons, even people you consider beautiful.

It is quite common to feel insecure about our appearance.

According psychologist Gleb Tipursky we are all self-conscious. This is because we have a natural tendency of judging our own appearances more harshly than others.


Gleb Tsipursky believes that we see our flaws when we look in the mirror. The balanced beauty assessment that we give to others is lost when looking at ourselves.

Our flaws also have our attention, which makes them more important than the things you aren’t paying attention to. This is known as attentional bias in psychology.

It’s important not to assume that people who are attractive are more fortunate than you. They might actually be more insecure.

Some people don’t see reality as it really is.

Accepting yourself is a huge step in the right direction.

You won’t spend your time worrying about how you look, and you won’t feel insecure.

Self-acceptance fosters confidence. You know who you are, and you will make the most out of it.

We all know that confident people are more attractive.

3) Self-confidence is not a prerequisite for beauty

Ever look at someone and think, “They just seem so confident and sexy.”

Good looks can give you confidence, but it doesn’t have to be all about your appearance. There are many other ways to look attractive and appealing.

Before you can increase your self-confidence you need to first manage your emotions and build a healthier, more intimate relationship with yourself.

Self-love and confidence are not things I naturally had.

Ruda Iande, a world-renowned shaman, taught me how to do it. He taught me that inner peace is the most important thing. This benefits us all and our relationships.

Ruda explains in this amazing free video. Many of us chase love in a toxic manner because we aren’t taught how to love ourselves. Our self-confidence also dips as a consequence.

If you want to feel confident in yourself, I recommend that you start with yourself and take Ruda’s amazing advice.

You can’t let anyone else see the beauty that you have inside, so how can they?


4) Be aware that your mindset can make a difference in how you think

Now that you’re ugly, what should you do? Do you feel bad about yourself every day?

Do you think you will be unable to do the things you love, live life on your terms and be the person you know you can become because you aren’t as attractive as those who appear on television?

Your own mind is the most important thing.

Because no one thinks of you as as important as you do, there is no greater critic than you.

It’s okay to let it go.

Do not let schoolyard bullies convince you that you don’t deserve happiness just because you aren’t very attractive.

You can still live your life to your own terms, no matter what you look like.

5) Accept your appearance and don’t envy others.

This is an important point. You don’t want to feel jealousy or envy. These are toxic emotions that can lead to victimhood mentality. Life doesn’t care about “victims.”

You might believe that attractive people are lucky because everyone treats them well, and their lives are easy.

However, the reality is quite different. Attractiveness doesn’t give you much beyond quick judgments.

A research study found that people who are beautiful are just as unhappy than the rest.

6) Take Responsibility

Are you struggling with self-esteem due to the way you look? Will you accept responsibility?

I believe that taking responsibility is the most powerful quality we can have in life.

I don’t mean to take responsibility for your appearance. It’s how you react to it that I mean.

You are responsible for all that happens in your life. This includes your happiness, unhappiness and successes, as well as your relationship with yourself.

Let me briefly tell you how responsibility has changed my life and how it has impacted how I see myself.

Did you know that six years ago, I was anxious, miserable, and worked every day in a warehouse.

I was trapped in a hopeless circle and didn’t know how to break it.

I had to get rid of my victim mentality, and take responsibility for my entire life. You can read about my personal journey.

This is not about brag, but to demonstrate how powerful it can be to take responsibility.

You can also transform your life by taking full control of it.

Justin Brown, my brother, and I have created an online workshop on personal responsibility to help you achieve this. You will be able to find your best self and achieve powerful things with our unique framework.

I understand that life isn’t always fair or kind. It is not an option to be unattractive or have low self-esteem.

Courage, honesty, perseverance and honesty are the only way to conquer the obstacles life throws at you.

This online resource is for you if you are looking to take control of your life like I did six years ago.

7) A successful relationship will last a long time.

You may be imagining that relationships are more difficult for you. This article will help you to see the truth.

Let me guess, I think the main reason why you are unhappy with your appearance is because you believe that dating is more difficult for you.

Who would want to be with someone who is ugly?

However, this assumption is superficial and doesn’t reflect reality.

I mean, look around you. There are many relationships that involve ugly people. Every day, I see a male or female who is all cuddly and cute with someone objectively more attractive.

This is why it happens all the time.

Looks are not that important when it comes time to commit to a relationship.

When someone declares their intention to date, connection and personality are more important than ever.

While “hook-ups”, “one-night stands”, and “hook-ups” may be more difficult, they are just as important when it comes down to being in a real relationship.

Looking back at my relationships, I see that looks can quickly fade. A healthy relationship is dependent on how people interact with each other.

Take Hollywood and all the beautiful people it has to offer. They are always changing their partners and chopping off.

When it comes to true love, appearance is not important.

When you pick a partner for life, your appearance will fade quickly. All of us will age. It is better to choose someone who you can get along with and who accepts yourself for who they are. This is where you come in.

new study that was published in Psychological Science found that attractiveness levels do not necessarily indicate quality.

After surveying 167 couples, they discovered that attractiveness was not related to relationship satisfaction.

Couples who had lower levels of attraction were as happy as those with similar attractiveness.

The study itself:

8) It might not be right for you to have one night stands

I understand what you are asking. How did I intend to meet someone if it was impossible to move past the quick judgments?

You must realize that you are not going to attract someone within an hour or a single day. It might take some time for you. Your personality, your quirky, but charming traits, your humor and your ability for creating a connection are all key factors. This is what will ultimately lead you to love.

The best part?

It is not built on superficial attraction like physical attraction. It will go a lot deeper. That’s something that you will always be grateful for.

9) Learn how to love yourself

Love yourself, no matter how ugly or beautiful you are.

When you love yourself, you will stop worrying about what others think. Your self-growth will also skyrocket.

It is difficult to practice self-love in today’s world.


Because society forces us to be with people we love. Finding love with another person is the only way to happiness and fulfillment.

Recently, I realized that this standard is extremely unhelpful.

Truth is, we often overlook an important aspect of our lives.

Our relationship with ourselves.

Ruda Iande, a shaman, taught me about this. He gives you the tools and guidance to help you place yourself in the center of your life.

His video was something I already mentioned.

He discusses some of the most common mistakes we make in our relationships. Most of us don’t even realize we make these mistakes.

So, why do I recommend Ruda’s life-changing advice to you?

He uses techniques that are based on ancient shamanic teachings but adds his modern twist to them. Although he may be a shaman his love experiences were not much different from yours.

These common problems he faced until he discovered a solution. He wants to share that with you.

If you are ready to change, accept yourself and cultivate the relationships that you deserve.

10) Stop worrying about your appearance

It’s not easy to do this, especially if you are convinced your appearance is negatively impacting your life.

You need to understand that your life is not affected by your ugly self-image. It’s your attitude about yourself.

It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are worried about your self-worth, you will be unhappy.

Accepting yourself as you are will make you happier and save you energy.

You will also feel happier. Chapman University published a study that examined the factors that influence satisfaction with weight and appearance.

The third strongest predictor of overall satisfaction in life was satisfaction with one’s overall appearance, according to the researchers.

Accepting yourself is vitally important. Let’s now look at practical ways to do this.

11) Accepting how you look

1) Get rid of your media-based, conventional ideals of beauty. Yes, society does have a standard for beauty. However, that standard doesn’t have to be yours. Don’t look at the pretty people on TV. Look for beauty in the people you see every day.

2) Your appearance doesn’t define you. I’ve said this many times and I’ll repeat it again: It’s the inside of you that matters. Your personality, relationships and passions are what matter most. Instead of focusing on your own self, focus on the world around you.

You can go cold turkey with your makeup if you don’t like the way you look. Your skin will look natural, and you’ll feel more relaxed. You will be able to show that you don’t care about your appearance and how people treat you.

Take a break: You must take responsibility for how you look. One of those actions is to stop looking at the mirror. This just makes you focus inward, and will likely lead to more negative thoughts. Your mood will improve if you stop looking in the mirror.

5) Be healthy: You don’t need to be worried about looking better. It’s good for your health. Your body should function optimally for many reasons. Exercise and healthy eating habits will help you do that. You will feel better if you feel good.

12) There are bright side to being ugly

Don’t be a victim. There are many benefits to being ugly.

Take, for example:

1) People admire you for who and not how you look.

Are you aware of how difficult it can be for beautiful people to find genuine friends? People will always try to get something from others, such as their number or their physical attraction.

There are also those who just want to be seen with them, so that they can look cooler.

You can be sure they enjoy being around you and your company because they know you are a good person.

It is much easier to make genuine connections with others. You don’t need to be as concerned about people using you for your own benefit (unless of course you are wealthy).

2) You have learned to accept yourself as you are.

Are you aware of how many people feel insecure about their appearance? Accepting it means that you are not only seeing the truth for what it really is, but also that you don’t waste energy worrying about things that aren’t as important.

You are more secure, confident, and highly functioning than most people.

3) You focus on your health and fitness to the right goals.

It is important to look good and be healthy, not only for your health, but also for your overall health.

This is why you should work out your WHOLE body, not just your stomach or arms.

We have all seen the chicken-leg men. They’re not being self-conscious, and they don’t fool anyone.

13) You can choose which focus you want to put your attention on.

This article is about realizing that appearances are not worth worrying about. It is a waste of energy.

It’s important that you are fit, healthy, and clean. It’s not worth worrying about your appearance.

It will only make you miserable and narcissistic.

However, you must realize that your ugly side won’t negatively affect your life unless it is allowed to.

You can still make a connection with people and find a long-term companion.

You have some advantages because people won’t use you for superficial reasons.

It is important to accept your appearance and work towards creating a life you love.

14) Beauty is not always ugly

It is important to remember that beauty does not disappear because of ugliness.

Beauty is not always the opposite. This will only narrow our perception of normal.

One quick glance at history reveals that beauty is diverse.

Take, for example:

It was considered more appealing to be pale in England during the 1600s. A tanned or reddish skin indicated that you were working outside.

Wealthy women might use many different techniques to make themselves more paler.

A thick eyebrow was considered attractive in Ancient Greek. Ancient Greek art depicted women with thick eyebrows.

In ancient Japan, women shaved their eyebrows and painted their foreheads.

Furthermore, Japanese women painted black their teeth because it was considered more attractive.

What I am trying to convey is that beauty has changed dramatically over the years and will continue changing.

There are many versions of beauty. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fit the society’s definition of beauty.

Many people may have different definitions of beauty. There are many ways to be beautiful.

Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is different.

If you don’t feel beautiful in your locality, it might be better to go international.

Our Western-centric definition of beauty is so strong: to be considered beautiful, you must have a thin nose, curvy bodies, and fair skin.

This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else thinks it’s beautiful.

15) Don’t worry about what others think

This is the most important point. Acceptance is the most important point in this article. You won’t react negatively to someone commenting on your appearance.

You are comfortable with your appearance and know your identity, so you shouldn’t be offended by anyone.

Truth is that people will judge you regardless.

As we age, our appearances don’t change with the passage of time.

Osho, an eastern philosophy guru, is my go-to source of great advice whenever I worry about what others think.

This is a clear sign that you need to look within yourself and not rely on external influences for your self-worth.

It’s worth a look:

“Nobody can speak for you.” All that people say about you is theirs. You become unstable because you still hold on to a false center.

“The false center is dependent on others so you always look at what other people think about you. You are constantly following others, and you always try to please them. You’re always trying to be respected, and you’re always trying to embellish your ego. This is suicide. Instead of being distracted by the opinions of others, look within yourself.

Self-consciousness is simply a sign that you don’t know who you are. You don’t know your identity. You don’t know who you are. You won’t be concerned about what other people think of you. It is irrelevant!

Self-consciousness is a sign that you are having trouble. Self-consciousness is a sign that you don’t know who or what you are. Self-consciousness is a sign that you are not home yet.

The opinions of others are the greatest fear in the universe. You are no longer a sheep if you don’t fear the crowd. You feel a great roar in your heart, the freedom roar.

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