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Walking Three Miles Every Day To Lose Weight ??


Walking Three Miles Every Day To Lose Weight: You can lose weight without spending any money and with little to no negative effects on your body in about an hour every day.

No, an infomercial is not about to start. The advantages of a three-mile-per-day walking routine include these.

You can start working out every day right away to get started on your journey to losing weight.

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Walking Three Miles Every Day To Lose Weight

You’re already familiar with how to walk. To burn calories and aid in weight loss, you don’t need to learn a new activity.

A 150-pound person typically expends 100 calories when walking a mile. About 300 calories are burned by walking three kilometers per day.

If you weigh more than 150 pounds, you burn more calories, and if you weigh less, you burn fewer calories, but an average of 100 calories are burned every mile.

Since one pound has 3,500 calories, one pound can be lost in 12 days by walking three miles every day.

Walking Program

Walking Three Miles Every Day To Lose Weight

Increase your walking distance gradually rather than dashing out the door and going three miles.

Start by walking slowly for five minutes as a warm-up, then quicken your pace until you can still talk while being somewhat out of breath.

After one mile of walking, slow down to cool off. You can break up your training into two or three walks a day if you are able to walk three miles at once.

Walk 1.5 miles, for instance, in the morning and 1.5 miles at night.

How to Walk
Walking Three Miles Every Day To Lose Weight

Pay attention to how you walk as you go. To support your posture, keep your back straight and your stomach in tight.

The feeling in your abs should be similar to zipping up a pair of tight jeans. You should walk with your shoulders down from your ears and your chin parallel to the ground.

Allow your arms to swing freely. Stride naturally, and if you want to quicken your pace, focus on pushing your back leg forward more quickly.

Breathe regularly so that oxygen can continue to reach your functioning muscles as you move.


You may keep track of your distance by using a pedometer, which tracks your walking steps. 2,000 steps are equal to one mile.

You know you’ve traveled three miles when you’ve taken 6,000 steps. The pedometer is not burdensome when you walk and fastens to your waistband for convenient viewing.

You may get a watch that measures your steps, heart rate, and distance traveled as well as an app for your phone that tracks your walking distance.

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