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10 Signs you are a warrior spirit ( Shocking Points )


It’s easy to get pushed around in this chaotic world and take advantage of it.

It’s difficult to motivate someone with a warrior spirit.

They stand up for their rights. People with a warrior spirit are more inclined to stand up for their fellow citizens.

How can you tell if you are a fighter spirit? It’s not just about standing up for yourself, but also for others. Here are 11 signs that you have the spirit and courage of a warrior.

1) warrior spirit are humble

People with a warrior spirit are often suffused with power but they don’t let it get to them. Their humility is even more important than their power.

They don’t boast about how they can move mountains for causes they believe in. They won’t show off their charisma if it helps them achieve what they desire.

They are humble about their achievements and abilities. They also value humility in others.

But people with warrior spirit may be humble but that doesn’t mean they are weak in the pursuit of happiness.

It’s because:

warrior spirit are courageous, even in fear.2) warrior spirit are courageous, even in fear.

It is believed that those with a warrior spirit are able to feel no fear.

It is not true.

Everybody feels fear, even those with warrior spirits. However, those with warrior spirits feel fear and act anyway.

They have courage. They can act even when it is uncertain what the outcome will be.

People with a warrior spirit understand that there are many dangers on the road to happiness and fulfillment. But this doesn’t stop them. They face their fears head-on, even though it is difficult.

Because they are both from the same place, courage and passion go well together.

People with a warrior spirit are able to do this.

3) They let your passions roar

Are you curious as to why warrior spirits are so passionate?

They are aware of themselves . They know what makes them tick.

They are passionate about life and know which activities they enjoy.

This could be because those with a warrior spirit are courageous. They don’t let fear hold them back. They are pushed to the limits of their comfort zone.

That’s their passion for living.

People with a warrior spirit are able to push the boundaries and find their passion. They are passionate about life and roar.

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4) They love everything you have

Be ready to fall in love with someone who has a warrior spirit.

You are about to embark on a wild, romantic adventure.

Because people with a warrior spirit are devoted to and all that they have. They go to great lengths to make human connections work.

Their hearts are open.

They expect you to be open to them.

It’s a rollercoaster ride to fall in love with someone who has a warrior spirit. A romantic relationship will allow you to experience all that is possible.

You’ll likely suffer some from the experience…

5) They’ve suffered through life, but they still go on.

People who have a warrior spirit are more likely to suffer in life. Because they live their lives fully, they can’t help but avoid pain. They love unconditionally. They are passionate about so many things…

This inevitably leads to despair.

Suffering is an inevitable outcome.

Here’s the thing about people who have a warrior spirit.

They accept the pain. They are able to handle the pain.

They can even pick themselves up after suffering.

They are brave and honorable when they feel the pain.

They love. They thrive.

People with warrior spirits are able to feel pain and have incredible empathy. This is why you see the following:

6) They stand up to the downtrodden

People who have a fighter spirit are more resilient to the suffering they’ve experienced.

This makes them more able to relate with people going through difficult times in their lives.

They don’t drink too much of their own power. They aren’t enslaved by their own desires and hopes.

They have a warrior spirit and care about others. They want others to live as if they were living.

They help the poor.

They don’t do this because they think they are better than the poor and less fortunate.

They aren’t so shallow.

People who have a warrior spirit see the warrior within others. They believe that the weak can rise through their own efforts.

They are just looking to help.

7) They do what they say they will do

Many people will say one thing, but do another.

Most people don’t realize that their actions are not in line with their words.

However, this is not the case for people with a warrior spirit.

They are open with themselves about their goals and dreams. They are able to speak up for their dreams and hopes.

They’ll act to move forward in their lives.

They are consistent in what they do and say.

8) They believe that actions speak louder then words

People with a warrior spirit are not able to spare much time for words.

They don’t feel the need for them to be focused on their intentions.

They instead move quickly to action.

They believe that actions speak louder then words. They would rather show you who and what they are than tell how they think.

9) They hold their heads high

People often give up when they fail. They hate being criticised and shown a negative image.

People with a warrior spirit are not so fortunate.

They are strong no matter what happens in their lives.

They do it out of pride and self-love.

They don’t require validation or recognition for the work they do in life.

They are proud of who and what they do, no matter how difficult or successful.

10) They value integrity

Integrity refers to the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles.

People with a warrior spirit are known for their integrity.

They are very clear about their moral principles and are experienced at living by them.

They don’t want to compromise their moral principles in order to make a quick buck.

If it means they have to go against their beliefs, they won’t take the easy route.

People who have a warrior spirit tend to be forthright.

They value integrity and the integrity of those around them.

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